Call for Ukraine Emergency Anti-war Actions in the US, May 9 – 26 2014 [International Action Center]

ENDORSE, VOLUNTEER, LIST LOCAL ACTIONS for Call for Emergency Anti-war Actions Against U.S. Intervention in the Ukraine, May 9 – May 26 [2014]

The International Action Center, along with many antiwar, social justice and solidarity organizations is calling for emergency actions to oppose the dangerous US war mobilization in Ukraine.

The Call, initiated by United National Antiwar Coalition, has broad support.

The IAC urges you to support the Call and begin to plan emergency actions of all kinds in your area…


Call for Emergency Antiwar Actions – May 9 to May 26

US/NATO war moves in Eastern Europe, the Black Sea, and the Baltic Sea – the borders of Russia – are a danger to the whole world. Positioning destroyers and missiles, scheduling war games, and imposing sanctions (an act of war) risk wider war.

We are deeply disturbed by the expansion of the U.S.-commanded NATO military alliance and U.S. recognition and speedy grant of billions in loans to a right-wing coup government in Ukraine, which overthrew the elected government. This illegal government has used fascist violence against all forms of peoples’ resistance in Ukraine.

By more than 2 to 1, the population in the U.S. is against another war and opposed to US military moves or aid to the coup government in Ukraine (4-28-14 Pew/USA Today poll).

We must make our voices heard.

The time to act is now!

We need jobs, health care and social services, not another war.

We urge nationally coordinated antiwar actions across the U.S. and internationally – protests, vigils, teach-ins, antiwar resolutions and visits to offices of elected officials.

From May 9 to May 26 let us act together, in unity, as a powerful voice against the threat of another war…

Link to this IAC page:


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