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Jolin Tsai’s New Album Release Delayed []

Posted in Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 on August 10, 2010 by Zuo Shou / 左手

2010-08-10 15:03:46       Web Editor: Duanlei

This seems like some kind of publicity stunt to me, I’ll post it anyway.  Last month I posted a little photo article about the new album, at that time People’s Daily reported it was to be called “Vogue”.  It’s possible the photos that went with that article were actually from a shoot for the Chinese version of Vogue magazine…  –  左手

The release of Taiwan pop singer Jolin Tsai’s new album was postponed to this Friday, August 13.



The release of Taiwan pop singer Jolin Tsai’s new album was postponed to this Friday, August 13. The cover photos of the album have been released, reports.

Jolin Tsai shows off a short hairstyle and skimpy clothing in the series of photos she shot for the album. The singer expressed satisfaction with her new style, saying that the photo shoot only took half an hour.

Titled “Myself”, the album was set to hit the market on August 10. The distributor, Warner Music, has to delay the release as they have received too many orders from Jolin’s fans.

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Jolin Tsai’s new 2010 single and video: “Honey Trap” / Jolin 蔡依林 – ”美人計”MV首播!!! UPDATE [ / 优酷]

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UPDATE:  Link below was dead; have changed to new link at  Unfortunately it is not an HD MV as previously.  I think a lot of Jolin MV (music videos) have been deleted from the Chinese mainland video sites for copyright reasons. – Zuo Shou 左手

“I give you satisfaction” – Jolin, “Honey Trap”

I’ve been given satisfaction by this new track of classic Jolin dance-pop.  This video is going to get a lot of play here at my console over the next few days!  Her choreography and dance talent has come so far from her early days.  Here it’s a little android, a little Madonna’s “Vogue”, all entrancing!  – 左手

“Dance Humanal [sic] Robot”!

Video / MV link here

Pop singer Jolin Tsai ready for her new album [People’s Daily]

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Jolin [Cai Yilin – 蔡依林] is a “Mandopop” superstar from Taiwan.  After I came to China she was the first Chinese singer whose songs made an impression on me on a purely aural level, before I even knew how lovely she was.  She doesn’t have the best voice, although what she has usually suits the material perfectly; she definitely works hard on the dance aspects of her performance and she gets some sublimely produced dance-pop hits that are simultaneously universal and Asian.  If she can be criticized it’s probably for mercenary qualities and apparent lack of current career growth.  Her last album, which was her first with a new label, actually had not one single that interested me; but still sold a lot.  Hope the new one (“Vogue”, out this August) yields some of the danceable, delightful tunes she’s capable of. – 左手
July 5, 2010

Chinese pop singer Jolin Tsai poses for the cover of her new album. (Photo Source:

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