Internet Freedom vs NSA Dragnet [Hidden Harmonies blog]

July 5, 2013

by YinYang

Have you ever wondered how a map would look like if it showed Internet freedom versus the NSA dragnet recently revealed by Edward Snowden? Well, it would look like the following map. Click to have a look first and then come back to this post.
Facebook-Map – adjusted for population density (click to enlarge)

[Map here:

It shows Facebook users versus regional population density. In black are users who use Facebook while red users do not.

For a moment, think Facebook in the map represents the combination of Google, Twitter, Microsoft, and other Internet service companies based out of the U.S.. Recall former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech about Internet Freedom? According to her, those users colored in black has [sic] freedom. According to her, the more black the better.

Now, think about the colors with PRISM in mind. And, don’t forget, Google, Facebook, and etc colludes with programs such as PRISM by making their user’s email and activities readily available. Of course, black then represents NSA dragnet while red actually represents freedom. This is why Edward Snowden is so quickly labeled a ‘traitor’ in the United States, because his revelations, while breaking American law, completely undermined speeches like Clinton’s, including President Obama’s lip-service to the same. Our world can be so backwards, and it’s amazingly thinly veiled, isn’t it?

With NSA hacking into the red (Pacnet, Asia’s backbone, and likely other backbones of the global Internet), much of the red is already black isn’t it? Some may genuinely believe this dragnet is actually benign and a force for good. Perhaps. However, if they do, I ask that they do this simple experiment: imagine the red countries now doing NSA’s PRISM-scale spying on the black colored citizens.

If the red spied on the black at the NSA scale, what then should the recourse be? What do we do about true Internet freedom? One thing for sure, I doubt an Internet “freedom” speech will be given any time soon.

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