China Voice: Stop making farce in pretext of “human rights” [Xinhua]

BEIJING, April 16 (Xinhua) — The British government has indulged itself in political farce again by making biased and irresponsible remarks to blemish China’s human rights record.

In its latest annual report on human rights, it, disregarding its own flawed human rights record, listed China as one of 28 “countries of concern”.

The report “selectively ignored” real and continuous human rights progress made in China, which is obvious to any person without prejudice…

Why doesn’t the report highlight some Western countries, including Britain itself, that have also violated human rights?

The British government simply turned the report into an ideological political show.

Instead of squandering efforts and taxpayers’ money on pointing fingers at other countries, the British government should sweep its own doorstep instead.

Acting as a world human rights defender, Britain itself has had its problems.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with Britain as a major player in the U.S.-led military operations, have caused massive civilian casualties.

…Britain’s remote drone operations in Afghanistan spurred anti-war protests at home. Protestors demanded an end to remote killing before even more innocent civilians were slaughtered as the British Royal Air Force started to remotely operate drones flying in Afghanistan from British soil.

The UK phone-hacking scandal involving Rupert Murdoch’s News International, which has dominated media coverage worldwide, also cast doubt over the “freedom of the press” upheld by Western media organizations and raised concerns about privacy rights in the country.

Differences still exist among nations on human rights issues due to different levels of cultural and economic development and China stands for narrowing them through dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and equality.

China is ready to discuss human rights issues with Britain, and they have established mechanisms for dialogue to exchange ideas and settle differences.

A human rights dialogue between China and Britain scheduled this week has been called off because of Britain’s latest human rights report, which has made irresponsible comments about China’s political system and blemished the country’s human rights record…

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