Richard Wolff on the State of the Economy [FAIR / Counterspin]

Superb interview, you might want to jump directly to Wolff’s segment. I like his idea that deceptive capitalist ruling class media such as what’s being exposed not only falsifies reality but contains an element of psychological cruelty directed towards the oppressed majority whose experiential realities are suppressed in the official narrative. – Zuo Shou

Oct. 17, 2014

This week on CounterSpin: In the past few years, as some economic indicators have suggested a recovery is under way, US media have generally responded with celebratory reporting. But according to polls, Americans aren’t so sure. According to a recent NBC poll, just 18 percent say the economy is excellent or good. How can we best understand an economy that seems to be serving some but slighting others?

Today we’ll feature a special extended interview with economic professor Richard Wolff on how to reconcile mixed messages about the health of the economy.



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