“Longing in February“ – Missing General Kim Jong Il on “Day of Shining Star”, his Feb 16 birthday [Naenara]

February 16 is the Day of the Shining Star, birth anniversary of General Kim Jong Il. In February every year with this significant day the Korean people more ardently long for him and their hearts throb, thinking of him all the time in the morning and in the evening. Kim Jong Il dedicated all his life to the people.

Thinking only of the people, he crossed all steep passes in the country to call on them. He always found himself on the road of field guidance all the year round, even on red-letter days and holidays. With parental affection for children, he thought of the food problem of the people at farms and asked about the living conditions of the workers before others at factories, and uncovered the cooking pot and acquainted himself in detail with the living conditions of the people when he visited their houses. He was a kindhearted father looking after the people across the country…

The whole army and people of Korea ceaselessly visit his bronze statues with earnest longing for and eternal loyalty to him who dedicated himself only to the people all his life.

February in Korea is not a flowering season. But the Korean people´s boundless longing for Kim Jong Il grows beautiful flowers out of season. The unchangeable loyalty of the Korean army and people who hold Kim Jong Il in high respect as their eternal father is the nutriment blooming Kimjongilia, the red flower of the sun, across the country.

Kimjongilias are growing at homes and workplaces and not only grown-ups but also children raise the flowers with longing. It is a unanimous wish of the Korean people to have him amid the scent of flowers forever.

Such ardent wish of the people unfolds a sea of beautiful flowers at the venue of the Kimjongilia Festival held every year drawing many visitors. Art performance [sic], photo exhibition and other colorful celebrations held on the occasion of the February holiday also inspire the people with earnest longing for him…

Excerpted; full article with photos: http://www.naenara.com.kp/en/news/news_view.php?0+71679


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