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Heaviest rain in 6 decades thrashes Beijing, leaving 37 dead [Xinhua]

Posted in China, Natural disaster on July 23, 2012 by Zuo Shou / 左手

Firefighters pull a submerged car near Guangqumen Bridge in Beijing, capital of China, July 21, 2012. Beijing received 117 mm of precipitation on average as of 8 p.m., with a township in the suburban Mentougou district hit by the largest of 345 mm, according to the Beijing Meteorological Bureau. The agency issued its first orange rainstorm alert warning since 2005 Saturday evening as the rain is forecast to last over 20 hours till Sunday morning. (Xinhua/Li Fangyu)

BEIJING, July 22 (Xinhua) — The death toll from Saturday’s torrential rains has climbed to 37 as more bodies were retrieved, the Beijing municipal government said Sunday night.

Among the victims, 25 were drowned, six were killed in house collapses, one by lightening strike and five were electrocuted, according to the Information Office of the municipal government.

Twenty-two of the bodies have been identified, it added.

The heaviest rain in six decades lashed the Chinese capital on Saturday, with the average precipitation reaching 170 mm while a township in the suburban district of Fangshan recording 460 mm of rain.

The downpours have submerged some power supply facilities and led to blackouts in parts of the city…

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Painted Skin: The Resurrection (Painted Skin 2) / 畫皮Ⅱ- Review [Film Business Asia / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

Posted in China, Film, Sweet & Sour Cinema, Zhou Xun 周迅 on June 20, 2012 by Zuo Shou / 左手

Rated 8 out of 10

Costume action fantasy
2012, colour, 3-D, 2.35:1, 130 mins

Directed by Wuershan (烏爾善)

By Derek Elley

Sun, 17 June 2012

* Slick fantasy vehicle for three Mainland stars is in a different league to the 2008 film… *

…Though the Chinese title bills it as a sequel to Painted Skin 畫皮 (2008), there’s little in common with the lively but hopelessly confused earlier movie…Entirely funded this time round by Mainland companies, it brings back actress ZHOU Xun 周迅 as the female fox demon who feeds off men’s hearts but constructs an otherwise unlinked story set in a timeless Ancient China. Also returning are fellow Mainland stars Vicki ZHAO 趙薇 and CHEN Kun 陳坤, but in completely different roles. The result is a very entertaining, slightly over-long costume fantasy whose performances and sheer technique carry a script that often punches above its weight.

Whereas the rather old-fashioned Painted Skin, a Hong Kong-China-Singapore co-production, never knew exactly what it was, and even tried to shoehorn action star Donnie YEN 甄子丹 into the mix, Resurrection knows exactly what it is. With a hefty RMB150 million (US$23.5 million) budget, excellent and smoothly integrated visual effects by Mainland and South Korean companies, and handsome production values, this is a prestige China production to the hilt — and in a 3-D version as well. At the directing reins is Inner Mongolian-born Wuershan 烏爾善, hot from The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman 刀見笑 (2010); and getting equal (if not bigger) display on the posters is Huayi Brothers’ in-house star producer CHEN Kuo-fu 陳國富 (The Message 風聲 (2009)), a Taiwan-born critic-turned-director.

The script by Ran Jia’nan (冉甲男) and RAN Ping 冉平 has no connection with the famous Qing dynasty short story by PU Songling 蒲松龄 that spawned Painted Skin. Instead, it takes its underlying theme — that beauty is only skin deep — and constructs an elaborate tale in which a seductive fox demon offers to switch her looks with a scarred princess so the latter can test the love of a general who was once her bodyguard. It’s a complex, multi-layered screenplay that mixes myth and witchcraft with eternal truths about love and attraction, as well as stirring in strong “sisterly” resonances in a story that’s female-focused throughout…

…Though the film still has flashes of the earthiness that director Wuershan brought to Butcher, Resurrection is a much slicker, more highly varnished production. Despite the flashy action sequences (all whip pans and slo-mo), Wuershan also knows when to go easy on the visual effects and let his actors have some space, as well as marbling in comic interludes…to ease the burden on the serious stuff. If the central theme of true love vs. physical attraction is often overwhelmed by too much plot and detail, the movie is still engrossing when it works and much more emotionally engaging than other blockbusters of its ilk.

Excerpted by Zuo Shou

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S.H.E.’s Selina suffers 3rd degree burns in Shanghai on-set pyrotechnic accident; co-star Yu Haoming‘s injuries more severe / 俞灏明 Selina 意外灼伤 – UPDATED January 19, 2011 [CRIEnglish / AX3 /]

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A major figure of the Chinese pop scene has been seriously injured.  It’s a big story not only in China but for Chinese globally.   General outline of story seems correct, some details may require verification. – Zuo Shou 左手


Selina has made her first public appearance since her accident, see this blog’s post: “Selina Ren of S.H.E. Makes Public Debut after 3 Months of Hospitalization for Burn Injury []”
Post link:
Photos at original article:

“俞灏明 Selina 意外灼伤“ 网页:


This post continues to get a lot of hits every day, so here’s an update on Selina’s recovery and concerns of people close to her from [link:

For a recent news post in English, please look below the following Chinese article.

为了烧伤的“老婆” 未婚夫张承中发文讨公道Ella痛斥剧组和制

[Translated:  Selina’s fiance calls for justice; (S.H.E. member) Ella denounces production company for irresponsibility]


有意义,如果有公权力依法调查,如果电视台明确告诉我们前因后果,如果导演、剧组不再逃避,如果媒体除了抢拍她的样子外,也能持续追踪这事件始 末、深入探讨这事故教训……如果这考验能更有意义,她就没有白痛白受罪,你们就没有白担心白难过,社会资源也没有白白浪费。然而,


22日,Selina的未婚夫阿中(张承中)在华研国际音乐官网上发表了《阿中:这让考验更有意义》的文章,详细描述了Selina烧伤至今的 治疗及康复情况,要求剧组和电视台不要再逃避,敦促依法调查,给未婚妻一个公道。Selina的新浪微博当天转发了该文。好姐妹Ela也按捺不住地诘问剧 组和湖南卫视:“谁能站出来说一声对不起?谁能给社会大众一个交代?”














在华研国际音乐官网的跟帖中,Ela痛斥剧组和制作单位:“有任何相关单位或是有关人员站在他们的立场想想吗?发生这么严重的事,谁站出来说一 声对不起,谁能给社会大众一个交代!!!”“两个月的时间过了,是该好好地把事情交代清楚了。”Ela认为,Selina及家人选择把好的一面公布给大 家,是为了安抚大家,实际上他们“总是很得体地把自身的痛苦和悲伤藏起来。”“我只要一想到就很心痛,我甚至不能接受我的老婆(对Selina的昵称)会 发生这样的事”。她透露,事发现场“连一条湿的大毛巾都没有,请问,是哪来的自信可以拍这样的爆破戏?”

Ela在微博中表示:“这个伤痛太狠,太残忍!事情过了这么久,也没有任何人或单位出面说明,哪怕只是一句公开的道歉,我真为老婆感到不值!” 据新快报南都




[omitting a list of celebrities who took out expensive insurance policies on their own bodies not included; see original post for list]


The above article refers to the fiance’s message from a few days previous, where he gave a full account of Selina’s injuries and rehabilitation.  I’m reproducing that with a translation here.  The translation has flaws, but I’m not prepared to improve the translation at this time. [from

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Selina update: Ah Zhong’s message at Selina’s HIM Forum 22.12

Ah Zhong: Let this test to be more meaningful!

As her skin gradually repairs, her life gradually stabilizes, what follows, is the physical and psychological rehabilitation challenge.

54% burnt area’s meaning is, 1/2 back, 3/4 on shoulder and abdomen, less than 1/2 on both arms, chest, hands,  palms, feet, toes and soles of the feet was not injured.

新植新长的易破新皮和虚弱无力的萎缩肌肉,是復健的最大障碍。尤其,双手手指、双膝、双踝关节的復健,是令她爱恨交加的竞赛。新皮又薄又干,又紧又倔犟, 就像不听话的小孩,她们虽然脆弱无比,却带著小水泡一起,迅速增生、叛逆乱窜。她必须跟她们赛跑,在保护她们生长、训练她们犟壮的同时,及时指引她们正确 到位。每一次復健拉扯关节,疼痛有如撕裂皮肉;每一次痛完,她们总是破的破、肿的肿;每一组復健结束,顽犟的她们马上自动走位。辛苦完成一天的復健,奇痒 难耐让她辗转失眠;好不容易閤上眼,醒来又是一身紧绷;沮丧完了哭累了,擦擦眼泪再来一次。
Easily breakable new skin and weak muscles is the biggest obstacle in rehabilitation. In particular, the hands and fingers, knees and both ankles’s recovery is to involve her in a love-hate simultaneously race.New skin, thin and dry, and tight and perverse, like disobedient children, although they are extremely vulnerable, but together with small blisters, rapid proliferation, rebellion rampant. She had to race with them in protecting their growth, while strong stubborn training them, guide them to the right place in time. Every time rehabilitation will pull each joints, the pain is like tearing flesh, every time after the pain,  they always break the broken, swollen, swollen; at the end of each set of rehabilitation, stubborn, will automatically walk into position. Its hard to complete the rehabilitation of the day, itching intolerable;not able to overcome insomnia, finally, when awaken the whole body muscles will tighten; shed over frustration, wiping tears again.

Physical rehabilitation,beside to cheer, I cannot do anything. However, she will bit her lips like a monk urging and struggling to complete daily homework. Because, to be able to stand and move around on feet is her hopes now.

Third degree burns mean that its accompanied by sequelae after recovery, cannot look back in time.

The short term, muscle atrophy changed her stature, like the ubiquitous cellular legs, hands, back and arms burn like fresh raw beef, hands-like wrinkled cellophane, elbow, and other parts of the image is irregular, paste the irregular pink patch, and, small blisters, small cuts, no warning appears, as black and red, black and red in the face, have the possibilities to not scar.

她比我们都清楚自己原来模样,当然,她也比我们都清楚自己现在是什么模样。她自我解嘲又嚎啕痛哭,她不愿相信但真的不是梦,她镇定端详自己却含泪望著我, 她问我为什么而我只会陪她流泪。她彻底绝望却又怀抱希望,她想回到过去但只能迎接未来,她茫然害怕却还是鼓起勇气,她默默武装自己再笑笑安慰大家。
She knows better compared to us of her appearance, of course, she knows better compared to us on how she looks like now. Her self-mockery as well as wailing of pain, she does not believe it is really not just a dream, when she is calm she looks for me in tears, she asked me why and I will accompany her in tears. She was devastated but hopes that she would like to return to the past but only for the future, she will forget the fear and encourage quietly then she smiled quietly to comfort you.

Psychological rehabilitation, besides comfort and encouragement, I was speechless. On the other hand she, she will stroke the head, like novices, with perseverance and willpower, stubbornly defended in a day with rehabilitation. I know, she is also thinking about all this.

如果这考验有意义,那是让我们看到了她柔弱外表下的乐观坚犟,是可以克服肉体痛楚与外在缺憾的,以及父母的爱,居然能超越体力负荷的极限,还让我们再度见 证S.H.E的坚不可摧和你们的不离不弃。如果这考验有意义,将来她能带给我们的不会只有欢乐而已,所以上苍要她体会一切,要她勇敢承受痛苦、经歷復健, 要她坦然面对考验、学习接受,还要她清楚记得事发前后、送医过程。
If this test makes sense, it is so we can see her soft but stubborn optimism, so to be able to overcome the physical pain and external defects, as well as parental love, actually be able to go beyond the limits of physical load, but once again we witness the SHE’s indestructible and never betray you principle. If this test is meaningful, in the future she will not only bring us joy of it, so God wanted her to experience everything, her bravery and suffering, through rehabilitation, and asked her to calmly face the test, learning to accept, but also for her to remember before and after the incident, hospital procedure.

这个考验会更有意义,如果有公权力依法调查,如果电视台明确告诉我们前因后果,如果导演、剧组不再逃避,如果媒体除了抢拍她的样子外,也能持续追踪这事件 始末、深入探讨这事故教训,如果该说明的说明,如果该面对的面对,如果该负责的负责,如果该改进的改进。如果这考验不会更有意义,也没什么不对,世上本无 绝对的公平,世事不一定要有道理;可是,如果这考验能更有意义,她就没有白痛白受罪,你们就没有白担心白难过,社会资源也没有白白浪费。然而,要让这考验 更有意义,我一个人的力量不够。
This test will be more meaningful, if the public authority shall investigate the causes and consequences if the TV stations tell us clearly, if the director, the crew will not escape, in addition if the media releases her burnt appearance, also can keep track of this whole incident,  from the accident lessons deepens, if the note stated, if faced to faced, if the responsible charged, if the improvements improves.If this test is not more meaningful, nothing wrong, There are no absolutely fair, the world is not necessarily justified; However, if this test can be more meaningful, she would suffer no pain, she will not endure such hardships. However, to make the test more meaningful, I am one person’s strength is not enough.

无论多痛多久,她仍然等待著通过考验的那一天,我依旧期待著S.H.E的下一张专辑。或许她身体外观无法完全復原,但心态想法将更健康成熟,她会回来,而 且很快。两个月来,感恩感谢,这个不幸竟有幸获得各界满满的祝福和关心;将来,我深信,这个社会也不会只好奇她的外表变化,迎接她的还会有许多更有意义的 关注。
No matter how long the pain, she was still waiting to pass the test each day, I still look forward to SHE’s next album. Perhaps the appearance of her body cannot fully recover, but the idea will be more healthy, mature attitude, she will come back, and soon.This two months, thanks and gratitudes for all of the blessings and care; in the future, I am convinced that this community will not only be curious to meet her but there will be many more significant concerns.


Translations by
From HIM Forum


UPDATE II:  October 31. 2010  Alison from AX3 has shared a link from her site, indicating that “Selina’s accident is more severe than reported”.   I am skeptical of this information, but at this time can neither verify nor disprove it.   I’ll leave the link while disabling its connectivity for the time being, which is in the Comments section of this post.   The information is relayed from a Taiwan TV source, “Taiwan Super Star”.   I’ve been told photographs exist which contradict the information which the Taiwan show is claiming.  Any clarifications would be appreciated.  -Zuo Shou 左手

UPDATE:  OCTOBER 25, 2010 from

The following article confirms earlier reports with sources and generally is a significant improvement over the original AX3 post. -Zuo Shou 左手

Selina Ren of the popular girl band S.H.E was seriously injured last Friday, October 22, 2010, on the set of her new drama “I Have a Date with Spring”.

Selina Ren (left) and Yu Haoming (File Photo:

Selina Ren of the popular girl band S.H.E was seriously injured last Friday, October 22, 2010, on the set of her new drama “I Have a Date with Spring”.  She and co-star Yu Haoming were shooting an explosion scene in Shanghai.

According to HIM Records executive Derek Shih, the explosives went off early during a scene which resulted in the accident.  They rehearsed 6 to 7 times prior to filming without any problems.  Selina is suffering from 3rd degree burns on her arms, legs and back which will require skin grafts.

HIM Records general manager Linda He shares the latest developments with the media.

“The doctors have told us Selina’s conditions are now stable.  She is clear-minded, and she can take in a small amount of food.”

Selina’s father, meantime, has thanked everyone, from the doctors, to Selina’s managers and colleagues at the record company, to all the fans who have sent her best wishes.

“It’s going to be a long road ahead.  I believe with family and friends’ love and support, Selina will be able to recover smoothly.  I’d like to thank everyone again.  I hope you stay safe.  Thank all of you.”

Various reports suggest that while filming, Yu noticed something wrong and tried to shield Selina from the accident.  He was said to have suffered even more serious burns as a result.

Yu is still in the ICU.

By Liu Yan

CRIEnglish article link here


October 23, 2010 – Original AX3 post

The Taiwanese star was filming My Date With Spring (我和春天有個約會) in mainland China.  During [a scene using explosives], it went wrong, and [Selina] got 3rd degree burn[s] on about 35% of her body and will need skin transplant[s] for her legs, hands, and back.  Thankfully, it didn’t burn her face.  Her condition is currently stable and [she] is resting at the hospital.  The male lead, Yu Hao Ming (俞灝明), also got 3rd degree burns…  He is currently in ICU.  Yu got more serious injuries because he protected Selina during the explosion.  [The factuality of the last sentence is not verified.]

Selina is currently being monitored in the isolation ward.  Her family and friends are not allowed to visit her because they want to prevent emotional breakdowns which may slow down her recovery.  She is under observation for any breathing problems.  Selina may be transported back to Taiwan for treatment, depending on her condition and what is best for her

The accident happened during 4PM on October 22nd, 2010.  They rehearsed the scene six to seven times before actually filming it. But, the explosives for the scene went off early, which caused the accident to occur.


Selina has now been flown back to Taiwan for treatment.  Over 30% of her body has 3rd degree burns.  Her plastic surgeon only commented that she is in a stable condition, and that she is starting to gain some appetite.  She’s in an emotional state, remembering what happened during the explosion.  But her fiancé, Richard Chang, reminds her to think of the future, their marriage and their wedding that will happen next year.  He is by her side everyday, supporting her through all this.

[All edits to AX3 article by Zuo Shou 左手]

Unedited AX3 article link here

Red Dawn is being remade, but China ousts Russia as America’s new enemy []

Posted in "Red Dawn" protest, Anti-China media bias, Anti-China propaganda exposure, China, China-US relations, Film, Red Scare, USA, USA 21st Century Cold War, Yellow Peril myth on June 24, 2010 by Zuo Shou / 左手

A remake of the 1984 cold war teen action film says much about America’s fear of its declining influence in the world

“…The hunt for Saddam Hussein after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was named Operation Red Dawn in tribute to the movie…” 

Just when you thought you couldn’t hate the invasion of Iraq or the original Red Dawn movie and its pernicious influence more…-  左手

Paul Harris

May 30 2010

The film was a…piece of 1980s teen cinema framed against the paranoid geopolitics of the cold war.  Red Dawn starred Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen as all-American teens leading an armed resistance movement against Soviet troops who had invaded the US.

Feeding on Hollywood’s recent appetite for recycling old films, Red Dawn is being remade…  But there is one vital difference:  this time the invading communist army that takes over America is Chinese.

The new-look enemy reflects the changes that have swept the world since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  First, the Soviet Union no longer exists, thus hampering any plot driven by its invasion of America.  Second, a rich vein of paranoia about the rise of Chinese economic might now runs through American politics…

Full article here

“The Karate Kid” remake criticism: Mediocrity, US supremacy and Asian stereotype – UPDATED [Sweet & Sour Cinema]

Posted in "Red Dawn" protest, Anti-China media bias, China, Film, Jackie Chan 成龙, Kung Fu, Sweet & Sour Cinema on June 21, 2010 by Zuo Shou / 左手

UPDATE December 27, 2010. I found a review from “Film Business Asia”, which addresses the fact that the film is “culturally problematical” — something that I figured out from surveying the film, but which seems to have been side-stepped or ignored by the majority of critics. The excerpted review of the culturally-savvy Derek Elley (which awards a rating of 5 out of 10) follows:

Given the global prominence of China, and the massive popularity of U.S. actor Will Smith there, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood connected the dots and Smith (& Family) were involved in a remake set there.  The Karate Kid (功夫夢)…[is] somewhere between dramatically sloppy and culturally problematic…

…by moving the 2010 remake to China, a whole set of cultural problems come into play – not least the actual title. (The …Chinese title actually means Kung-fu Dream.) … More problematically, as Dre’s bullies are (by necessity) all native Chinese, the story boils down into yet another Hollywood movie in which an American jets into a foreign country, ingratiates himself with a local girl and (eventually) her family, sorts out a local problem (school bullying), and is applauded for it by…the locals. None of this seems to have worried American audiences, to judge by its spectacular take-off at the U.S. box office in mid-June…

Full “The Karate Kid” review here

International Poster for Karate Kid

The remake of “The Karate Kid”, starring Jackie Chan and Jaden (son of Will) Smith is upon us.  Apparently it’s proving popular with U.S. audiences and getting by on the critic’s aggregator websites, although on Metacritic it’s one point away from the “mixed reviews” category with a Metascore of 61.

First of all, the film’s best review title:   BECAUSE “THE KUNG FU KID” DOESN’T HAVE BRAND RECOGNITION, THAT’S WHY
(from Antagony & Ecstasy blog, which also calls the film “the most grotesque summer film in memory…”  That’s saying something!)

With Jaden Smith’s Mom and Dad as producers, should we call it “The Nepotism Kid”?

I’m not really interested in the remake (or as these things are euphemized these days, “reboot”) as I wasn’t interested in the original.  There’s a lot of talk about the original being “beloved”, but the original family movie came out in the mid-’80s when I was vaulting past the “family” movie.   I’ve still never seen it and probably never will.

At the time the original “Karate Kid” came out, I was into Chinese kung fu movies on weekend cable TV, or ninja exploitation flicks, or horror; “The Karate Kid” didn’t seem to be where I was at then.   I was pretty sure that “karate” was not the crazy action with which those weekend blasts from Asia were zonking me.   What’s more, it was a sports movie, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sports movie in theaters except the underwhelming “Chariots of Fire” and that was because I ran cross-country in high school when that came out.  On top of that I never bought into the myth / fantasy that there is an Asian master or “sensei” hiding out there somewhere to tutor my privileged Caucasian butt in some form of conveniently packaged Asian philosophy, be it embodied in martial arts or something else.  Especially not in the form of “Arnold” from “Happy Days” (Pat Morita in the original film).

But having Jackie Chan assume the role of every American kid’s benefactor plugs into this apparently potent myth.  People don’t have to be a kid to have some kind of subconscious fantasy about Jackie Chan teaching them kung fu in some sweet Chinese setting.  And there’s a lot to be said about why this is marketed well, although I’ll side-step the ’80s nostalgia factor…to this writer “80s” and “nostalgia” are antithetical.

But the film is not being universally well-received, with the main criticisms being:  the film is basically a copy hitting the beats of the original which it doesn’t surpass; the film is too long (140 minutes)  —  martial arts films never go that long; or that Jaden Smith is just not a good enough actor (this last point seems to be a very divisive one amongst the critics).

Asian-Americans seem to be have mixed feelings about the film; there is grumbling about Jaden Smith getting star billing over Jackie Chan.  On the other hand there is appreciation that both leads are people of color.  The daughter of Pat Morita from the original “Karate Kid” is calling for a boycott, complaining that the “Asians as martial arts masters” stereotype is crippling Asian actors in Hollywood.

The film won’t be out in China until the 22nd of this month, here the name is somewhat better:  KUNG FU DREAM [功夫梦].  At least the martial arts in question are titled correctly and it gets to the point of it all being a fantasy.

While I had contemplated how Chinese “gong fu” and Japanese “karate” got totally mixed up in the making of this film (see ‘best review title’ above), I hadn’t really considered the implications of moving the story to China and having the hero being a US citizen being bullied by Chinese, in China.  Revealed plot points brought some unpleasant things into focus.  Hero Jaden Smith gets beat up by Beijing bully boy Cheng, ostensibly for the US kid’s attraction to a young Chinese female; Cheng saying “Stay away from all of us!”  So is this the dreadful simmering Chinese xenophobia which our helpful mainstream media warned us about?  Sounds like some kind of unholy melding of an anti-miscegenation KKK’er with a “foreign devil” slayer from the Boxer Rebellion.  And in the climax the US kid beats the bullying Chinese!!  Are you feeling the ’80s jingoistic nostaligia?  It’s similar to the US beating the Russian commie hockey team in the ’80s Winter Olympics, which they made a movie about!   Or Rocky beating that doped-up commie robo-boxer in “Rocky 4”!  But not as “good”, or at least as blatant, as the Red Dawn remake…and we  know how that particular fantasy plays out: beating the Chinese invaders on the US’s home turf.

Another stereotype the film has been pointed out as having is that of the non-Asian person trained by an Asian, who in an amazingly short period of time becomes superior in skill to Asians. (see “Kill Bill”)

The reviews I’ve read have mainly missed the backwards subtexts of the film, which is why I was glad to find a “skip it” (thumbs down) review by Maryann Johanson at the “FlickFilospher” site which pokes fun at the patent overall ridiculousness and blatant U.S. chauvinism in the film.  The review is titled “Enter the Draggin'” referring to the film’s punishing length, and here’s an excerpt:

“Karate! Kung fu! Whatever! says Mom.  Exactly!  Who cares what the Asian ass-kicking is called.  Not important!  The important thing is that the cute little American kid will teach the Chinese ignoramuses a thing or two about their own culture.   Stupid foreigners!

No, it’s true.  Jaden Smith is the adorable and small-for-his-age 12-year-old Dre Parker, who moves with Mom from Detroit to Beijing because, well, that’s how the floundering U.S. car companies are dealing with the collapse of their industry:   transferring their employees to China.  Instantly — no, really, like the minute they land — Dre is getting beat on by teenage Chinese bullies led by the horrifically one-note Cheng because Dre has the nerve to like-like violin-playing Meiying, and inappropriate likage of the female always brings out the male’s protective instinct, or something.   Also:  All Chinese girls play the violin…

…But don’t worry:  [by the end] Chan will enunciate the moral of the movie, in case you hadn’t already been kicked in the face with it, and then Dre will parrot it back to him at a moment deemed appropriate, for those in the audience who’ve fallen into a coma — it’s something about getting back up on a horse, except it sounds more Chinesey.  Eventually, Dre will make certain that Cheng and his mean-faced teacher understand that their cruel fu is contrary to Chinese wisdom and stuff.  Go America!”  (full review here)

People responding to criticism of Chinese cultural stereotypes in the film point to China Film Group’s role in the production, as if to say the film must be ok then.  Maybe the Group just wanted to get some tourist-attracting travelogue sequences in there and weren’t worried about the other stuff since it’s just a KUNG FU DREAM…

…or is it?

Sweet & Sour Cinema has yet to see the film, but unfortunately will likely do so (as someone in the household is interested) which could result in a real review.  Zuo Shou / 左手

For a cultural comparison exercise, different regions’ posters for the film:

1)  US version, no Jackie Chan visible:

[Sorry, the US film poster link I used is now deleted; those interested can easily track it down]

2)  “International” version:  actually it’s French.  Chan is there, even if his facial expression shows boredom.

3)  “Kung Fu Dream” in China.  [See first film poster at the top of this post.] Chan’s in this one too, but did they have to superimpose him over the Kid’s crotch?

“Red Dawn” Remade: China is Coming for Our Children [The Awl]

Posted in "Red Dawn" protest, Anti-China media bias, Anti-China propaganda exposure, China, China-US relations, DPR Korea, Film, Red Scare, Sinophobia, US imperialism on June 2, 2010 by Zuo Shou / 左手

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UPDATE IV, APRIL 12, 2012 The filmmakers realized they had a toxic product on their hands and are digitally altering the film to change the invading villains from Chinese to [“North”] Korean. This is true news, and makes the project a full-fledged laughing stock — about as pathetic as it gets in the already sordid world of Hollywood entertainment.

Also, due to technical issues, the text below has developed many, many glitches. Until such time that I can edit it, please just refer to the original “Awl” article linked at the top of this post. – Zuo Shou

<UPDATE III, NOVEMBER 30, 2010 The film’s originally-slated release date came and went with nothing. Apparently MGM’s bankruptcy has caused the film release to be indefinitely suspended. Parallels may be drawn to MGM studio’s moral and artistic bankruptcy for producing such a sickeningly premised flick… Zuo Shou

Readers:  this article as posted on the blog got messed up with a lot garble.  After the break below, it becomes fairly unreadable.  I just want to point to the link at the top of this post, if you want to see the original “Awl” article.  – ZS

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