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Oil soaks miles of Pensacola Beach [CNN]

Posted in BP oil spill, Florida, Pensacola on June 26, 2010 by Zuo Shou / 左手

I’ve got family here, and I’ve swam on this beach.  Thanks so bloody much, BP/Bush/Cheney/Obama.  Who needs foreign “enemies” like Iraq, Iran, DPR Korea etc. who haven’t done anything to U.S. citizens approaching anywhere near this level of calamity, when we’ve got criminal corporations and their sociopathic politicians to drag the nation into ever deeper levels of hell.  So nice how BP isn’t answering the State of Florida’s calls.  They also can’t even be bothered to get a quote in on the article where the catastrophe is mainly their fault.

Anger-free reporting from CNN; thank you CNN for not even providing a single voice of non-governmental Pensacola citizen.  And can you believe they filed this awful news in the TRAVEL section of the website?!?  – 左手

By Rich Phillips, CNN
June 23, 2010

Pensacola, Florida (CNN) — When you’re on vacation or live in a coastal community, it’s a symbol you simply don’t want to see:  a no-swimming sign, along with a beach health advisory.

More than two months after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Pensacola awoke Wednesday to the largest onslaught of black crude on Florida’s coast, as more than nine miles of white shoreline and beaches were soaked with syrupy oil

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