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Is the US media leading America to (another) war? — Blowing smoke around the “Times Square Smokebomber” [Russia Today]

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by Robert Bridges

May 14, 2010

The “Times Square Smokebomber” is the latest in a series of failed outlandish  ‘terrorist attacks’ in the US  —  with the emphasis on “fail” (Nigerian underwear bomber anyone?)  Articles like Bridges’ are a requirement to take stock of just how blackly absurd and farcical it’s all become.  The author does an invaluable service by pointing out just how much the war-enabling media has come to rely on anonymous sources to float its fanciful “US War on Terror” constructs and how little to no verifiable journalistic information is ever provided in a transparent manner to the public from the alleged “terrorists”; there is an iron cordon between them and actual reporters.  See also Xinhua News’ pointing out of the multiple inconsistencies regarding the Times Square incident, “Times Square bomber’s motive needs to be probed“.  Media outside the US is exposing the obvious contradictions here.  The mass of US reporters have become such spineless and unethical lackeys that they can’t even manage the journalistic equivalent of publishing “2 + 3 ≠ 4”  —  and that is an indictment of the so-called “free press”.  Meanwhile, the Pentagon/CIA terrorizes in Pakistan (and elsewhere) with expertly-made, super-deadly bombs and other war materials that, in glaring contrast to the fizzles of the Shoe-, Underwear- and now Smokebomber, do not fail to inflict massive damage and suffering on a regular basis globally.

Excerpt:   The American media is digging up numerous mystery sources about the Pakistani Taliban, Fasial Shahzad, and the man who is quickly looking meaner than Osama bin laden himself, Hakimullah Mehsud, the leader of the TTP.

“Investigators believe that Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad had ties to TTP,” reported CNN, “a Pakistani Taliban group, a senior law enforcement official and a US intelligence official said…”

“Did he receive help in Pakistan? Yes he did,’” said the official, in response to his own question. ‘The official said Shahzad is believed to have received training of some sort, but would not say if the training was specific to the Times Square bombing attempt.”

In yet another case of anonymous attribution, The New York Times quoted a “senior US intelligence official” as saying “[T]hey trade bomb makers and people around… It’s becoming a witches’ brew.”

If the reader would take the time to examine other articles on this particular case, it would become immediately obvious that the vast majority of government officials, law enforcement agents and other such apparently high-ranking figures are regularly introduced into the stories without attribution, as if they were simply dreamed up by the reporters themselves.  This slipshod approach to reporting…is simply inexcusable….

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