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“Operation Nazification” – New book ‘Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America’ []

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by David Swanson

Feb 20, 2014

Annie Jacobsen’s new book is called Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America. It isn’t terribly secret anymore, of course, and it was never very intelligent. Jacobsen has added some details, and the U.S. government is still hiding many more. But the basic facts have been available; they’re just left out of most U.S. history books, movies, and television programs.

After World War II, the U.S. military hired sixteen hundred former Nazi scientists and doctors, including some of Adolf Hitler’s closest collaborators, including men responsible for murder, slavery, and human experimentation, including men convicted of war crimes, men acquitted of war crimes, and men who never stood trial. Some of the Nazis tried at Nuremberg had already been working for the U.S. in either Germany or the U.S. prior to the trials. Some were protected from their past by the U.S. government for years, as they lived and worked in Boston Harbor, Long Island, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, and elsewhere, or were flown by the U.S. government to Argentina to protect them from prosecution. Some trial transcripts were classified in their entirety to avoid exposing the pasts of important U.S. scientists. Some of the Nazis brought over were frauds who had passed themselves off as scientists, some of whom subsequently learned their fields while working for the U.S. military.

The U.S. occupiers of Germany after World War II declared that all military research in Germany was to cease, as part of the process of denazification. Yet that research went on and expanded in secret, under U.S. authority, both in Germany and in the United States, as part of a process that it’s possible to view as nazification. Not only scientists were hired. Former Nazi spies, most of them former S.S., were hired by the U.S. in post-war Germany to spy on — and torture — Soviets.

The U.S. military shifted in numerous ways when former Nazis were put into prominent positions. It was Nazi rocket scientists who proposed placing nuclear bombs on rockets and began developing the intercontinental ballistic missile. It was Nazi engineers who had designed Hitler’s bunker beneath Berlin, who now designed underground fortresses for the U.S. government in the Catoctin and Blue Ridge Mountains. Known Nazi liars were employed by the U.S. military to draft classified intelligence briefs falsely hyping the Soviet menace. Nazi scientists developed U.S. chemical and biological weapons programs, bringing over their knowledge of tabun and sarin, not to mention thalidomide — and their eagerness for human experimentation, which the U.S. military and the newly created CIA readily engaged in on a major scale. Every bizarre and gruesome notion of how a person might be assassinated or an army immobilized was of interest to their research. New weapons were developed, including VX and Agent Orange. A new drive to visit and weaponize outerspace was created, and former Nazis were put in charge of a new agency called NASA.

Permanent war thinking, limitless war thinking, and creative war thinking in which science and technology overshadowed death and suffering, all went mainstream…

…But how big a change did the United States go through after World War II, and how much of it can be credited to Operation Paperclip? Isn’t a government that would give immunity to both Nazi and Japanese war criminals in order to learn their criminal ways already in a bad place? As one of the defendants argued in trial at Nuremberg, the U.S. had already engaged in its own experiments on humans using almost identical justifications to those offered by the Nazis. If that defendant had been aware, he could have pointed out that the U.S. was in that very moment engaged in such experiments in Guatemala. The Nazis had learned some of their eugenics and other nasty inclinations from Americans. Some of the Paperclip scientists had worked in the U.S. before the war, as many Americans had worked in Germany. These were not isolated worlds.

Looking beyond the secondary, scandalous, and sadistic crimes of war, what about the crime of war itself? We picture the United States as less guilty because it maneuvered the Japanese into the first attack, and because it did prosecute some of the war’s losers. But an impartial trial would have prosecuted Americans too. Bombs dropped on civilians killed and injured and destroyed more than any concentration camps — camps that in Germany had been modeled in part after U.S. camps for native Americans. Is it possible that Nazi scientists blended into the U.S. military so well because an institution that had already done what it had done to the Philippines was not in all that much need of nazification?

Yet, somehow, we think of the firebombing of Japanese cities and the complete leveling of German cities as less offensive that the hiring of Nazi scientists…


Morrissey’s Open Letter: Margaret Thatcher Was ‘Barbaric’ [Rolling Stone]

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By RJ Cubarrubia
April 8, 2013

Morrissey has a few strong words about Margaret Thatcher’s death.

The former Smiths frontman rips into the late British Prime Minister in a new open letter published on the Daily Beast. “Every move she made was charged by negativity,” writes Morrissey, calling the conservative politician “barbaric” and “a terror without an atom of humanity.” Full text of the letter follows below.


Thatcher is remembered as The Iron Lady only because she possessed completely negative traits such as persistent stubbornness and a determined refusal to listen to others.

Every move she made was charged by negativity; she destroyed the British manufacturing industry, she hated the miners, she hated the arts, she hated the Irish Freedom Fighters and allowed them to die, she hated the English poor and did nothing at all to help them, she hated Greenpeace and environmental protectionists, she was the only European political leader who opposed a ban on the Ivory Trade, she had no wit and no warmth and even her own Cabinet booted her out. She gave the order to blow up The Belgrano even though it was outside of the Malvinas Exclusion Zone – and was sailing AWAY from the islands! When the young Argentinean boys aboard The Belgrano had suffered a most appalling and unjust death, Thatcher gave the thumbs up sign for the British press.

Iron? No. Barbaric? Yes. She hated feminists even though it was largely due to the progression of the women’s movement that the British people allowed themselves to accept that a Prime Minister could actually be female. But because of Thatcher, there will never again be another woman in power in British politics, and rather than opening that particular door for other women, she closed it.

Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership, but the majority of British working people have forgotten her already, and the people of Argentina will be celebrating her death. As a matter of recorded fact, Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity.

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Behind the selection of a new Pope [Workers World]

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By Deirdre Griswold on March 19, 2013

There are many different religions in the United States and also a large number of people who adhere to no religion.

The Catholic Church’s efforts to deny its members the right to birth control, divorce and abortion have caused many to leave its fold. The hierarchy’s insistence that women cannot be priests and their opposition to same-sex marriage have divided the church’s own ranks.

The persistent call for justice and reparations for the sufferings of those who were sexually abused by priests has further added to the church’s decline in numbers and revenue.

– WASPs and Catholicism –

In this country, Catholicism on the national level has been a minority religion. The ruling establishment earned the nickname “WASPs” — white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant — because those who first settled here, on land seized from the Native peoples, came mostly from northern European countries where the rising capitalist class was in revolt against the Catholic Church.

It was only after industrialization that more Catholics, largely working class and from southern and eastern Europe, migrated to the U.S. They often faced discrimination and outright hostility.

Yet this long history of a ruling class dominated by WASPs — it was considered a big breakthrough when John F. Kennedy became the first (and last) Catholic U.S. president — has not stopped the corporate media from treating the selection of the new Pope with admiration that borders on fawning.

Public reverence for the Catholic Church hierarchy, regardless of the private views of much of the ruling class, has especially saturated the U.S. media since John Paul II was elected in 1978. This “Polish Pope” was idolized, especially for his role in helping to tear down the East European socialist regimes allied to the Soviet Union.

The newly elected pope, formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, has adopted the name Pope Francis. He is being eulogized as “humble,” “simple,” “a man of the people.” Such labels are hard to reconcile with the silken, gilded and bejeweled trappings accorded to Catholic cardinals, officially known as “princes of the church.”

Like John Paul, Francis has a political role that fits into the strategy of U.S. transnational banks and corporations. He is termed a “conservative” in church matters, meaning he refuses to entertain even the slightest deviation from traditional church stands on marriage (none for priests, nuns or same-sex couples), reproduction and other social/personal issues. This is at loggerheads with the views of many in the church and, of course, even more outside the church.

But his even deeper conservatism concerns the role he played in Argentina, which is still coming to grips with the horrors committed in the 1970s under a fascist military dictatorship.

– Bergoglio and the generals –

Some 30,000 people, mostly young progressives trying to move their country to the left, were murdered during this undeclared “dirty war” of the generals. Argentina is a Catholic country, and the role of the church during that time has come under heavy criticism. Bergoglio was then an important figure in the hierarchy — the Jesuit Provincial superior for all Argentina.

Horacio Verbitsky is a leading Argentine journalist, human rights activist and head of the Center for Legal and Social Studies. He was interviewed on “Democracy Now” on March 14 about Bergoglio’s connection during that period to the abduction of two priests, who were held by the military for six months and tortured. According to Verbitsky, Bergoglio “was accused by two Jesuit priests of having surrendered them to the military.”

The generals had asked the Jesuits to stop their social work, and when they refused, Verbitsky related, Bergoglio “stopped protecting them, and he let the military know that they were no more inside the protection of the Jesuits’ company, and they were kidnapped.”

During that period, the Latin American Church was close to a split between reactionaries like Bergoglio and those who advocated “liberation theology,” which supported the struggles of the masses against the landowners and capitalists in repressive countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile and Colombia.

Washington, Operation Condor and role of U.S. bishops

The U.S. government was solidly behind the ruling classes. In 1973, as part of Operation Condor, it colluded with Gen. Augusto Pinochet in Chile to destroy the progressive Popular Unity coalition government of President Salvador Allende and massacre the left.

Operation Condor was not confined to Chile. Right now, in Argentina, 25 former officials of the military dictatorship of Gen. Jorge Rafael Videla, who is now serving a life sentence, are on trial for the crimes they committed while applying Operation Condor to that country. The courtrooms are packed every day by elderly survivors of that terrible period.

There has been no reporting yet in the corporate media about the role played by the U.S. bishops in the secret conclave that elected Bergoglio. Tainted by the sex abuse scandal, they have kept a low profile. But as leaders of the wealthiest part of the church after the Vatican and its bank, they had a great deal of clout in determining the outcome.

It should be remembered that on Aug. 28, 1978, at a time when financial scandal plagued the Vatican bank, Cardinal Albano Lucio, an Italian, was chosen as Pope John Paul I. He died very unexpectedly just 33 days later. A second conclave was held in which Cardinal Karol Wojtyla — Washington’s choice, no doubt about it — was elected Pope John Paul II. All the counterrevolutionaries in Eastern Europe were elated.

Thus, the election of an Argentine cardinal like Bergoglio sends shivers down the spines of many in Latin America who have been struggling for social justice. They have looked to courageous progressives like Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez — a lay Catholic — to foil the counterrevolution planned by Washington and its accomplices among the elites. Some had hoped to have the church on their side — or at least neutral — but that looks ever more impossible.

In domestic U.S. politics as well, Bergoglio can be expected to exert pressure from the right, especially on the growing Latino/a population, which has been organized and strong in demanding the rights denied to millions of undocumented immigrants.

For women of all backgrounds, the appointment of this social conservative only deepens the need to fight the hold of the patriarchy as an inborn feature of capitalist society, whether those who exploit women do their dirty work in the plush boardrooms of corporations like Walmart or prowl the vestibules of echoing cathedrals.

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London 2012: Olympics have made England "foul with patriotism", says Morrissey [Telegraph]

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Singer Morrissey has attacked the “blustering jingoism” of the London 2012 Olympics, asking: “Has England ever been quite so foul with patriotism?”

By Anita Singh

06 Aug 2012

The singer claimed the Royal Family have “hijacked” the Games and said “the spirit of 1939 Germany now pervades throughout media-brand Britain”.

In a message to fans on his website, the former Smiths frontman wrote: “I am unable to watch the Olympics due to the blustering jingoism that drenches the event. Has England ever been quite so foul with patriotism?

“The ‘dazzling royals’ have, quite naturally, hi-jacked the Olympics for their own empirical needs, and no oppositional voice is allowed in the free press.  It is lethal to witness.

“As London is suddenly promoted as a super-wealth brand, the England outside London shivers beneath cutbacks, tight circumstances and economic disasters. Meanwhile the British media present 24-hour coverage of the ‘dazzling royals’, laughing as they lavishly spend, as if such coverage is certain to make British society feel fully whole.

“In 2012, the British public is evidently assumed to be undersized pigmies, scarcely able to formulate thought.”

He went on: “As I recently drove through Greece I noticed repeated graffiti seemingly everywhere on every available wall. In large blue letters it said WAKE UP WAKE UP.

"It could almost have been written with the British public in mind, because although the spirit of 1939 Germany now pervades throughout media-brand Britain…WAKE UP WAKE UP.”

Morrissey…told an Argentinian audience that the Falkland Islands had been stolen from them, and later dressed his band in “We Hate William and Kate” T-shirts…


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“Ministry of Foreign Affairs Declaration” – Cuba supports Argentine oil nationalization [Granma International]

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba has learned of the decision made by the government of the Republic of Argentina to expropriate 51% of the oil company YPF, as stipulated in national legislation. Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales is a subsidiary of the Spanish corporation Repsol which operates in Argentine territory.

The company YPF, originally an Argentine state enterprise, was among the many privatized or sold at implausibly low prices by President Carlos Saúl Menem, who governed the country between 1989 and 1999, within the framework of neoliberal policies which were imposed on Our America during this period given the insistence and collusion of the United States.

Cuba reiterates its unconditional solidarity with the Argentine Republic and affirms that the country is acting within its rights to fully exercise its sovereignty over its natural resources, including oilfields. The country’s action is based on international law and numerous related decisions which have been adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Havana, April 19, 2012

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A European Market Blow [Strategic Culture Foundation]

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Carlos Pereyra MELE (Argentina) | 26.11.2011

“Market Blow is a term which appeared in Argentina in 1989 and it refers to an irregular institutional change caused by pressure being exerted by economic agents through some market mechanisms such as: inflation, stock-outs, massive withdrawals from bank accounts, interest rates increase, lock outs, etc. The market blow has been considered like a Coup d´état” – Wikipedia.

First it was applied to emerging countries and countries depending on the South; there they were imposed by: Washington´s agreement- Free Market – Unpayable Foreign Debts – A financial system out of control-Central Banks out of State Control, a model created and publicized by the elite of “trilateralism”, which began to exist during the 70s, then it strengthened with “Re[a]gan-Thatcher Era” and it reached its splendor [sic] with the so[-]called neoliberalism after the fall of the URSS [Soviet Union]. Today the elites of this model are turning up a notch and sending it back with their emerging economies along the eurozone. As we say about Hollywood movies: Any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence.

Nowadays the PIIGs (Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Greece) are themselves suffering from the development of all policies implemented in their region, through which they were foolish into a fake reality of growth. Along with it, the EU became a tool to mainly increase German´s exports, and subsequently, French exports through the development of a free commerce system along the union. For this objective, the EU lent money to these countries, paved the way for their important companies to be taken over by German and French enterprises with the support of the European Central Bank and administrative regulations stated from Brussels. The PIIGs, were included into a model in which [a] small elite of countries outrageously got richer and the ideological argument being used was that the European Union promised eternal prosperity; by shielding and sweeping away all crisis [sic] in Europe, as well as all threatening nationalisms. These were the times of Spain ranked as “8th world economy”, or and Ireland shown as an example of emerging countries.

Today…this has collapsed like a house of cards, and the trilateralist´s elite, in order to keep their privileges, ask for the elimination of any sovereignty trace[s] in the states and they have clearly resorted to a Coup d´état or Market Blow with the implementation of “Technocratic Administrations” in the PIIGs, all done by imposing their elite members as claimed by: Joao Durao Barroso, chairman of the European Commission, in May last year when he announced that unless austerity measures were accepted, democracy was at risk in Greece, Spain and Portugal. In a new and deeper intervention, on September 28th, 2011, the European Parliament approved measures of greater scope which undermined the possibilities of each country to set and manage their own budgets and debts. Has Italy voted Mario Monti for Berlusconi and Greece gone for Lucas Papademos to replace Papandreu? None was elected in lawful elections, both are former members of European Financial Organizations, academically trained in USA, members of Trilateral Commission and Goldman Sachs, just to say that with them in power the PIIGs are unquestionably under the control of any dictates given by the IMF, CEB, EU. This has already happened in Third World economies, and now it is happening in Europe, being these dictates [are] associated with austerity and privatization. All governmental functions are nullified and privatized, all national assets sold. The nation–state concept is steadily dismantled. Finally, the main functions left to governments are those of police suppression of its own people and tax collection to be given to banks.

It is a sad farewell to nations´ autonomy, the free will of the people, any advance towards more democratic, socially-compromised, direct, participative and representative ways of participation, which ultimately aim at achieving the will of its people and legitimately seek for welfare and happiness.

There was an attempt to impose this model of “Technocratic Administrations” in Argentina in 2002, when the IMF proposed one of its members [–] “an expert in Argentine´s economy” [–] to guarantee the enforcement of dictates of the trilateralist´s [sic] elite. The breaking-off with that agency saved us from a greater social disaster, like the one we were driven into by neoliberalism. There is still hope lying ahead in the reactions coming from European societies, whose destinies have been aggressively changed, by confronting and democratically defeating these coup ´s supporters.

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Colonial war on Libya [Granma Internacional]

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Stella Calloni

Sept. 1, 2011

THE perversion of U.S. and European agencies and their subordinates worldwide in calling what is happening in Libya “civil war,” demonstrates how a colonial intervention in a country which the United States and its partners want to seize for diverse motives was converted into an internal “rebellion” which had to be aided for “humanitarian” reasons.

The reality is that, since mid-March, the Libyan people have been enduring the savage NATO bombardments of a country of close to six million inhabitants, given that a large part of its territory is desert.

The NATO bombings have caused death and destruction throughout the country in order to open the way to the mercenaries who, from the beginning, were the driving force of the supposed popular “rebellion” against Muammar Gaddafi.

There are no images of that “popular” rebellion, or of the “excuse” – Gaddafi’s bombardments of the civilian population – used as the grounds for a brutal intervention well into the 21st century.

Meanwhile, the civilian population is being massacred by its NATO “protectors,” and their homes, schools, food centers, medical laboratories, universities, hospitals, all destroyed.

Nobody can deny the advances in Libya after Gaddafi headed the rebellion which did away with a colonial monarchy and the country’s colonial status in 1969.

All of that effort is being demolished, while Libyan territory is being sown with depleted uranium, signifying a human and ecological disaster for the future.

Resolution 1973 adopted by the Security Council on March 17 this year to establish a supposed air blockade of Libya was solely intended to prevent the government of that sovereign country from defending itself. The resolution was approved without listening to what direct observers had to say.

They thus insured that Libya had no air defense. And it could be noted as a moral defeat the fact that the country has resisted the bombings for almost six months, making it abundantly evident that, without NATO, the “rebels” would not exist.

In order to gauge the truth that the media is concealing, suffice it to see a recent photograph published by certain media showing alleged “rebel troops,” whose physique, clothing and weapons resemble those of the typical mercenaries which the powers took to that region. In order to initiate and sustain the intervention, the United States and its associates utilized the international corporate media which, in real terms, is under their military and security control.

In this case they could also count on the self-interested or disinterested – but fulfilling the same objective – collaboration of certain journalists and intellectuals considered progressive, but who were the accomplices of this intervention and the network of lies utilized to justify it.

In order to justify themselves to themselves, these are now waiting for NATO to win and tell the victors’ story about “the horrific human rights’ violations” committed by the Libyan government in order to cover up what the mercenaries and invading troops are doing. As they did in Afghanistan and Iraq and long before that.

Have they so quickly forgotten the Nicaraguan Contras who attacked Sandinista Nicaragua from U.S. bases in Honduras, destroying villages, killing, torturing and raping women and children? At the time, Ronald Reagan called them “freedom fighters.”

Calling groups of mercenaries handled by the CIA and its associates “rebels” is to demonstrate a lack of respect for the real rebels in the world fighting for their liberation.

The Libyan people and government not only had the right but also the obligation to defend themselves. Any country in the world under foreign attack has the duty to do so.

If they manage to hold onto Libya in order to transform the country into “a new Somalia,” as Moussa Ibrahim, spokesperson for the Libyan government, stated August 19 in the aftermath of increased NATO bombings, all the countries of the world will be left totally vulnerable.

With the addition that an Argentine attorney at the International Criminal Court (ICC) wants to condemn Gaddafi and, at the same time, protect those responsible for criminal interventions and genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Somalia is a country without government, with a food crisis and that is what the Western powers want to make of Libya by continuing their attacks, “While we are working on peace plans,” the Libyan spokesperson also recalled.

Authorities warned on August 19 that the bombardments are to increase in the days leading up to the 42nd anniversary of the so-called Green Revolution which Gaddafi headed on September 1, 1969.

At this stage of events, when the powers have appropriated Libyan state funds and a Transition Council embassy has been opened in Washington, something that has never happened before, nobody can doubt that these “rebels” never represented the Libyan people. It is a fact that before controlling any territory whatsoever, the “rebels” created the Benghazi Central Bank. Does this have any parallel in history?

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