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Julian Assange tells SXSW audience: ‘NSA has grown to be a rogue agency’ [Guardian]

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• Wikileaks founder: ‘All of us have to do something’
• Interview conducted from Ecuador’s London embassy
• Snowden and Greenwald also set to appear at SXSW

by Stuart Dredge

8 March 2014

The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Saturday told an audience in Texas that people power is the key to rolling back the power of the National Security Agency and other surveillance agencies…

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“Militants”: media propaganda – Obama and the capitalist press’ whitewash of drone strike war crimes [Glenn Greenwald / Salon]

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* To avoid counting civilian deaths, Obama re-defined “militant” to mean “all military-age males in a strike zone” *

By Glenn Greenwald

May 29, 2012

Virtually every time the U.S. fires a missile from a drone and ends the lives of Muslims, American media outlets dutifully trumpet in headlines that the dead were ”militants” – even though those media outlets literally do not have the slightest idea of who was actually killed. They simply cite always-unnamed “officials” claiming that the dead were “militants.” It’s the most obvious and inexcusable form of rank propaganda: media outlets continuously propagating a vital claim without having the slightest idea if it’s true…

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“Orwell, 9/11, Emmanuel Goldstein and WikiLeaks” by Glenn Greenwald []

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Sept. 10, 2011

* Excerpted *

[Discussing how Wikileaks / Julian Assange are demonized by the US government and its subservient media goons]

…That’s how dictators and other assorted miscreants with whom the U.S. was tightly allied for years or even decades are overnight converted into The Root of All Evil, The Supreme Villain who Must be Vanquished (Saddam, Osama bin Laden, Gadaffi, Mubarak). …[T]o question the demonization or object to what is done to them is, by definition, to side with Evil.

Directing all this passionate hatred toward the state’s identified Enemy and their Evil Acts has an added benefit: the resulting mass contempt, by design, distracts all attention away from of the evil committed by those stirring that passion….

This is nothing more than a slightly less raucous rendition of Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein/Two-Minute-Hate ritual…The ultimate benefit of this ritual is it enables the citizenry to ignore their own plight and the violence and oppression of their own government…

..Speaking of Emmanuel Goldstein, he was the putative “author” of the Party manual published at length in 1984 that describes the Party’s means of control and manipulation, entitled ”The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism.” In the chapter entitled “War Is Peace,” one finds what is easily the best essay for the 10-year-anniversary religious observance of 9/11…:

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“Endless War and the culture of unrestrained power” by Glenn Greenwald []

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Sept. 6, 2011

* Excerpted *

…The mere utterance of the word Terrorism…is — at least for America’s political and media class — as potent in justifying wars, civil liberties assaults, and massive military spending as it was in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. And worship of the American military and all that it does — and a corresponding taboo on speaking ill of it except for tactical critiques (it would be better if they purchased this other weapon system or fought this war a bit differently) – is the closest thing America has to a national religion…

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“The fruits of elite immunity” by Glenn Greenwald []

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August 25, 2011

* Excerpted *

[On Dick Cheney’s immunity to prosecution as a self-confessed arch-criminal, as he prepares to hit the media circuit to peddle his memoirs – ZS]

…The U.S. Government loves to demand that other countries hold their political leaders accountable for serious crimes, dispensing lectures on the imperatives of the rule of law….[other countries have laws against people profiting from publishing books about their crimes]…

By rather stark contrast, Dick Cheney will prance around the next several weeks in the nation’s largest media venues, engaging in civil, Serious debates about whether he was right to invade other countries, torture, and illegally spy on Americans, and will profit greatly by doing so. There are many factors accounting for his good fortune, the most important of which are the protective shield of immunity bestowed upon him by the current [Obama] administration and the more generalized American principle that criminal accountability is only for ordinary citizens and other nations’ (unfriendly) rulers…

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“Plurality of Americans love Gadaffi” – Hilary Clinton smears the majority of US citizens against Libya war [Glenn Greenwald / Salon]

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Dedicated to “The Lazy Pundit” – Zuo Shou

June 24, 2011

*** Excerpted ***

Hillary Clinton…when asked about those questioning the Libya War:

“…But the bottom line is, whose side are you on? Are you on Qadhafi’s side or are you on the side of the aspirations of the Libyan people [purportedly represented by the NATO powers and its puppet ‘rebels’]…”

…It’s not only a plurality of Americans who are “on Gaddafi’s side,” but also the head of the Arab League, a short time ago held out as the Beacon of all that’s Right (when they favored a no-fly zone). And also Democratic Rep. Lynn Woolsey. And our NATO ally Italy. Who knew Gadaffi had so many friends, allies and fans? There’s almost as many of those as there were Saddam lovers (also known as “Iraq war critics”).

I noted yesterday that the administration’s rhetoric in attacking Libya war critics was becoming more and more identical to the Bush administration’s on Iraq; apparently, the more unpopular a war gets, the more desperate and bullying the White House’s attacks on critics become. But Clinton’s full quote is so thoroughly Rovian and noxious — positing that there are two choices and only two: either enthusiastically support their war or be condemned as pro-Gadaffi — that nobody, regardless of one’s views on the war, should tolerate it…

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In a pure coincidence, Gaddafi impeded U.S. oil interests before the war [Salon / Glenn Greenwald]

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An excellent article which I recommend reading in its entirety – Zuo Shou

June 11, 2011

*** Excerpted ***

When the war in Libya began, the U.S. government convinced a large number of war supporters that we were there to achieve the very limited goal of creating a no-fly zone in Benghazi to protect civilians from air attacks, while President Obama specifically vowed that “broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake.” This no-fly zone was created in the first week, yet now, almost three months later, the war drags on without any end in sight, and NATO is no longer even hiding what has long been obvious: that its real goal is exactly the one Obama vowed would not be pursued — regime change through the use of military force. We’re in Libya to forcibly remove Gaddafi from power and replace him with a regime that we like better, i.e., one that is more accommodating to the interests of the West…

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