Ukranian President-in-exile Yanukovych slams West for chaos [Xinhua]

MOSCOW, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) — Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych blamed some Western powers for the chaos in his country.

… I ‘ll return to Ukraine as soon as my and my family’s safety are guaranteed,” he told a press conference in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don, some 1,000 km southwest of Moscow, in his first public appearance after a week-long hiding [sic]…

…He claimed “I am still the president, because I am alive, I didn’t step down in line with the Constitution, and impeachment was not declared.”

For that, Yanukovych said he was not going to take part in the presidential elections scheduled on May 25, because they were, in his opinion, illegally announced by the opposition-controlled Supreme Rada, the parliament.

The ousted president blamed “irresponsible” Western powers for chaos and lawlessness in his country.

“Outcome [sic] of the crisis will be difficult as a result of [sic] irresponsible Western policy of supporting Maiden (the Independence Square),” he said.

“But we’ll overcome,” he stressed.

Yanukovych said the current parliament was illegitimate because power in Ukraine has been seized by nationalists “who represent absolutely [sic] minority of the population.”

He accused the opposition of violating the agreement on constitutional reform signed on Feb. 21. The agreement, if implemented, could have calmed the situation, he said.

“I’d like to hear answer from the (Western) guarantors of the agreement. They didn’t even try to reach me, even by phone. This issue is still on [sic] agenda,” Yanukovych said.

“What happened afterwards could only be called lawlessness, terror and chaos. Rada has been making decisions, coercing some members to vote,” he said.

“These are not Parliament’s decisions, these are Maiden’s decisions,” he added.

He said the responsibility lay on “visible and invisible supporters” of the opposition, including those in the West and United States.

Meanwhile, he said, “I am ashamed. Moreover I’d like to beg pardon for what happened, for I failed to keep stability and allowed lawlessness in the country.”

However, Yanukovych insisted that he “did not escape.”

“I moved from Kiev to Kharkov, when I was fired at by automatic guns,” he said. “I asked head of administration and chairman of Rada who accompanied me to fly to Donetsk while I fly [sic] to Lugansk. We were warned by military and air traffic controllers that they’ ll intercept us unless we change the route. So we got [sic] to land in Donetsk…”

Edited / excerpted by Zuo Shou

Full article link:

Original article title: ‘Yanukovych not to ask Russia for military support, slams West for chaos’


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