Spotlight: Protests, demonstrations staged across world on May Day [Xinhua]

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BEIJING, May 3 (Xinhua) — Many cities around the world were swept by protests and demonstrations on Friday, which marked the International Workers’ Day.

Most events were peaceful protests for workers’ rights and anti-austerity demonstrations. But violent clashes between police and protesters erupted in some cities, where protesters were arrested and stores and cars were vandalized.

Here is a look at some of the May Day rallies across the world:

– Germany…

– United States…

– Greece…

– Italy…

– The Philippines…

– South Korea…

– Turkey…

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Turkish police clash with May Day protesters [Xinhua]

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ISTANBUL, May 1 (Xinhua) — Turkish riot police on Friday fired water cannon and tear gas to disperse May Day protesters seeking to march to Istanbul’s iconic Taksim Square to mark mass killings of workers there almost 40 years ago.

Istanbul’s security chief Selami Altinok declared that 136 people have been detained.

Turkish police have tightened up security measures in the city from Thursday night to prevent the protesters from gathering in Taksim. More than 20,000 police have been deployed on the ground.

Over 60 anti-riot water cannon vehicles have also been positioned around the main districts. All the roads leading to the square have been cordoned off by the police.

Despite the police lockdown, protesters started to gather in Istanbul’s European side districts of Besiktas and Sisli from early in the morning. The crowds chanted anti-government slogans demanding the resignation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In 1977, 34 workers were killed in May Day celebrations held in the Taksim Square when the police opened fire against the protesters. Since then, Turkey’s workers unions and laborers insisted [sic] to commemorate the killings in Taksim every year.

In June 2013, Taksim Square and neighboring Gezi Park have witnessed massive anti-government movement and protests to express frustrations with the ruling Justice and Development Party. The protests were later ended forcefully by the police.

On Wednesday, an Istanbul court acquitted 26 people charged with helping launch the 2013 protests, saying that there was insufficient evidence to prove them guilty.

However, there are hundreds of others in the country still facing charges of alleged crimes related to the mass protests.

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In New Video, Congressman Explains Why His Fellow Lawmakers Couldn’t Be Trusted with NSA Oversight [The Intercept]

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by Lee Fang


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China and the US to Co-produce 3D Movie “Journey to the West” [CRIEnglish / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

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2015-04-16 Web Editor: Meng

Film makers from China and the United States are aiming to stun the audience with a 3D production “Journey to the West” out of the classic Chinese story of the same tittle.

This was announced at a launch ceremony in Beijing on Wednesday, April 15.

Based on the 1986 TV series “Journey to the West”, the movie will be jointly produced by Paramount Pictures and three Chinese production companies.

According to Ke Liming, Executive Director of Ruyi Films, one of the Chinese co-producers, the film will keep much of the TV scenario with Chinese actors starring the main characters.

Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures, Rob Moore, says given the fact that the Monkey King, the hero of the movie, and the story itself are already popular among the audiences around the world, Paramount Pictures will make the movie a sensation with state-of-the-art techniques…

…Liuxiaolingtong, whose real name is Zhang Jinlai, is a household name in China for his starring of the Monkey King. He said at the launch event that the 3D movie will be a perfect blend of oriental art and Western high-technology [sic]. It is also a good opportunity to promote Chinese culture.

The movie will start shooting late this year and be released some time in 2016.

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People’s Daily celebrates workers on May Day [Xinhua]

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BEIJING, April 30 (Xinhua) — The People’s Daily will carry a long article on Friday, International Workers Day, detailing how the Communist Party of China cares for the working class.

The CPC Central Committee has always cared for the working class and attaches great importance to labor unions and workers’ lives, according to the article in the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China.

President Xi Jinping has stressed many times in his speeches that the entire country may rely wholeheartedly on the working class and uphold the idea that hard work is the most honorable, noblest, greatest and most beautiful virtue, the documentary said.

Xi said only through honest work can people realize their dreams and solve the difficulties that arise in the course of development, according to the commentary.

A total of 2,968 model workers were recognized at a ceremony attended by the nation’s top leaders on Tuesday, when Xi promised to protect workers’ interests, increase their wages and realize the Chinese Dream through the concrete results of their tireless endeavors.

The last time model workers were honored in this way was 36 years ago…after the Cultural Revolution.

At Tuesday’s ceremony, Xi described the working class and “the broadest masses of the people”, as the fundamental force behind economic growth and the basis of social stability.

Xi has often met and talked with workers during his inspections trips, highlighting their role in the country’s development and urging the government to improve their standard of living.

Xi learned from his work in the countryside at a young age that labor is an important key to tempering work style and keeping close relations with the mass, said the article in the People’ Daily.

Xi also highlighted the importance of labor unions, demanding stronger labor unions to better connect common workers and the CPC.

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Political Smears in U.S. Never Change: the NYT’s 1967 Attack on MLK’s Anti-War Speech [The Intercept / Sweet & Sour Socialism Essential Archives]

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by Glenn Greenwald


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7 policemen killed by left-wing rebels in India [Xinhua]

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NEW DELHI, April 11 (Xinhua) — Seven policemen were killed Saturday and more than 10 others injured in a gun battle with left- wing rebels in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, said police…

…The Naxalite rebels are estimated to total some 10,000 and are active in about 10 states in central and eastern India, mostly in poor rural areas.

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