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Female peace activists say they’ll walk across the DMZ [The Hankyoreh / 한겨레]

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~Diverse group of activists wish to make a dramatic statement for peace and human rights~

Eyes are on Korea after a group of well-known female peace activists announced they will walk across the DMZ on May 24 for peace on the peninsula. The event suggests that women around the world are becoming more involved in the Korean Peninsula, which remains trapped in the Cold War even 70 years after the end of World War II.

In its coverage of the press conference for the event, which was held at the UN headquarters in New York on Mar. 11, the Associated Press said that “prominent women” were “making a dramatic statement in Korean relations.”

Along with two recipients of the Nobel [P]eace [P]rize – Mairead Maguire and Leymah Gbowee – women from a variety of backgrounds will be joining in the walk, including writers, scholars, filmmakers, and humanitarian activists. Most of the 30 participants, who hail from 12 countries, will be paying their travel expenses out of pocket.

Gloria Steinem, 81, regarded as an icon of the women’s movement in the US, drew attention by signing on as honorary co-chair of the event.

Steinem, who played a leading role in the feminist movement in the US in the 1960s and 1970s and was active in social issues and the peace movement after that, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013, the greatest honor that the US President can bestow on a private individual.

Steinem has taken great interest in the event, as her attendance at the press conference suggests. “It’s hard to imagine a more physical symbol of the insanity of dividing human beings than this zone. To me, to walk across it, has huge, huge, huge importance,” Agence France-Presse quoted her as saying.

Steinem’s deep interest in Korean Peninsula issues reportedly goes back to the sad story of a high school friend who was received a draft notice to fight in the Korean War.

“The friend’s father had suffered from trauma in the Second World War, and when he saw his son’s draft notice, he decided he couldn’t allow him to go to war,” explained Chung Hyun-kyung, a professor at New York’s Union Theological Seminary and member of the event’s executive committee. “So he killed his son and then himself.”

“Steinem noted that women had made a big contribution to ending conflict in Northern Ireland and Liberia, and she asked why that wouldn’t work on the Korean Peninsula too,” Chung added.

Abigail Disney, granddaughter of Walt, began making movies after meeting the Liberian female peace activist Leymah Gbowee in 2006. In 2008, she shared the story of the country’s peace movement with “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” a documentary about Gbowee.

Other participants included Medea Benjamin, co-founded of the leading women’s anti-war group Code Pink, and Ann Wright, a former US Army colonel who resigned from the State Department in 2003 in protest of the Iraq War.

Among the Korean and Korean-American participants joining them were Rutgers University professor Suzy Kim, Korea Policy Institute co-founder Christine Ahn, Chung, and women’s rights activist Kim Ban-a.

Foreign nationals don’t need approval from the South Korean government to visit North Korea, but they would need to apply with the UN Command to pass through the DMZ. Foreign nationals traveling between North and South Korea must pass through South Korean government immigration procedures.

“If we are provided with specific plans, including their course [sic] while traveling in North [sic] Korea, then it’s a matter for discussion with the relevant agency,” a Unification Ministry official explained. 

By Park Hyun, Washington correspondent

Edited by Zuo Shou

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Apple bites workers at home & abroad [Workers World]

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June 16, 2013

Workers and small business people complain a lot about taxes — and rightfully so. Too often, however, some especially in the middle class buy into the right-wing argument that their taxes are high because of “wasteful” government social programs meant to alleviate the worst aspects of poverty in the U.S.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The bulk of federal revenue is spent on militarism and repression to promote the domestic and global interests of huge U.S. corporations and banks, as well as pay interest to the banks on the debt. Needed functions like education, health and anti-poverty programs are all being cut in this season of harsh “austerity.”

What makes this even more criminal is that the huge corporations whose profits are protected by the capitalist government pay very little in taxes themselves. And while it’s always been true that the rich create ways to avoid taxes, it seems that today it’s worse than ever.

Recently, a U.S. congressional report into Apple’s tax arrangements says that “Apple Inc. established an offshore subsidiary, Apple Operations International, which from 2009 to 2012 reported net income of $30 billion, but declined to declare any tax residence, filed no corporate income tax return and paid no corporate income taxes to any national government for five years.” (BBC News, May 21)

Another Apple subsidiary, based in low-tax Ireland, buys finished Apple products from low-wage suppliers in China, resells them to other Apple subsidiaries “at a substantial markup,” and retains the profits. This subsidiary generates $74 billion in profits! But Apple Inc., according to the congressional report, “may have paid little or no income taxes to any national government on the vast bulk of those funds.”

Apple Inc. has $100 billion stashed overseas. It recently borrowed $17 billion to finance investments and pay shareholders rather than bring any of that hoard “onshore,” just to avoid having it taxed. (Forbes, May 21)

Such strategies are used particularly by high-tech firms like Google, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft.

The tax code, particularly the corporate tax code, is the corrupt product of an army of well-paid lobbyists conniving with well-bribed members of Congress. The Senate committee investigating Apple is probably being conservative when it estimates that the company’s tax-avoidance schemes allow it to lower its U.S. tax bill by more than $10 billion a year.

Not just Apple does this. In December, the European Commission, the governing body of the European Union, said that corporate tax “avoidance” costs the EU $1.29 trillion in tax revenue a year. This comes at the same time that much-despised “austerity” measures by those governments have aroused massive resistance by European workers. It also coincides with “sequestration” in the U.S., which is austerity by another name.

Just because Apple has an overseas hoard of more than $100 billion does not mean the money is actually overseas. In fact, as the New York Times reported on May 21: “Apple’s $102 billion in offshore profits is actually managed by one of its wholly owned subsidiaries in Reno, Nev., according to the Senate report on the company’s tax avoidance. The money is tracked by Apple company bookkeepers in Austin, Tex. What’s more, the funds are held in bank accounts in New York.”

So it’s no wonder that Wall Street bankers applaud Apple’s tax-avoidance schemes. They want the workers to pay for the government that suppresses them. And the rich have been so successful in this reactionary period that the corporate share of U.S. tax revenue has fallen from 32.1 percent in 1952 to 8.9 percent today.

What the corporations pay in taxes really comes from the exploitation of labor. In Apple’s case, that often means reaping profits off the labor of workers in countries with low pay, forced overtime, and harsh and unsafe working conditions.

Years of struggle by workers’ organizations and left parties have forced capitalist governments to spend a portion of tax revenue to lift the living standards of the workers. But multinational corporations like Apple will use any trick in the book to evade even the weak tax laws that exist. As one Apple executive put it last year: “We don’t have an obligation to solve America’s problems.” (Huffington Post, May 22)

Only by overturning this corrupt, rotten imperialist system can the wealth produced by the workers be used to improve the lives of all.

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Morrissey’s Open Letter: Margaret Thatcher Was ‘Barbaric’ [Rolling Stone]

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By RJ Cubarrubia
April 8, 2013

Morrissey has a few strong words about Margaret Thatcher’s death.

The former Smiths frontman rips into the late British Prime Minister in a new open letter published on the Daily Beast. “Every move she made was charged by negativity,” writes Morrissey, calling the conservative politician “barbaric” and “a terror without an atom of humanity.” Full text of the letter follows below.


Thatcher is remembered as The Iron Lady only because she possessed completely negative traits such as persistent stubbornness and a determined refusal to listen to others.

Every move she made was charged by negativity; she destroyed the British manufacturing industry, she hated the miners, she hated the arts, she hated the Irish Freedom Fighters and allowed them to die, she hated the English poor and did nothing at all to help them, she hated Greenpeace and environmental protectionists, she was the only European political leader who opposed a ban on the Ivory Trade, she had no wit and no warmth and even her own Cabinet booted her out. She gave the order to blow up The Belgrano even though it was outside of the Malvinas Exclusion Zone – and was sailing AWAY from the islands! When the young Argentinean boys aboard The Belgrano had suffered a most appalling and unjust death, Thatcher gave the thumbs up sign for the British press.

Iron? No. Barbaric? Yes. She hated feminists even though it was largely due to the progression of the women’s movement that the British people allowed themselves to accept that a Prime Minister could actually be female. But because of Thatcher, there will never again be another woman in power in British politics, and rather than opening that particular door for other women, she closed it.

Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership, but the majority of British working people have forgotten her already, and the people of Argentina will be celebrating her death. As a matter of recorded fact, Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity.

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“Another war prize” – Editorial on absurd award of Nobel Peace Prize to the EU [Workers World]

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October 22, 2012

It has always been problematic that the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded from the legacy of a Swedish industrialist whose millions came from munitions that made the late 19th and 20th century wars the most deadly in human history.

In 1973 the prize was awarded jointly to Vietnam War criminal Henry Kissinger and Vietnamese resistance leader Le Duc Tho. Tho turned it down.

The Nobel committee did it again in 1993, awarding the prize jointly to apartheid’s Frederik Willem de Klerk and the long-imprisoned African leader Nelson Mandela.

Now comes news that the Nobel committee has awarded the prize this year to, of all things, the European Union. The EU has come to be despised and hated not only by the 500 million people who live in the 27 nations that belong to the organization, but by additional millions who have been on the receiving end of the imperialism and militarism wielded by its most powerful capitalist states.

Panos Skourletis, spokesperson for Syriza, the main opposition party in Greece, spoke for the majority of opinion around the world: “I just cannot understand what the reasoning would be behind [the decision of the Nobel committee]. In many parts of Europe but especially in Greece, we are experiencing what really is a war situation on a daily basis, albeit a war that has not been formally declared. There is nothing peaceful about it.” (Guardian, Oct. 12)

The EU has been the driving force behind moves to rescue the giant European banks from the economic crisis of 2008 by forcing draconian austerity measures on the working masses of Europe. Member nations such as Ireland, which were reluctant to rescue their banks, were forced to accept high-interest “bailouts.” In other cases, the local national ruling classes have temporized, but ended up accepting the EU’s “help.”

This always came at a price: cuts in social programs, higher taxes on poor and working people, massive layoffs and wage cuts. Sovereign countries were forced to accept EU dictates. As a result, most of the smaller countries of Europe are mired in recession with no hope of recovery. The Nobel prize itself has been reduced to $1.2 million from $1.5 million. The Nobel Foundation has said its investment capital took a sharp hit in the 2008 financial crisis.

When the masses of people have protested, they have been met by parliamentary huckstering, and when that didn’t work, naked police repression was used. But it doesn’t stop there.

After the downfall of many of the socialist countries of Eastern Europe, the EU leaders pursued an aggressive economic imperialism in these now “free” countries. Where there had been stable planned economies, rampant unemployment, economic insecurity and the rise of criminal enterprises such as human trafficking accompanied the theft of state property on a monumental scale. Many formerly public enterprises were not only privatized, but ownership was transferred to large financial institutions located in the leading countries of the EU, such as Germany and France.

The European Union has always been considered to be the not so hidden stepchild of NATO — the military partnership between the U.S. and European capitalists whose crimes and interventions, many of them far from Europe, are well known. The dropping of tens of thousands of bombs on the former Yugoslavia, the brutal war against Libya, and the bloody invasion and occupation of Afghanistan are only a few examples.

Most recently, the EU has been an important source of war fever whipped up against Syria. Threats, intimidation and secret armed intervention have been accompanied by increasingly shrill calls for outright war.

Alfred Nobel’s munitions seem to have more influence than his “peace prize.”

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The police state 2012 Olympics [World Socialist Website]

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16 July 2012

According to the International Olympic Committee, “The goal of Olympism is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.”

This high-sounding boilerplate has long been at odds with the actual function of the Olympic Games, which have increasingly become a quadrennial celebration of nationalism, celebrity and corporate money-making. And never more so than the 2012 Olympics in London, which seem to have been deliberately staged by the host government to trample on notions of peace, human dignity and democratic rights.

The British government announced Thursday that it would mobilize an additional 3,500 troops for security duty at the Olympics, bringing the total number of soldiers, airmen and military police deployed for the event to a staggering 17,000, far more than are currently deployed in the imperialist war in Afghanistan.

The combined total of 49,000 uniformed personnel—17,000 troops, 12,000 police and 20,000 or more security guards—exceeds the size of the expeditionary force Britain contributed to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It is the largest single mobilization of British security forces since the Suez Crisis of 1956.

The target of this display of military force cannot be a handful of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists allegedly seeking to attack the showcase event, as the government of Prime Minister David Cameron claims. The scale of the mobilization is entirely disproportionate to the potential threat of Al Qaeda-linked groups, whose last significant attacks in Western Europe were the suicide bombings of mass transit in Madrid and London in 2004 and 2005.

The British government is mobilizing more than three times as many regular troops as the Bush administration did in 2002 for the Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City, Utah, which began only six months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and four months after the US invasion of Afghanistan.

The selection of weaponry belies the claim that small-scale or “lone-wolf” terrorism is the main concern. Why then patrol the skies over London with supersonic Typhoon fighter jets? Why deploy anti-aircraft missile batteries on rooftops in densely populated neighborhoods in east London, where the firing of heavy weapons is more likely to cause civilian casualties than any terrorist strike?

Why bring the largest ship in the British Navy, the carrier HMS Ocean, equipped with 40 attack helicopters firing rockets and heavy machine guns up the Thames? The last deployment for this warship was in the 2011 NATO attack on Libya.

Despite the nonstop barrage in the British and American media over the threat of terrorism, the police state atmosphere surrounding the London Olympics has far more to do with the increasingly tense state of class relations in Britain and the increasing resort by the imperialist powers to military violence around the world.

The Olympic Games are being held only a few miles from neighborhoods where mass rioting against police brutality and devastating poverty and unemployment erupted last August, after the police killing of an unarmed father of four. From Tottenham, rioting spread to cities throughout the country, with the Cameron government, the opposition Labour Party, and the corporate-controlled media all denying there was any social reason for the unrest. The official response to the rioting was massive repression and assembly-line prosecution of alleged rioters, who were summarily sentenced to long prison terms in court proceedings that made a travesty of justice.

Earlier this year, the Daily Telegraph reported that soldiers from the elite Third Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, blooded by years of deployment in Northern Ireland and Afghanistan, were conducting training exercises in Kent for future riot situations in Britain, including potential flare-ups during the 2012 Olympics. The newspaper concluded: “Defence sources have confirmed that if violence were to return to British cities, especially during the Olympic Games, the Paras would be ‘ideally placed’ to provide ‘short-term’ support to police forces around the UK.”

The total bill for the 2012 Olympics is approaching 10 billion pounds—itself an insult to the British working class, which faces nonstop cuts in jobs, wages and social programs, including education, the National Health Service and old-age pensions. Of this staggering figure, at least half is categorized as “security-related,” including 1.1 billion pounds for the police alone, and 4.4 billion pounds for the military and intelligence services…

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The Diamond Jubilee: A glorification of wealth and privilege [World Socialist Website]

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By Robert Stevens
6 June 2012

For days, the British public has been subjected to saturation coverage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

This diet of carefully choreographed royal propaganda, which included minute-by-minute coverage of Sunday’s 1,000-boat pageant on London’s river Thames and an official pop concert at Buckingham Palace, ensured that any serious news was all but excised.

The mounting economic crisis in Europe, the death of another British soldier in Afghanistan (the 417th to have died since the 2001 invasion), were reduced to footnotes.

The tens of millions of pounds spent on the Royal Jubilee is in stark contrast to the demands of the ruling elite that working people—the target of the most severe austerity measures since the 1930s—must make “sacrifices” for the good of the nation. It is estimated that the cost of the celebrations, including the extra public Bank Holiday, will be around £1.2 billion.

Much of the expense has been on ensuring a security lockdown of the capital. For the Thames Pageant event alone, 13,000 security forces were mobilised, including members of the Royal Navy and Marines, as well as police officers.

Over the past month, London’s 40 square miles have been systematically swept by security forces, including police frogmen carrying out an underwater search of the Thames, to counter the so-called “terrorist threat”. This is on top of the biggest mobilisation of the armed forces in London since the Second World War, already in place in the run-up to the Olympic Games.

The pop concert organised outside Buckingham Palace plumbed new depths of sycophancy and deference. Performing alongside a number of tired, multi-millionaire musicians including Paul McCartney, Elton John and Stevie Wonder, were a host of manufactured reality TV show creations. Just what is one to make of Prince Charles giving thanks to one Gary Barlow, lead singer in the 1990s boy-band, Take That, for organising the event?

In the process of these celebrations, all manner of the crimes of British imperialism were brushed under the carpet. In May, the Queen hosted a tea party of international Sovereign Monarchs to celebrate her Jubilee. Amongst the attendees were the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, fresh from their bloody repression of opposition protests in Bahrain.

At the May 23 Royal Academy “Celebration of the Arts” event to commemorate the Jubilee, Bono, lead singer of rock band U2, thanked the Queen for her reign and visit to Ireland last year. This is the band whose 1982 recording “Sunday Bloody Sunday” song—about the slaughter of 13 innocent people in Derry in 1972 by the occupying British army—is rated as one of the best political protest songs of all time.

What exactly is being celebrated here? According to a recent Brand Finance report, the tangible assets of the royal family, including the Duchy of Cornwall with around 133,658 acres, over 23 counties, are worth an estimated £18 billion.

Today, the financial and social gulf between the UK’s rich and the rest of the population is at record levels. The Sunday Times Rich List, which tracks the wealth of Britain’s richest 1,000 people, records their combined wealth at £414 billion. The Queen herself is worth more than £300 million (a vast underestimation).

The Financial Times was forced to note in a comment that since the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, “society has become far more unequal. After tax, the richest 1 per cent now have 9 per cent of all income, compared with 3 per cent in 1977.”

Now the social position of the working class is being subjected to an even sharper decline as a result of the government’s austerity measures. Millions are without work. Pay cuts and freezes are the norm, while the destruction of social provision—implemented to fund the multi-billion-pound bailout of Britain’s banks in 2008—means many being denied their right to health care, education and social benefits.

In the capital, soup kitchens now feed thousands of people every day, including emaciated and starving children.

Despite the media’s best efforts to present the population of the UK “as all being in it together”, a single episode from the Jubilee made plain the real state of class relations.

On Monday the Guardian reported that a group of long-term unemployed people from Bristol, Bath and Plymouth had been bussed into London and forced to work as unpaid stewards during the Jubilee, as part of the government’s Work Programme.

Up to 30 people on unemployment benefit and another 50 people on apprentice wages were taken to London by Close Protection UK, which had won a stewarding contract for the Jubilee. Given no accommodation, they were told to sleep overnight in freezing cold conditions under London Bridge before being sent to steward the river pageant the following day. The 50 apprentices were paid just £2.80 an hour while in London.

The Guardian, based on accounts from two of the people, reported, “They had to change into security gear in public, had no access to toilets for 24 hours, and were taken to a swampy campsite outside London after working a 14-hour shift in the pouring rain on the banks of the Thames on Sunday.”

One of the females employed as a steward said, “London was supposed to be a nice experience, but they left us in the rain. They couldn’t give a crap … No one is supposed to be treated like that, [working] for free. I don’t want to be treated where I have to sleep under a bridge and wait for food.”

Despite being forced into calling an “investigation”, Close Protection UK managing director Molly Prince defended the use of unpaid workers, claiming, “The only ones that won’t be paid are because they don’t want to be paid. They want to do this voluntarily, [to] get the work experience.”

In truth, many unemployed workers are now being forced into such miserable schemes under the Work Programme, as a means of throwing them off unemployment benefit. Up to 270 voluntary organisations and charities have signed up to the programme.

The pouring of vast political, financial and human resources into the Jubilee celebrations takes place at a time of widespread alienation amongst the mass of working people and youth from the political parties and state institutions.

Support for all the three main political parties has collapsed, while much of Britain’s ruling elite—along with the police—have been exposed through their relations with financial oligarchs, such as Rupert Murdoch, as deeply corrupt.

No doubt the promotion of the monarchy as an institution supposedly above all this stench is intended to remedy this situation. Instead, the glorification of wealth and privilege only proves just how far removed the bourgeoisie is from the concerns and sentiments of millions and brings to mind nothing so much as the final days of the French aristocracy.

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A European Market Blow [Strategic Culture Foundation]

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Carlos Pereyra MELE (Argentina) | 26.11.2011

“Market Blow is a term which appeared in Argentina in 1989 and it refers to an irregular institutional change caused by pressure being exerted by economic agents through some market mechanisms such as: inflation, stock-outs, massive withdrawals from bank accounts, interest rates increase, lock outs, etc. The market blow has been considered like a Coup d´état” – Wikipedia.

First it was applied to emerging countries and countries depending on the South; there they were imposed by: Washington´s agreement- Free Market – Unpayable Foreign Debts – A financial system out of control-Central Banks out of State Control, a model created and publicized by the elite of “trilateralism”, which began to exist during the 70s, then it strengthened with “Re[a]gan-Thatcher Era” and it reached its splendor [sic] with the so[-]called neoliberalism after the fall of the URSS [Soviet Union]. Today the elites of this model are turning up a notch and sending it back with their emerging economies along the eurozone. As we say about Hollywood movies: Any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence.

Nowadays the PIIGs (Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Greece) are themselves suffering from the development of all policies implemented in their region, through which they were foolish into a fake reality of growth. Along with it, the EU became a tool to mainly increase German´s exports, and subsequently, French exports through the development of a free commerce system along the union. For this objective, the EU lent money to these countries, paved the way for their important companies to be taken over by German and French enterprises with the support of the European Central Bank and administrative regulations stated from Brussels. The PIIGs, were included into a model in which [a] small elite of countries outrageously got richer and the ideological argument being used was that the European Union promised eternal prosperity; by shielding and sweeping away all crisis [sic] in Europe, as well as all threatening nationalisms. These were the times of Spain ranked as “8th world economy”, or and Ireland shown as an example of emerging countries.

Today…this has collapsed like a house of cards, and the trilateralist´s elite, in order to keep their privileges, ask for the elimination of any sovereignty trace[s] in the states and they have clearly resorted to a Coup d´état or Market Blow with the implementation of “Technocratic Administrations” in the PIIGs, all done by imposing their elite members as claimed by: Joao Durao Barroso, chairman of the European Commission, in May last year when he announced that unless austerity measures were accepted, democracy was at risk in Greece, Spain and Portugal. In a new and deeper intervention, on September 28th, 2011, the European Parliament approved measures of greater scope which undermined the possibilities of each country to set and manage their own budgets and debts. Has Italy voted Mario Monti for Berlusconi and Greece gone for Lucas Papademos to replace Papandreu? None was elected in lawful elections, both are former members of European Financial Organizations, academically trained in USA, members of Trilateral Commission and Goldman Sachs, just to say that with them in power the PIIGs are unquestionably under the control of any dictates given by the IMF, CEB, EU. This has already happened in Third World economies, and now it is happening in Europe, being these dictates [are] associated with austerity and privatization. All governmental functions are nullified and privatized, all national assets sold. The nation–state concept is steadily dismantled. Finally, the main functions left to governments are those of police suppression of its own people and tax collection to be given to banks.

It is a sad farewell to nations´ autonomy, the free will of the people, any advance towards more democratic, socially-compromised, direct, participative and representative ways of participation, which ultimately aim at achieving the will of its people and legitimately seek for welfare and happiness.

There was an attempt to impose this model of “Technocratic Administrations” in Argentina in 2002, when the IMF proposed one of its members [–] “an expert in Argentine´s economy” [–] to guarantee the enforcement of dictates of the trilateralist´s [sic] elite. The breaking-off with that agency saved us from a greater social disaster, like the one we were driven into by neoliberalism. There is still hope lying ahead in the reactions coming from European societies, whose destinies have been aggressively changed, by confronting and democratically defeating these coup ´s supporters.

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