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War Propaganda in Ukraine – The Big Lie and lots of little lies [Workers World]

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by Sara Flounders

May 7, 2014

The U.S. corporate media are in lock step lying and distorting the events in Ukraine. These are many little lies leading to another version of the Big Lie, as explained by Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels and used to justify U.S. aggression from Vietnam to Iraq and Libya.

The good news is that despite all the lies about Ukraine, every opinion poll shows the U.S. population wants no active involvement there.

Every news feed and articles on Ukraine here are saturated with references to “Russian dominance,” “Russian schemes” and “Russian operatives.” Those who resist the illegal Kiev coup regime might be called “forces,” “terrorists,” “separatists,” “militias” or “saboteurs,” but always with the adjective “pro-Russian” or “Russian-speaking.” They confront “Ukrainian soldiers seeking the unity of Ukraine.”

In news articles, commentators and politicians will use these terms often 10 times or more, even though all the resistance fighters are Ukrainian citizens and many have ethnic Ukrainian names. It is no accident that the media characterize workers who have lived for generations in Ukraine this way.

This ploy is accompanied by massive corporate media demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is called “scheming,” “domineering,” “secretive,” “authoritarian,” “manipulative,” “two-faced,” “overbearing,” and on down the thesaurus list of pejoratives. Pundits call Putin “solely responsible for the crisis” and demand he end it by submitting to Washington’s demands that Ukraine sign the Association Agreement and join the European Union and NATO.

They also want Putin to disarm the eastern Ukraine’s popular resistance to the fascist gangs that just burned 40 people to death in Odessa.

The Kiev coup regime — a completely illegal right-wing grouping that overturned the elected government to seize power in Ukraine — is neutrally described as the “Kiev government” or “Ukrainian government.” The corporate media call the fascist Right Sector and other neo-Nazi forces running this regime’s police and army, “government officials.”

These “officials” meet other officials in the White House, with the United Nations Security Council and with the EU to agree to austerity without the media challenging their legitimacy.

Every U.S. official who discusses the danger of Russian troop movement — within Russia — gets air time. Little to nothing is even reported of U.S. destroyers deploying in the Black Sea, NATO troop deployments eastward, jets and missile bases in eight countries encircling Russia or scheduled “U.S./NATO war games” in the region.

NATO’s expansion of military bases and interlocking U.S. dominated military commands with 28 NATO countries have been relabeled as a Russian campaign to expand its borders.

There are repeated warnings, without proof, about secret Russian agents, but little about CIA head Brennan’s visit to Kiev or the FBI agents and military advisers there.

= Past Lies =

U.S. imperialism has the world’s most powerful media, aimed during the buildup to war to saturate popular consciousness with justification for coming criminal actions. The challenge for corporate power in every war is that it must always hide with a saturation of slanders and non-facts repeated relentlessly this basic reality: Its endless wars are for profits, and the conquest and control of markets and resources.

The corporate media’s role is to set the terms of debate by using an unrelenting bias and a conscious distortion of even well-recognized facts, thus laying the ground for a fraudulent war provocation…

= Majority in U.S. oppose war =

This time the lie campaign is failing. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who sold the murderous Iraq sanctions and the bombing of Yugoslavia, criticized the U.S. corporate media for this failure to sell the conflict with Russia.

On April 30, she told an audience at the militarist, neocon think tank of “foreign policy and business leaders” called the Atlantic Council, “There is not enough of an explanation to the American people as to how important it is to deal firmly with Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. … I am very troubled by today’s poll published by the Wall Street Journal,” which confirms other surveys showing that “Americans want to worry about themselves” so that fewer than one-fifth of the U.S. population want more active U.S. “engagement in Ukraine.”

A USA Today/Pew Research Center Poll released on April 28 reported that the U.S. population opposed by more than 2 to 1 the idea of sending arms or military supplies to the Ukrainian government “to bolster its defenses against Russian forces.” So even with the most twisted, inaccurate and loaded wording on this poll, the best spin the media could put on these figures was that half the population would support economic sanctions.

The slipping position of U.S. imperialism and the growing hardships faced at home do not mean less media war propaganda, but more likely expanding it to a “Big Lie” to prepare for a serious war provocation.

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Demonstration exposes NATO as real source of violence [Workers World]

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By Caleb T. Maupin
Published May 23, 2012

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is one of the most violent groupings of oppressors in the world. NATO was formed after World War II to try to stop the people of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Red Army from driving out the imperialists and beginning socialist construction in countries that had been liberated from fascist rule. One of NATO’s first acts was to defend the autocratic Greek monarchy against a popular democratic and anti-imperialist people’s movement.

More recently, NATO has bombed and destroyed Libya and continues to occupy Afghanistan.

Justifiably, millions throughout the world loathe NATO and its murderous reign of drone strikes, military occupations, bombings of civilians and unrestrained violence in service of the bankers and corporations in Western capitalist countries. Many felt it necessary to protest against NATO’s May 20 summit in Chicago.

The strategy of NATO and its backers in the halls of power was to isolate the protesters with deceptive rhetoric about “violence.” These efforts failed.

In the lead-up to the NATO summit in Chicago, the media were filled with stories demonizing the planned mass demonstrations. Buildings in downtown Chicago had routine terrorism drills. Employees in the downtown area were warned to “dress like a protester” to avoid being assaulted by protesters. But even security director Mark Anderson confirmed, “There’s no data out there to substantiate somebody being targeted or hassled because of their affiliation with their firm or their occupation.” (, May 8)

– Repression failed to suppress protests –

Major roads were closed. High school and college graduations were cancelled. Public transportation was reduced. Meanwhile, the notoriously brutal Chicago police collaborated with the Secret Service, the FBI and the Illinois State National Guard to suppress the planned demonstrations.

Academi, the private military contractor once known as Blackwater, which has been exposed for its extremely ruthless practices in Iraq, Afghanistan and New Orleans, was on the scene as well.

Several days before the mass march, an apartment in Chicago was raided and nine youth were arrested. The police claimed they were manufacturing explosives. Their lawyer has pointed out that the only thing police found was beer-making equipment. The youth were prevented from seeing a lawyer for 17 hours. Their bail was set at $1 million.

The youth suspect that the entire raid was merely retaliation for a video they had posted on the internet earlier in the week, exposing police harassment they had already endured.

The same word that NATO forces use to justify their brutal drone attacks on civilians in Asia and Africa is now being used against activist youth. They are being charged under an obscure Illinois “anti-terrorism” law.

Despite the repressive atmosphere, busloads of Occupy protesters from throughout the U.S. poured into Chicago several days in advance, setting up tents in parks and sleeping in nearby churches.

When the protest called by the United National Anti-War Committee and the Coalition Against NATO/G8 War and Poverty Agenda finally took place on May 20, more than 15,000 people participated, despite all the hype and repression.

As the march ended, the police herded the large crowd of protesters into a small area, not allowing people to leave. As they were pushed against each other, some militant youth pushed back, trying to prevent the crowd from being packed even tighter than before.

The police then attacked the crowd with wooden batons and night sticks. Countless people were severely bloodied and injured as police weapons connected with their skulls. Pepper spray was used, and other acts of violence were unleashed against the peaceful crowd before the police finally allowed people to leave the demonstration. Those who sought medical attention for their injuries were arrested at nearby hospitals.

Despite the heavy repression and media hype, the streets of Chicago were filled with support for the protests. Any hostility toward the demonstrators was rare, and nearly all on the streets were united in their disgust at the extreme police crackdown. Bus drivers, store clerks and workers in the downtown area supported the protests almost unanimously.

The effort to isolate some sections of the anti-NATO protests by labeling them “violent” failed. When the police brutality was unleashed, all major leaders of the demonstration came to the defense of the victims. The people’s movement against NATO and its crimes overcame incredible odds and successfully exposed NATO for what it truly is — the real source of violence in the world.

The struggle to drop the false terrorism charges and win justice for those who suffered brutality on May 20 continues.

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IRAQ – U.S. occupation ‘ends,’ amid turmoil and misery [Workers World]

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By Gene Clancy
Published Dec 23, 2011 8:18 PM

As Washington was announcing the end of its occupation, Iraqis burned U.S. flags, brandished banners and thronged the streets of Falluja to celebrate the U.S. troops’ withdrawal from the former resistance stronghold and site of some of the Iraq War’s fiercest battles.

Some 3,000 people flooded the city carrying Iraqi flags and banners that said, “Falluja: the City of Resistance.” Many carried photographs of city residents who had been killed by U.S. forces after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

“Celebrations mark a historical day for the city of Falluja, and we should remember in pride the martyrs who sacrificed their blood for the sake of this city,” said Dhabi al-Arsan, deputy governor of Anbar province, to the crowd. (Reuters, Dec. 15)

Falluja, a main city in the western desert province of Anbar, served as a base for Iraqi fighters after the invasion. It was the site of two major conflicts in 2004. U.S. troops used overwhelming force — tanks, fighter jets and helicopter gunships — to crush insurgents there. Hundreds of Iraqis were killed in the fighting and thousands were forced to flee their homes.

Despite this and other so-called “victories,” nearly nine years after the invasion that drove the Ba’ath party and former President Saddam Hussein from power, Washington says it is ending its military presence and pulling out the remaining 5,500 U.S. troops before Dec. 31.

* No reason to be proud *

President Barack Obama all but declared victory as he announced that most U.S. troops would be home “before the holidays.” He praised the soldiers for their efforts in Iraq. But there is nothing to be proud of.

The war cost the United States 4,483 military deaths and tens of thousands wounded, many disabled for life. But the costs to the Iraqis were much higher. The Opinion Research Business Survey counted more than 1 million civilian Iraqi deaths as a result of the conflict. This does not count the thousands who died because of the systematic destruction of most of Iraq’s infrastructure, including the water and electricity supply, and what was once the best medical organization in the region.

The war has wreaked enormous havoc on Iraq’s social structure. There are now nearly 5 million Iraqi refugees. Two million of them were forced to flee the country.

Nor did all U.S. troops behave “magnificently.” Today, Pfc. Bradley Manning is in solitary confinement, facing a life sentence on charges of allegedly leaking internal Pentagon documents, including evidence of U.S. war crimes.

Someone released to WikiLeaks a Pentagon video showing a U.S. helicopter gunship massacre of nearly a dozen unarmed Iraqi civilians and the wounding of two children. Whatever soldier released that truth should be considered a hero, say Manning’s defenders.

Once the initial invasion and occupation failed to establish a stable puppet Iraqi regime, Washington purposely seized on and exacerbated divisions among ethnic and religious groups in Iraq. The U.S. separated the Kurdish region and set quotas for Sunni and Shiite groups in the government, using a “divide and conquer” strategy. Despite Pentagon assurances to the contrary, there is still much violence. In one day, six people were killed and 44 wounded in apparent political and ethnic violence across the country.

In addition, that day, as U.S. troops crossed the border into Kuwait, more than half the Iraqi Parliament withdrew to protest the policies of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who has initiated a crackdown on his political and ethnic enemies.

Iraq’s parliamentary committee on education says that their country, which once had one of the highest literacy rates in the Middle East, now has one of the worst. ”While Iraq boasted a record low illiteracy rate for the Middle East in the 1980s, illiteracy jumped to at least 20 percent in 2010. Moreover, illiteracy among women in Iraq, at 24 percent, is more than double that of men (11 percent). “ (Iraq Solidaridad, July 21)

* No real end to occupation *

The U.S. still maintains a sizable military presence in Iraq and will for some time to come. The largest U.S. embassy in the world is remaining, and the State Department has openly stated that it will take over most of the functions formerly carried out by regular troops. They will rely primarily on nearly 20,000 private “contractors,” i.e., mercenaries, who earned a fearsome reputation during the war for their rapacious and murderous policies toward civilians.

The U.S. claims that it is there to provide “stability” and train Iraqis to protect themselves from “foreign enemies” are patently false and absurd. Today, nearly all of the 700,000-strong Iraqi puppet army is positioned throughout the country to repress the population. U.S. forces will be across the border in Kuwait, kept there just in case Iraq’s puppet government deviates from the pursuit of U.S. interests.

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U.S. panel says billions lost to war contract waste, fraud [Xinhua]

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Unsaid: the best way to solve the problem of rampant profiteering, fraud and the full spectrum of war criminality is to stop the wars – Zuo Shou

* Excerpted *

WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) — An independent panel on Wednesday submitted a report to U.S. Congress, saying at least 31 billion dollars have been lost to contract waste and fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan…

The report submitted by the congressionally chartered Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan estimates that waste and fraud have amounted to at least 31 billion, and possibly as much as 60 billion, during the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The report warned that at least as much additional waste may develop if host countries cannot or will not sustain U.S.-funded projects and programs after the United States hands them over or reduces its support.

The commission noted fraud and abuse are problems in wartime contracting, but the biggest challenge is waste. Commission Co- Chair Michael Thibault, former deputy director of the Defense Contract Audit Agency, noted “billions of dollars of waste stemming from a variety of shortcomings — poor decision making, vague contract requirements, lack of adequately trained federal oversight people in the field, duplicative or unnecessary work, failure to revise or recompete contracts, unsustainable projects, inadequate business processes among contractors, and delayed audits. There are many causes, and no simple solution.”

Co-Chair Christopher Shays, a former U.S. Representative for Connecticut, said the Commission report lays blame at the doorsteps of both government and the contracting industry.

“Many of the convictions and guilty pleas for bribery, kickbacks, theft, and other offenses involve federal civilians and members of the military,” he said. “Likewise, poor performance shows up both in government and contractor operations….There is plenty of blame to go around.”

The commission recommended reform to improve federal planning for use of contracts, strengthen contract management and oversight, expand competition, improve interagency coordination, and modify or cancel U.S.-funded projects that host nations cannot sustain.

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9/11 and Americans’ Remarkable Incapacity for Self-reflection – “Your 9/11 is our 24/7” [ /]

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Sept. 14, 2011

Visit Danny P Welch’s website at

When Lois Griffin gets elected mayor of Quahog by pandering to the stupidest and most meaningless references to 9/11, audiences roar. But when that same scenario is replayed over and over again in a largely successful attempt to separate people from their intellect, their conscience and their instinct for self-preservation, no one apparently even knows what’s happening. Never Forget! Shriek the flag-wavers and cheerleaders of empire, as if such a thing were even possible.

For the past ten years, every march to war, every Free Speech Zone, every step in the criminalization of dissent — the whole ball of wax has been accompanied at every turn by the mindless repetition, the fear-and-fascism-drenched threat not to question or even think too deeply, because “9/11 changed *everything.*” There is a blunt and chilling meme floating around facebook and other internet fora, subscribed either to the Palestinians or some other victims of empire’s vented rage to avenge the events of that day: “Your 9/11 is our 24/7.”

Yet Americans so lack the capacity for self-reflection that we apparently prefer to continue to see ourselves as eternal victims instead of the initiators of one insane war after another.

In all of the parades, all of the cheers, the self-congratulatory pomp and circumstance with which Americans greeted the supposed murder of Osama Bin Laden (seen instead with horror by much of the world), there was nary a glimmer of the careful introspection one might expect from mature adults. Instead, there seems to be this constant recapitulation of the above scene from Family Guy. No questions asked, no effective movement against the wars, no real interest at all in grasping the long range consequences of the actions of our government. Nothing, really, beyond the throwaway line, “How much will it cost so we can feel safe again..?”

It is a truly frightening and depressing time to be alive. The political system is so warped that the two monopoly political “parties” in the US, who pretend to represent different interests, are in collusion on all the most basic questions of the day in service to the corporate interests who pay for their elections. Worse, the electorate has still not caught on, rendering ever more prescient Jay Gould’s famous boast that he “could hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.” Indeed, people are so bamboozled that our political circus continues unmolested, focusing on non-issue distractions like the debt ceiling and cutting the deficit (while still spending more on war than all the other countries in the world combined….!). Even worse, the so-called “left” allows itself to be lulled to sleep by the charm [sic] of a Democrat president, a black man no less, whose actions would have been vigorously and rightly opposed were there an R after his name instead of a D. What a farce.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. When history repeats itself, it is, a famous German once said, to be as tragedy before farce. And we are so deep in blood from the needless death and suffering our governments have caused in the name of avenging 9/11 that it would be presumptuous to skip over the enormous tragedy still in the making. More than a million people have been killed in the pursuit of our seemingly unquenchable blood lust. It is as if Americans, completely convinced that we are always wearing the White Hats, have no notion of scale or balance at all. In the scheme of things, and with even a cursory glance at the record, it is painfully obvious that the destruction wrought by US foreign policy absolutely dwarfs any destruction wrought on the United States itself. But of course it has always been true that the goals of empire are floated on rivers of blood — just not that of the imperialsits [sic] themselves. As Robert Emment famously said to the judge who sentenced him to die, “…if it were possible to collect all the innocent blood that you have shed in your unhallowed ministry, in one great reservoir. Your Lordship might swim in it.”

Libya is the latest ticket punch on America’s Trip to Hell on the Installment Plan. The unconscionable bombardment by US-guided bombs onto yet another sovereign country actually started to wear thin for a moment. The story of NATO murdering Gaddafi’s granchild and son-in-law was actually starting to gain some traction and cause tension among NATO allies. Hmmmm….some began to think at long last. Maybe such barbarity is a bit unseemly for the heirs to the grand tradition of Civilizing the Natives. In fact, I had just sat down to type just such a piece when the whole storyline was interrupted by the emergency announcement of the assasination of Bin Laden and the others living in his compound.

So with new inspiration from the cowboy killing of the arch 9/11 nemesis (whom the FBI admitted they could not indict for lack of evidence), the bombing of Libya resumed in earnest. Make no mistake — NATO needed absolutely every ounce of financial, logistical and political help it got from the Americans. US military were involved in virtually every step of the horrific process — this was Obama’s war, with a deliberately hidden US footprint. The only ones fooled, as it turns out, are Americans and Europeans. 30,000 bombs rained down on Libya between March and — well, they’re still falling — did you know that? Kiling perhaps another 60,000 people to add to the toll of the victims of wars for empire. It is simply unseemly to mourn in such a public and mawkish way while blacks in Libya are being rounded up, tortured, raped, imprisoned and killed by US proxy thugs. Once again, tens of thousands of people incinerated from the air while defending their country — more than the 50,000 US troops killed in Vietnam (and a damn sight fewer than the 2 million Southeast Asians who died there). But then, it is only *our* deaths that count — this is the fantasy world of people who always wear the White Hats…

Writer, singer, linguist and activist Daniel Patrick Welch lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts, with his wife, Julia Nambalirwa-Lugudde. Together they run The Greenhouse School. Translations of articles are available in over two dozen languages. Links to the website are appreciated.

Edited by Zuo Shou

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CIA, US military operating inside Mexico’s “drug war” [World Socialist Website]

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By Bill Van Auken
9 August 2011

The Mexican government acknowledged Sunday that US intelligence and military officials are deployed inside Mexico, but refused to confirm details of a published report on their role in the country’s “drug war” for reasons of “national security.”

Mexico’s National Security Council issued a statement August 7 in response to a front-page article in the New York Times which reported that the Obama administration has sent “new CIA operatives and retired military personnel” to the country and is “considering plans to deploy private security contractors” in an effort to escalate the bloody war against drug cartels.

The Times article, written by Ginger Thompson, who was the paper’s Mexico City bureau chief for nearly 15 years, reported that the military and intelligence officials were operating out of a military base in the north of Mexico. The paper acknowledged that it was withholding the location of the base at the request of the US administration.

The Mexican government statement claimed that the US personnel “do not engage in any operations nor do they carry weapons”, and that their presence and activities were in keeping with “current Mexican legislation” and “full respect” for the country’s “norms and national jurisdiction.”

As the Times article made clear, however, the operation has been crafted by Washington and the right-wing Mexican government of President Felipe Calderon “to get around Mexican laws that prohibit foreign military and police from operating on its soil.”

Thus, in addition to agents of the CIA and the Drug Enforcement Administration, the operation includes the participation of civilian officials and “retired” military personnel from the Pentagon’s Northern Command.

The US military and intelligence operation has, according to the Times, “trained nearly 4,500 new federal police agents and assisted in conducting wiretaps, running informants and interrogating suspects.” In addition, “The Pentagon has provided sophisticated equipment, including Black Hawk helicopters, and in recent months it has begun flying unarmed surveillance drones over Mexican soil to track drug kingpins.”

Perhaps most ominously, the Times report cites former DEA officials as stating that Washington and the Mexican government are “considering a proposal to embed a group of private security contractors” inside an elite Mexican counter-narcotics unit that is carrying out many of the “kill or capture” operations against suspected drug traffickers. As the experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan with “contractors” such as Blackwater have shown, the use of such elements will inevitably spell a further escalation in the bloodshed that has claimed nearly 50,000 lives in the past six years.

The newspaper added that the US CIA-military “compound had been modeled after ‘fusion intelligence centers’ that the United States operates in Iraq and Afghanistan to monitor insurgent groups.”

The similarities with the counterinsurgency, “war on terror” operations being waged by the US in the Middle East and Afghanistan are also reflected in the thinking of Mexican officials quoted in the article. It cites one unnamed senior Mexican official as insisting that the US drug war intervention “can’t be a two-, three-, four, five- or six-year policy. For this policy investment to work, it has to be sustained long-term.” In other words, another “long war,” this one waged in US imperialism’s “backyard.”

Significantly, the Obama administration has named as its new ambassador to Mexico — his predecessor Carlos Pascual was forced to resign in March after embarrassing disclosures in classified embassy cables released by WikiLeaks — Earl Anthony Wayne, who was called back from Kabul, where he served as the deputy ambassador to Afghanistan, assigned to coordinate US policy with the NATO-led occupation force.

Mexican critics of the Calderon government, including attorneys’ associations, human rights groups and others, insist that the joint operation is being carried out in violation of Mexico’s laws and constitution and represents a fundamental surrender of the country’s sovereignty to its powerful imperialist neighbor to the north.

In its editorial Monday, the Mexican daily La Jornada stated that the Times report “confirms the flagrant violation of the national legal framework by foreign agents deployed on our territory, and even more serious, by Mexico’s federal authorities who have tolerated and even promoted this assault on national sovereignty and constitutional principles.”

The editorial went on to denounce US security “cooperation” as part of a “double game” in which Washington offers aid to the Mexican government’s “drug war,” while facilitating the flow of arms to the drug cartels and the profitable laundering of drug money by major US financial institutions.

The CIA-US military presence was also denounced by the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (ANAD). The organization’s president, Manuel Fuentes Muñiz, said that the Times report “reveals a heavy dependence of [the Calderon government] on the United States with respect to the investigation of crimes, in other words, colonialism in regard to criminal investigation and justice.”

The ANAD president added that the operation “is not only a demonstration of the governmental incapacity of the Mexican authorities in the struggle against transnational organized crime, but also a surrender of sovereignty and a shameless violation of the constitution.”

National Union of Jurists president Eduardo Miranda Esquivel said that the operation revealed in the Times report represented “a silent invasion of the national sovereignty by the United States government.” The Calderon government, he said was supporting the “economic, political, cultural and now police-military penetration and intervention by the United States in Mexico.”

The revelations concerning the secret CIA-US military operation came as the Mexican national legislature moved ahead with its consideration of a proposed new National Security Law which would provide a legal sanction for the kind of martial law operations — and the wholesale abuses of human rights accompanying them — that have been carried out by the Calderon government in the name of a drug war. On August 2, the Mexican Senate approved the legislation, and committees in the Chamber of Deputies subsequently endorsed it as well. It must still pass the full lower house.

The legislation, much of it similar to the Patriot Act imposed under the George W. Bush administration in the US as part of the “global war on terror,” would also facilitate electronic surveillance against Mexican citizens, warrantless searches and the detention of suspects without charges.

The legislation empowers the Mexican government to introduce martial law measures under conditions that “place in danger the stability, security, peace and order” of the country or any region, state or city within it.

These measures will inevitably be used not just in the so-called drug war, but also against resistance by the Mexican working class to the attacks on its living standards and basic rights.

The approval of the new law by the committees in the Chamber of Deputies was condemned by Javier Sicilia, the leader of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, which had initiated discussions last month with the legislative branch with the aim of blocking the repressive measures.

Sicilia, a well-known poet whose 24-year-old son was killed with six other youths in Cuernavaca last March, has led marches and protests against Mexico’s violence and the government’s drug war policy.

In voting for the legislation, Sicilia said, the Mexican legislature was “approving a law legalizing a war that is imposed by the United States and is a source of so many tears and so much pain.”

The legislators, he charged, had acted out of “disdain for not just our 50,000 dead, our more than 10,000 disappeared and our more than 120,000 displaced, but it was also out of a disdain … for flesh and bone human beings who are living in our nation today, and who tomorrow, under the auspices of the law, will swell the graves of the dead and the criminals’ reserve army.”

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EDITORIAL: “Speak up now – U.S./NATO out of Libya!” [Workers World]

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Published Aug 22, 2011

The NATO powers of Europe and the U.S. are declaring victory after having pounded the small country of Libya for five brutal months. They are claiming that the “rebel” forces they command, whose road to Tripoli was paved by NATO air strikes that knocked out much of Libya’s civil and military capability, now control the capital.

Britain, France, the U.S. and most of the other imperialist bandits have given diplomatic recognition to the grouping they themselves cobbled together. There should be no confusion about who these “democratic” forces are. They are the contras of Nicaragua, the Cuban mercenaries at the Bay of Pigs, and earlier the Manchukuo puppet regime set up by Japan to facilitate its imperialist invasion of China.

After the exposure of all the trickery and outright lying that U.S. governments used to mask their criminal aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no excuse for any progressive person to act confused and stand on the fence. The motives of Washington and Wall Street for this latest aggression are clear and unambiguous.

Just as in Iraq, there is a big economic motive on the part of the small group of politically powerful, transnational companies that control the world’s oil. Libya, with a population of only 6 million people, has the largest oil reserves in Africa. The giant energy companies of Britain, France, Italy and the U.S. have for months been in a ruthless competition over who will get the biggest spoils from this undeclared war. While the front pages may talk about Libya in terms of freedom and democracy, the business sections of the same imperialist newspapers focus on the bottom line: oil profits.

Moreover, the U.S. ruling class sees breaking down Libya as an opening for further penetration into sub-Saharan Africa and implementation of its plans for military domination of the entire continent through Africom – the Pentagon’s new Africa command structure.

However, the Libyan people’s resistance has been heroic. For nearly half a year they have stood up to not only bombs but a blast of propaganda worthy of Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels. Around the world, in every language, the corporate media have depicted the aggressors as angels of mercy, even as they systematically terrorized the people of Libya with nearly 7,500 air strike sorties that have deprived this desert nation of electricity, water, food and fuel. With its oil wealth, Libya has built a modern, largely urban environment. As in Iraq, this raised the people’s quality of life but also left them more vulnerable to the damage that high-explosive bombs can do to a city’s power supply, water pipes and purification plants, roads and ports.

The media are now in a feeding frenzy over who can use the vilest, most racist terms to describe Col. Moammar Gadhafi, whom the West has never forgiven for having supported African freedom struggles and nationalized Libya’s oil. Having personalized the issue – “Gadhafi must go!” – the U.S. government and the servile media are trying to whip up a lynch mob mentality that is supposed to climax with the capture or assassination of Gadhafi – after which their cameras and reporters will go elsewhere while the people’s wealth is partitioned out among the imperialist bandits and their henchmen. That, at any rate, is the scenario.

As this is written, those defending Libya from the new colonialism of NATO are reportedly continuing to fight the “rebels” in Tripoli. Despite all the air cover and the presence of British, French and undoubtedly U.S. special forces on the ground, taking over this city of 2 million people is not a cakewalk. The resistance to imperialism can take many forms, especially among a people who have been armed by the Libyan government.

Anyone who stands for the right of nations to self-determination, who understands the predatory character of the U.S. wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, who believes in people before profits and is for jobs and housing and education, not more billions for the Pentagon, should speak up now against this atrocity being committed in north Africa.

And we should remember that this dirty war is happening when desperate times have come to hundreds of millions of workers all over the world. A prolonged capitalist economic crisis eats away at their livelihoods and safety nets. The imperialist countries whose ruling classes have fattened the most off the resources and labor of the oppressed nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America must now destroy jobs at home and slash social budgets to guarantee the profits of the billionaires.

Whatever happens in Libya over the next few days and weeks, one thing is clear: It is becoming more and more difficult for the imperialist powers, despite all their death-dealing weaponry, to keep the billions of workers and oppressed people around the world under their iron heel.

This is not the dawn of imperialism, when a few thousand soldiers armed with rifles and field guns could be sent overseas to drown a people’s resistance in blood while finance capital spun its web around the local elites.

This is the age of rotting, moribund imperialism when the profit system is undercutting its own markets, pauperizing workers everywhere in a chase for ever greater profits while production stagnates. It is the age of high-tech war and high-tech production, both of which require enormous capital outlays at the expense of the shrinking class of producers.

In the imperialist countries, all of which are now home to workers of many nationalities, it is an age of awakening internationalism, class solidarity and resistance to the hardships that imperialist war brings to those at home as well as abroad.

U.S. and NATO out of Libya! The struggle to end imperialism and wage slavery continues!

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