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“Columbus Day”, a poem [Sweet & Sour Socialism Original Poetry]

Posted in Official US Holidays from hell, Sweet & Sour Socialism Original Poetry on October 11, 2010 by Zuo Shou / 左手

Columbus Day

by tom karlson, US poet

in long boat and knarr they sail west and south

stars and sun show a way for

Eric the Red’s son

gunless, horseless

a peaceful trip

see the sights pick some grape

leaving behind ruins and blue-eyed babies

Greenland bound   a new saga

Mali and Mandingo ships and men

with goods and weapons sail west and north

currents, wind and blind luck

bring them to the Yucatan


50 ton Nubian faced Olmac heads

myths of dark skinned giants

financed by Iberian Jewry

the Admiral, Christian or Jew, Spaniard or Italian

leads 120 men in the

Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria

sailing south and west

India bound

crewed by:

Milton Freedman and his Chicago University goons

in charge of propaganda, interrogation, discipline,

race and class consciousness

Prescott Bush and George Armstrong Custer

compose the voyage manifesto and mission

below deck are the sun-dried souls of

Rasputin, the Popes, Sylvester the Second and Benedict the Ninth

in charge of rape, incest, and family values

Pinkerton and J Edgar Hoover

spying,   pimping, and procuring stool pigeons

Kenneth Lay

finance, mergers, and loans

Edward Teller


Robert E Lee’s horse Traveler

will show the way home

where Ferdinand and Isabella’s bishops

find Jews to murder and maim, books to burn, Moors to exterminate Continue reading