South Korea’s United Progressive Party’s Lonely but JUST Struggle against Another US-installed Fascist Dictator in Seoul [The 4th Media]

March 7, 2014

The following statement was made by Dr. Lee Jung Hee who has become [in the] last two three years one of the most respected progressive Korean politicians. She is indeed the respected Chair and the leader of the most seriously “laborer- and farmer-oriented” and “anti-imperialist, peace and anti-war” political party who is determined to work for a “peaceful, self-determined reunification,” called the Unified Progressive Party (UPP).

However, ever since the Lady dictator Park has come to power in February 2013, the UPP has been THE TARGET of the most severe, heinous and cunning political and legal oppression.

Moreover the UPP has been repeatedly singled-outed [sic] for…viciously-calculated political persecution and isolation. The conservative and traditionally pro-regime corporate medias [sic] have also joined the Lady dictator to demonize the UPP, particularly the leader Dr. Lee.

Tragically and unfortunately the other major “reform-oriented” opposition parties like the Democratic Party have also joined the illegally-elected president to further isolate and demonize the REAL and GENUINE opposition party, the UPP.

Dr. Lee who is a brilliant and down-to-earth lawyer herself over the years made the following statement on January 28 at her First Defense at a Seoul local court challenging the “illegally-elected fascist dictator President” Park.

The Seoul local court, like most other Korean courts which have also earned for over half a century [the] notoriously dishonorable nickname the “faithful servants of the power,” sentenced one of the most prominent leaders of the UPP… Representative Lee Seok-gi for 20 years in jail and 5 other local leaders of the party for 15 and 10 years respectively [sic] for a politically-motivated [and] thereby -framed/manufactured “anti-state” crime, [the] so-called…“conspiracy of a rebellion.”

[Pres. Park] is determined to destroy the UPP by any means necessary, specifically Dr. Lee who’s often miserably humiliated Park in a number of public settings, particularly at the public Presidential Debates in December 2012.

After all the miserably humbled dictator even asked the Korea’s Constitution Court to disband the UPP that be dissolved for their allegedly “pro-North, pro-Communist, anti-state political platform and activities…”

The UPP and its nationally-respected humble leader Dr. Lee has been named THE ENEMY NUMBER ONE of the illegally-elected fascist dictatorial power…

Prof. Kiyul Chung, Editor in Chief, The 4th Media

[The first statement of the defense on the case – request of the dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party]

“Requests of the dissolution of the UPP is violation of the spirit of the Constitution”

By Representative Lee Jung-hee at the first defense statement

– Date: 14:00 January 28, 2014

– Venue: Grand chamber of the Constitutional Court

1.The Constitution of 1987 was the expression of the national people’s will not to retreat to the past of dictatorship

The case – request of the dissolution of the UPP clearly demonstrates the radical retreat of democracy in Korean society. Democracy begins from recognizing there are different ideas from mine. It is the minimal condition for democratic politics that the ruler recognizes the existence of the opposition political parties which have different political opinions from the ruling power. Meanwhile, the first sign of dictatorship which is certainly conflicting with democracy is the ruler’s disrupting and prohibiting activities of the opposition political parties.

Korean society had long period of times under the dictatorship which sought to eradicate the opposition political parties. Examples include the Rhee Seung-man administration’s cancellation of the Progressive Party in 1958, the Park Jung-hee administration’s prohibition of political activities of 4,374 opposition politicians through the Act on Political Activities Purification in 1962 and the Chun Doo-hwan administration’s winding up of opposition political parties and deprivation of opposition politicians’ political rights by restricting 835 politicians from engaging in political activities through the Act on Politics Practices Reform in 1980.

The current Constitution which was the fruit of the June Struggle of 1987 guarantees the political parties’ activities as well as other political rights. It is the expression of the people’s clear will not to repeat the past of dictatorship. Korea people were confident that under the Constitution, regardless of whoever takes power, Korean society would never be back to dictatorship.

However [the] Park Guen-hye administration destroyed this confidence by proceeding requests [sic] of the dissolution of the UPP [within] eight months of its inauguration. Of course, the final decision of the case will rely on the judgment of the Constitutional Court in terms of legal sphere.

However, in terms of political sphere, the government already derailed…democratic politics by declaring it would not accept the existence of opposition political parties as long as they promote independence, democracy, equality and peaceful reunification…

Excerpted / edited by Zuo Shou

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