The real face of Ukraine’s Maidan “democrats” [World Socialist Website]

By Ulrich Rippert
28 March 2014

Two events this week have exposed the propaganda used by the German government and its allies to justify their actions in Ukraine: the death of Alexander Musytchko and a telephone conversation with Yulia Timoschenko, which was intercepted and made public.

Musytchko, coordinator of the fascist Right Sector in western Ukraine, was shot on Monday in a police operation near the west Ukrainian town of Rivne. Reports on his death are contradictory…

…[Then there’s]…Yulia Timoschenko…[of the]…Fatherland Party…The Western media has portrayed Timoschenko, who made millions in the gas industry in the 1990s, as an icon of the Orange Revolution and a fighter for democracy. However, an excerpt of a telephone call between Timoschenko and her close ally Nestor Chufritch appeared on the Internet on Tuesday, which exposed the “icon” as a vulgar, unscrupulous criminal driven by hatred.

It was necessary to seize arms and get rid of the Russians and their leaders, she declared, obviously referring to Vladimir Putin. She was “ready to hold a pistol and shoot the bastard in the brain.” Responding to the question of how the 8 million Russians on Ukrainian territory should be dealt with, she answered that they should “be targeted by nuclear weapons.”

Moreover, her discussion was full of obscene and insulting terms. She used the disparaging description “kazap” for Russians and peppered “the dialogue with all sorts of Russian swearwords, which are disingenuously translated with terms like ‘damned,’ ‘dirt’ and ‘Russian dogs’,” as Der Spiegel wrote.

Timoschenko subsequently confirmed the authenticity of the discussion on Twitter while declaring that her statement about the 8 million Russians had been passed on incorrectly…

Excerpted; full article link:


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