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China and the US to Co-produce 3D Movie “Journey to the West” [CRIEnglish / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

Posted in China, Sweet & Sour Cinema on May 1, 2015 by Zuo Shou / 左手

2015-04-16 Web Editor: Meng

Film makers from China and the United States are aiming to stun the audience with a 3D production “Journey to the West” out of the classic Chinese story of the same tittle.

This was announced at a launch ceremony in Beijing on Wednesday, April 15.

Based on the 1986 TV series “Journey to the West”, the movie will be jointly produced by Paramount Pictures and three Chinese production companies.

According to Ke Liming, Executive Director of Ruyi Films, one of the Chinese co-producers, the film will keep much of the TV scenario with Chinese actors starring the main characters.

Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures, Rob Moore, says given the fact that the Monkey King, the hero of the movie, and the story itself are already popular among the audiences around the world, Paramount Pictures will make the movie a sensation with state-of-the-art techniques…

…Liuxiaolingtong, whose real name is Zhang Jinlai, is a household name in China for his starring of the Monkey King. He said at the launch event that the 3D movie will be a perfect blend of oriental art and Western high-technology [sic]. It is also a good opportunity to promote Chinese culture.

The movie will start shooting late this year and be released some time in 2016.

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“Ip Man 3” Cast Has Mike Tyson and CGI Bruce Lee [CRIEnglish / [

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Web Editor: Sun Wanming

Shooting for the third installment in the hit kung-fu series “Ip Man” is due to begin…

The former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is joining Donnie Yen in the movie, along with a computer-generated Bruce Lee.

“Ip Man” is a kung-fu biopic about the life of Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun master.

The story in the third installment focuses on the master-student relationship between Ip Man and Bruce Lee.

“Ip Man 3” is being directed by Wilson Yip.

The film is scheduled for release during next year’s [2016] Spring Festival.

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Original article title: ‘New “Ip Man” Cast Has Mike Tyson and Computer-Generated Bruce Lee’

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‘Teenage Mao Zedong’ Animated Film to be Released 2015 April, w/trailer [CRIEnglish / / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

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Web Editor: Gao Junya

“The Young Mao Zedong,” [aka “Teenage Mao Zedong”] an animated film about the childhood experiences of late-Chinese [sic] leader Mao Zedong, is going to hit Chinese theatres on [2015 April 30th].

The movie itself is said to follow the adventures of a boy named Shi San Ya Zi and his friends.

However, it’s expected to parallel the younger life of the late helmsman.

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Post incorporates data from page “少年毛泽东(2015)- Teenage Mao ZeDong”

Trailer for “Teenage Mao Zedong” –

“Sha Po Lang 2” aka SPL 2 to be Released on 2015 June 18 [CRIEnglish / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

Posted in Donnie Yen 甄子丹, Sweet & Sour Cinema on March 25, 2015 by Zuo Shou / 左手

The first trailer for the sequel of Hong Kong action film “Sha Po Lang” is released. ]Trailer here, w/o English subtitles —

The movie tells a story about a retiring policeman who resorts to the use of questionable methods in order to catch a ruthless triad boss.

The title “Sha Po Lang” refers to three words derived from Chinese astrology that each represents a different star capable of good or evil depending on their position in the heavens.

Yip Wai-Shun will be the acclaimed [sic] director and Pou-Soi Cheang as [sic] director of the movie.

It will star Jacky Wu Jing, Tony Jaa and Louis Koo.

The first movie in the serial…[with Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung was awarded]… best action choreography at the 25th Hong Kong film awards in 2005.

The action scene[s] in the new movie will be fully upgraded than [sic] the former one.

With the help of sharp [sic] objects such as chains and fly [sic] knife, the martial arts will challenge the limits of action movies.

The movie is slated for release on June 18.

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Air stewards & hostesses cosplay Wu Zetian [People’s Daily Online]

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January 30, 2015

A fun set of photos with both males and females on an airplane cosplaying Wu Zetian, the historical figure played by Fan Bingbing in a current serial drama on Chinese TV. – Zuo Shou

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Filming of “The Monkey King 2” Starts, Gong Li Stars — Donnie Yen doesn’t [CRIEnglish / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

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Hong Kong singer and actor Aaron Kwok [taking over lead role of Sun Wukong (the Monkey King) from Donnie Yen], Chinese actress Gong Li and Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng attend a press conference to start the filming of their new movie “The Monkey King 2” in Wuxi city, east Chinas [sic] Jiangsu province, 24 December 2014…

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“HK actor Chapman To under fire” – insulting comments towards mainlanders prompts film boycott [China Daily / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

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By Cindy Gu ( )

May 6, 2014

Hong Kong actor Chapman To’s deprecating remarks towards Chinese mainland Internet users has sparked online outrage across the country with many people now calling for a To boycott.

In March, Chapman To posted numerous supportive comments on Taiwan’s disapproval of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement on his Facebook account and was ‘attacked’ by Chinese mainland Internet users, who held opposing views.

In response, To wrote, “Sometimes, when faced with the opinionated comments of Chinese mainland netizens, we don’t have to put too much thought in to [sic] it. They are not that capable. They just happen to have enough money to go to the Internet café.”

His deprecating remarks sparked outrage among Chinese Internet users, with many calling for the actor to stop making a living on the Chinese mainland.

“Don’t say ‘don’t make money off the Chinese mainland’ anymore. I’m telling you, stop me from coming to Chinese mainland if you can!”…[To]…responded.

To’s latest film “Let Go For Love” opened in theaters on April 30. Under the tense atmosphere and Internet users’ haste [sic] towards To, the film grossed a mere million in ticket sales in the first two days…

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