Ukraine: Coup Staged, New Order Established, First Steps Taken, Tendencies Taking Shape [Strategic Culture Foundation]

Pavel DMITRIEV | 25.02.2014

The coup in Ukraine has taken place. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) has voted to set early presidential elections for May 25 and done so in violation of Constitution and established order. The former President escaped from Kiev having betrayed his voters, the party, those who stood on guard of law and order and the people. Kiev and a larger part of Ukraine, including Volyn and Galicia regions, have moved under the control of rebels.

The south-eastern part of Ukraine and the Republic of Crimea, excluding the Dnepropetrovsk region, are still loyal to the Constitution and have actually refused to recognize the new regime. [Even so], it is unclear how long will the local powers in the country’s south-east be able to keep the situation under control…

The Kharkov (or Kharkiv) local governors’s meeting took place on February 22; the final document vaguely stated loyalty to the Constitution and refused to recognize the rebels’ rule…

The regional councils are only legal power structures in the south-eastern part of Ukraine unconditionally recognized by local population that have authority within the limits of their territories. The fates of the people who counter the coup depend on how decisive and resolute the local powers will be. These are the structures that can organize local population and militia to make it maintain law and order and prevent the attempts to seize local administrative buildings.

Until now, the situation in the south-east has been under local powers’ control. Anti-fascist self-defense formations are actively formed in Donetsk, Kharkov and Lugansk, the population there is adamant in its desire to resist…

…The head of Maidan neo-fascists posted an instruction of the Pravy Sector headquarters saying that the Party of the Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine are criminal organizations and their activities should be stopped…

…Having staged the coup, the West has made Ukraine destitute of its sovereignty. The country is ruled from outside. Washington and Brussels are consulted before taking any decision of significance…

…The world community should fully realize that Ukrainian Neo-Nazi[s] have become an instrument of US foreign policy…

Edited and excerpted by Zuo Shou

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