2014 1 May: International Labor Day Greetings from Sweet & Sour Socialism blog! 祝你们劳动节快乐!

社会主义制度的建立给我们开辟了一条到达理想境界的道路,而理想境界的实现还要靠我们的辛勤劳动。 —— 毛泽东 [3edu.net “五一劳动节的名言名句”] http://ws.3edu.net/ldj/ws_152725.html

English translation of preceding Mao Zedong quote:

“The establishment of our socialist system has opened the road leading to the ideal society of the future, but to translate this ideal into reality needs hard work.” – [‘The Chairman and I’ – Chairman Mao quotes] http://www.thechairmanandi.com/chairman-mao-quotes%5D

Have a great holiday!!!

Zuo Shuo / Sweet & Sour Socialism Blog


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