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CNN joins spy plane ride as US prepares new military provocations in South China Sea [World Socialist Website]

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By Peter Symonds
23 May 2015

Just days after a CNN news crew joined a P8-A Poseidon surveillance aircraft over a Chinese-administered islet in the South China Sea, it is clear the flight was a calculated provocation aimed at ramping up pressure on China. American officials immediately exploited the reportage to underline Washington’s determination to challenge Chinese territorial claims in these key strategic waters, regardless of the consequences…

Article’s original title: “US prepares new military provocations in South China Sea”

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New evidence implicates pro-US opposition in Maidan killings during Kiev coup [World Socialist Website]

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By Andrea Peters
16 February 2015

Further evidence has emerged that the deadly shootings on Independence Square (Maidan) in Kiev last February, in the final stages of the NATO-backed putsch that ousted pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, were carried out by the far-right.

Recently published investigative coverage by the BBC and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) in Germany indicates that snipers were recruited by fascist forces to fire on targets on the Maidan. Until that point, police had engaged in violent confrontations with anti-government protesters but had yet to resort to live ammunition.

This suggests that the far-right forces were trying to escalate the conflict, in order to shatter plans for a negotiated settlement that European officials were trying to work out between the Yanukovych regime and the far-right, pro-NATO opposition forces.

The 98 deaths during the Maidan protests—now referred to as the “Heavenly Hundred”—were utilized to promote the myth that the fascist-led coup was a democratic movement of peaceful protesters martyred by Ukrainian riot police. The Kiev regime established the “Order of the Heavenly Hundred,” which recognizes people for “civic courage, patriotism, the upholding of constitutional principles of democracy.” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recently declared February 20 the “Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes” to commemorate the “Revolution of Dignity.”

The BBC and FAZ investigations give the lie to this propaganda. They point to the anti-democratic intrigue that underlies the current Kiev regime and ongoing US provocations against Russia in the region, which threaten the world with what France’s president recently described as “total” war…

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China Voice: Asia’s trouble-maker is fuelling tensions for selfish ends [Xinhua]

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BEIJING, April 15 (Xinhua) — With carefully calculated steps, Japan has shown its tough stance to be that of a regional trouble-maker.

Igniting territorial disputes with neighbors, officials visiting a shrine honoring war criminals, trying to revise its pacifist constitution… with all these moves, the Japanese government has kept challenging Asia’s peaceful order since 2012, turning deaf ears to neighboring countries’ calls for justice.

Japanese politicians were puffed with pride following recent pledges by the U.S. defense minister and senior officers to stand by military alliance treaties with Japan. These comments sound especially promising to Japan, prior to U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to the island country later this month.

Why is Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe busy beating war drums louder and louder, in stark contrast to regional wishes for maintained peace and stability?

The reason is simple: such troubles bring more votes.

Faced with a dormant economy and rising social conflicts and public dissatisfaction, the Japanese government is pandering to rightists to seek support.

Backed by its ally, Abe wants to go further by stretching the definition of self-defense to possess “normal” armed forces with “normal rights” to wage war.

For Abe, stirring up nationalism is a much easier way to win ballots and win re-election, even it defies international opinion.

Another drive for Tokyo to break the current order is containing China’s development and pursuing regional hegemony.

Abe justifies his beefing-up of military muscles by pointing at China’s growing military capabilities and doubts over China’s intentions.

The trick of putting blame on others is similar to the one Japan used in 1937 when the Japanese aggressors claimed one of their soldiers was lost in Wanping County in Beijing and attacked the Chinese troops, thus opening the country’s large-scale invasion of China.

However, the 21st-century world is different from seven decades ago. Fishing in troubled waters is not a game Japan can profitably win over the long term.

China is the world’s second-largest economy, and the trend of peace, development and cooperation is prevailing in Asia. The fact cannot be denied whether Japan is willing to accept it or not.

The region cannot allow the rise of a war criminal which has yet to even acknowledge, let alone repent for, its wartime misdeeds.

Even for the United States, Japan’s closest ally, Japan’s turn to the right should be a worry as threats similar to the Pearl Harbor attack are not impossible in the long run.

Without due repentance for its past and correct awareness of its responsibilities for the future, Japan will finally find itself an isolated troublemaker in the international community.

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New exposé by Seymour Hersh: Turkey staged gas attack to provoke US war on Syria [World Socialist Website]

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By Patrick Martin
7 April 2014

In a lengthy article published Sunday by the London Review of Books, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reports that the sarin gas attack on a Damascus suburb on August 21, 2013 was actually carried out by Syrian “rebel” forces acting at the behest of Turkey, for the purpose of providing a pretext for a US attack on Syria…

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Turkish officials plan false-flag attacks to create pretext for war with Syria [World Socialist Website]

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By Alex Lantier
29 March 2014

In a devastating exposure of the criminality of the US-led proxy war in Syria, Turkish officials have been caught planning an attack on their own forces to manufacture a pretext to attack Syria.

This is the content of a leaked audio recording, posted to YouTube, of a meeting between top Turkish diplomats and intelligence officials, including Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT). At one point in the meeting, these officials discuss the possibility of organizing an attack from inside Syria across the Turkish-Syrian border, or on the Tomb of Suleiman Shah. Under the 1921 Treaty of Ankara between Turkey and France, then the colonial power in Syria, this tomb is a piece of sovereign Turkish territory inside Syria, guarded by Turkish forces.

Davutoglu says: “The prime minister said that in the current conjuncture, this attack [on Suleiman Shah Tomb] must be seen as an opportunity for us.”

Fidan replies: “I’ll send four men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey. We can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.”

Turkish officials responded to the leak by attempting to suppress it, banning access to YouTube inside Turkey. They did not contest the authenticity of the recording, however. Instead, in a speech in Diyarbakir, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounced the leaking of national security meetings as “immoral.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry called the recording “partially manipulated” and a “wretched attack” on Turkish national security.

The leak is an unanswerable indictment of the war on Syria led by Washington and the European powers. Recklessly arming Islamist opposition militias linked to Al Qaeda in a semi-covert dirty war for regime-change in Damascus, the Western powers have devastated Syria and created fertile ground for the type of provocations exposed by the leak.

The leak provides evidence of a conspiracy to attack a state that has not attacked Turkey—implicating Turkey, a NATO member state, in crimes against peace, a violation of international law for which Nazi officials were hanged at Nuremburg after World War II.

In this, the conduct of the Erdogan regime is not substantially different from that of the leading NATO powers. A decade after Washington launched the 2003 war in Iraq based on lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, it tried to launch a war with Syria based on false claims that the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons. NATO powers nearly attacked Syria on this pretext last September, even though similar accusations in May had fallen apart when UN officials stated that the poison gas had been used by the US-backed opposition…

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“This time, trust anonymous WMD claims – They’ve Got ‘Specific Intelligence'” [Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting / FAIR]

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by Peter Hart

Dec 7, 2012

The message could hardly be clearer: According to U.S. intelligence, Syrian government could very well be preparing to use chemical weapons to put down the long and bloody rebellion against ruler Bashar al-Assad. That was the signal from the TV networks and other major media. Should anyone believe they’re right?

“Chemicals so deadly one drop can kill within minutes,” explained ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer (12/3/12), adding that one question on the table was “whether it means the U.S. may be forced to take action.” Correspondent Martha Raddatz explained:

The latest intelligence is alarming. Officials telling ABC News the U.S. is now seeing specific signs that the Syrian regime may be preparing to use the chemical Sarin against opposition forces.

On CBS Evening News (12/3/12), anchor Scott Pelley explained:

Assad has not used his chemical weapons, including nerve gas, but the possibility that he might threatens to pull the United States into that Middle East conflict.

Pelley added that Pentagon correspondent David Martin “has been talking to his sources,” and indeed he had. Martin explained:

This is a commercial satellite photo of a Syrian chemical weapons base. U.S. monitoring of roughly two dozen bases like this indicates the Assad regime has begun preparing its chemical weapons for use. Orders have been issued to bring together chemical ingredients, which are normally stored separately for safety, but when combined form the deadly nerve agent Sarin.

On the NBC Nightly News (12/5/12), anchor Brian Williams led the newscast:

Chemical weapons in Syria. Suddenly, the world has an urgent situation on its hands. The fear is Syria is preparing to use them against its own people.

NBC Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski went on:

U.S. officials tell us that the Syrian military is poised tonight to use chemical weapons against its own people. And all it would take is the final order from Syrian President Assad.

He added that “this week, U.S. intelligence detected a flurry of activity at chemical weapons sites…the alarming developments shook the world.”

And on last night’s CBS Evening News (12/6/12), David Martin reported:

Monitoring of Syrian bases like this one has picked up evidence engineers have loaded the chemicals, which combine to form the deadly nerve agent sarin, into bombs that could be dropped from airplanes. Satellites have seen trucks moving among the bunkers where the weapons and agents are believed to be stored. U.S. officials say the evidence is strong but circumstantial, not definitive.

So where did all of this new information come from? Anonymous government officials talking to outlets like the New York Times.

On December 2, Michael Gordon and several others reported in the Times that

Western intelligence officials say they are picking up new signs of activity at sites in Syria that are used to store chemical weapons. The officials are uncertain whether Syrian forces might be preparing to use the weapons in a last-ditch effort to save the government, or simply sending a warning to the West about the implications of providing more help to the Syrian rebels.

“It’s in some ways similar to what they’ve done before,” a senior American official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters. “But they’re doing some things that suggest they intend to use the weapons. It’s not just moving stuff around. These are different kind of activities.”

That somewhat sketchy take was reiterated the next day in the Times (12/3/12), where readers learned that “what exactly the Syrian forces intend to do with the weapons remains murky, according to officials who have seen the intelligence from Syria.” By December 4, the Times was reporting on Obama’s explicit warning to Syria:

The White House said it had an “increased concern” that the government of President Bashar al-Assad was preparing to use such weapons, effectively confirming earlier reports of activity at chemical weapons sites.

Absent any further details, that would seem to be a strange standard for confirmation: U.S. officials make anonymous claims, and then different officials say on the record that they are concerned about what those anonymous sources are claiming. But the Times aren’t the only ones exercising that kind of judgment; NBC’s Miklasziewski (12/5/12) reported, “Today, while U.S. officials confirm the precursor chemicals are loaded, they must still be mixed together to create the deadly gas.”

Of course, it is highly unlikely that U.S. officials can “confirm” any such thing.

But the theatrics – satellite images, anonymous sources speaking about weapons of mass destruction and so on – are obviously reminiscent of the lead up to the Iraq War. NBC Nightly News was at least aware of this fact; anchor Brian Williams said this to correspondent Andrea Mitchell:

Andrea, here we go again. The American public, not anxious to hear about any U.S. military involvement anywhere else on the planet, using terms like “weapons of mass destruction,” “chemical weapons.” What is the U.S. to do?

Mitchell acknowledged that “you’ve got a real credibility gap that goes back now more than a decade” – evidently referring to U.S. misinformation on Iraq that led to an invasion and a bloody war.

But she seemed to be stressing that this time it’s different:

But the specific intelligence that Miklasziewski just reported, the movement of Syria’s chemical stockpile, explains exactly why the president and Hillary Clinton warned Bashar al-Assad so forcefully this week not to use the weapons.

But is it really? U.S. officials were confident about a number of things before the invasion of Iraq – most of which were not true. The Syria stories in fact most closely resemble stories in 2003 that alleged that Saddam Hussein had established a “red line” around Baghdad: If U.S. troops were to cross that line, Iraq would deploy chemical weapons.

In fact, some of the same reporters were saying those things then. Jim Miklasziewski told Today show viewers on March 25, 2003:

Top military and intelligence officials tell NBC News that based on information that they’ve received from the Iraqis, the Republican Guards have been instructed that once American ground troops cross a theoretical line, sort of a red line drawn around that southern edge of Baghdad, they have the green light then to release chemical weapons.

And on CBS Evening News (3/24/03), David Martin reported:

U.S. officials say the Iraqis have drawn a red line on the map around Baghdad and once American troops cross it, the Republican Guards are authorized to use chemical weapons…

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Turkey attacks Syria after stray shelling [World Socialist Website]

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By Bill Van Auken
4 October 2012

Turkey’s military attacked Syria Wednesday after a stray shell from Syria killed five people in a Turkish border town. With Ankara invoking NATO’s collective defense agreement, the danger is rising of a direct Western intervention into the 18-month-old civil war in Syria.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office issued a written statement Wednesday evening announcing that Turkish artillery had opened fire on Syrian forces.

Sources in Damascus reported that various targets had been hit in Idlib, a city of approximately 100,000 in northwestern Syria, which has been the scene of some of the fiercest fighting in the civil war…

…The statement added that Turkey contacted NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen to request an “urgent meeting” of NATO members. A longstanding member of the US-led alliance, Turkey can convene such a meeting under Article IV of the NATO charter, which allows member states to seek consultations when their security is threatened.

After a late night meeting in Brussels, NATO issued a [hypocritical, arrogant and presumptuous] statement saying that it “strongly condemns Syria, expresses solidarity with Turkey, and warns Syria to end its violent acts and violations of international laws.”

The Turkish attack was ordered in response to what was apparently the accidental strike by a Syrian mortar on the town of Akçakale on Turkey’s southeastern border with Syria. One shell struck a house in the town’s residential section, killing a woman and her four children. It was by no means clear which side was responsible for the shelling, however, and some commentators in Turkey suggested that it could have been deliberately staged with the aim of provoking a Turkish intervention.

Syria’s Information Minster Omran Zoabion offered condolences over the deaths and called for restraint, saying that the Syrian government was investigating the incident. He attributed the tensions to a situation “on the border with terrorist groups that are spread along it and pose a threat not only to Syria’s national security but also to regional security.”

According to the statement from Erdogan’s office, the response to the shelling fell under the changed rules of engagement announced by the Turkish government after a Turkish warplane was shot down after invading Syrian air space on June 26. At that time, Turkey announced that any Syrian forces approaching the border would be treated as a hostile threat. Since then, the Turkish military has beefed up its presence in the area.

Turkish television networks Wednesday reported that more tanks and special forces troops have been rushed to the border.

The threat of retaliation had already been issued by Ankara last weekend after another incident in which stray fire struck Akçakale on September 28, but without causing any casualties. Turkey threatened that any repeat of such fire would provoke a response.

Heavy fighting has been raging between Syrian government forces and Western-backed insurgents on the Syrian side of the border for the last three weeks.

Tensions had risen to such a level that just on Tuesday, Russia had issued an appeal for restraint and a warning to the Western powers not to use the situation as a pretext for intervention.

Moscow’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov cautioned that the Western-backed “rebels” might deliberately provoke fighting on the border with the aim of drawing Turkey into the conflict.

“In our contacts with partners in NATO and in the region, we are calling on them not to seek pretexts for carrying out a military scenario or to introduce initiatives such as humanitarian corridors or buffer zones,” Gatilov said.

Speaking to the press during a state visit to Kazakhstan, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Washington was “outraged” by the Syrian shelling, adding that she would be speaking to the Turkish foreign minister to determine “the best way forward.” She described the spillover of Syria’s civil war into Turkey as “very, very dangerous.”

Unlike the woman and children killed in Akçakale, the Turkish government is hardly an innocent victim. Nor does Washington have any moral standing to proclaim “outrage” over the bloodshed.

Turkey has provided its territory as a base of operations for the so-called Free Syrian Army, while allowing the US to set up a CIA command-and-control center in Adana, the southern Turkish city that also hosts the US Incirlik Air Base. From there it coordinates the flow of weapons, materiel, money and foreign fighters to wage a war aimed at toppling the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and replacing it with a more pliant puppet.

The Turkish government has argued strenuously for the imposition of a “humanitarian corridor,” which would inevitably require the direct intervention of NATO warplanes and ground forces.

Turkish military officers have reportedly been sent into Syria to direct military operations of the insurgents.

Ankara’s bellicose policy toward Syria is deeply unpopular among wide layers of the Turkish population, which see Turkey serving as a pawn in US imperialism’s strategy of asserting its hegemony over the Middle East.

The Turkish press reported that the deaths in Akçakale had caused an angry demonstration by townspeople, who demanded the resignation of the local government. Police used tear gas and pepper spray against the crowd before the district governor was taken away in an armored car.

Border tensions have also been fueled by the increasing assertion of autonomy by Syria’s Kurdish population in the country’s northeast near the Turkish frontier. Ankara has charged that the Syrian Kurdish movement is allowing Turkish Kurdish guerrillas of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) to operate there and has threatened intervention. Fighting between the Turkish military and the PKK has become the most intense in decades since the outbreak of civil war in Syria.

The Turkish-Syrian border clash came on the same day that a massive terrorist attack killed nearly 50 people and left at least another 100 wounded in the center of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and its commercial hub. Many of the victims were civilians.

A series of blasts, reportedly caused by at least two suicide car bombs and mortar attacks, ripped through Aleppo’s Saadallah al-Jabiri Square near a hotel and a Syrian army officers’ club. The force of the explosions ripped the facades off buildings facing the square and gouged a deep hole in the roadway.

Syrian state television condemned the bombings as terrorist attacks and broadcast photographs of the bodies of three men said to be involved. All were wearing military uniforms and reportedly wore explosive vests, but were shot before they could detonate them.

The suicide bombings in Aleppo came barely a week after a similar attack on the Syrian army headquarters in Damascus.

Such suicide attacks are the hallmark of Al Qaeda-linked Islamist forces, including thousands of fighters who have poured into Syria from Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and from as far away as Pakistan and Chechnya. These elements are playing an increasingly prominent role in what has become a bitter sectarian struggle egged on by Washington and its allies.

One of these jihadist groups, the so-called Al-Nusra Front, which has played a major role in the fighting in Aleppo, issued a statement Wednesday claiming responsibility for the summary execution of 20 Syrian soldiers captured at the Hanano military garrison. The statement referred to the murdered conscript soldiers as “heretics,” a characterization used to describe the minority Alawite sect of which Assad is a member, as well as other non-Sunni Muslim populations.

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