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Chinese Diplomat Arrested, Beaten by Houston Police within Consulate, China Says

Posted in China, Consulate, Diplomat, Police, Police brutality, USA on May 2, 2010 by Zuo Shou / 左手

‘Grave violation’ at Montrose consulate under investigation

The consulate from the southwest corner of Harold and Montrose.

River Oaks Examiner

Updated: 04.30.10

A Chinese diplomat was beaten and injured by Houston police Saturday at the Chinese Consulate in Montrose, according China’s Foreign Ministry.

The incident, described as a “very serious violation of the Geneva treaty” by a local international law expert, prompted HPD to assign three officers to desk duty, pending the outcome of an investigation.

A source at Memorial Hermann Hospital said Deputy Consular General Yu Boren arrived by ambulance with head and neck injuries, but was released shortly afterward.

“The officers involved have stated that they were unaware the building Yu entered was the Chinese Consulate,” Mayor Annise Parker said Friday…Police Chief Charles McClelland, however, has issued a directive that all patrol officers receive the addresses of every consulate in the city for future reference.

“Not only was it a serious violation to go onto the property to exercise law enforcement powers without consent (from the consulate), it was an even more egregious violation if an arrest was made,” said Jordan Paust, professor of international law at the University of Houston. “Each step makes it more serious.”

Foreign embassies and consulates are outside the jurisdiction of local law enforcement, according to international law.  Also, diplomats have legal immunity and cannot be detained except in cases involving a threat to human life…

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A case where US police brutality balloons into an international incident.  This is the only article I’ve seen of several on the matter which comprehends the severity of the cops’ transgression.  The Chinese response has been characteristically measured.  On a odd side note, CBS News ridiculously reported the wronged diplomat’s name as “Ben Ren Yu”.  This is a bizarre mistake in a Chinese name because it either assigns him the rather absurd surname of “Ben”, which sounds like “Mr. Stupid”; or he’s “Stupid Person Yu”.