“Democratic establishment unmasked: prime defenders of NSA bulk spying” by Glenn Greenwald [Guardian]

= NYT: “The Obama administration made common cause with the House Republican leadership” =

One of the worst myths Democratic partisans love to tell themselves – and everyone else – is that the GOP refuses to support President Obama no matter what he does…

Full article link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jul/25/democratic-establishment-nsa

(c) Guardian News & Media Ltd


Also see “After White House intervention, House defeats constraints on domestic spying” [World Socialist Website] — http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2013/07/25/lead-j25.html
AND “US Congress defends the methods of a police state” [World Socialist Website] — http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2013/07/26/pers-j26.html


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