Commentary: Don’t let cyber security overshadow key China-U.S. dialogue [Xinhua]

Editorial follows CPC’s prevailing appeasement line towards the US. However I do find parts of the commentary worth repeating. – Zuo Shou


by Yang Qingchuan

…While we can’t deny that cyber security has emerged as a growing source of contention between the two countries, the problem was largely a product of Washington’s dubious “cyber espionage” claims against China, and the issue shouldn’t be hyped into something that would overshadow and obstruct talks on much more important issues between the two nations…

…Facing unfounded accusations on the cyber security issue, China has so far shown restraint and taken an open, constructive attitude, seeking talks with the U.S. side on how to better safeguard the cyber space and formulate global norms for the domain.

For many Chinese, it is bizarre that how Washington can continue to pose as the biggest cyber espionage victim and demand others behave well after former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden revealed that U.S. spy agencies hacked deep into China and other countries’ computer networks, including those of government, military, research, educational and business organizations.

While admitting its extensive hacking activities, the U.S. side now argues that while it did spy on other countries, it didn’t do it for commercial purposes. However, without giving any details or proofs, it sounds like an attempt to cover one’s old mistake with a new excuse, and a bad one.

Moreover, by dividing cyber espionage into “bad” and “good” activities, Washington is trying to dictate the rules for global cyber domain, which is a public space…

…While Beijing has repeatedly said it is willing to manage disputes and work with Washington to build a safer and orderly cyber space, Washington’s relentless efforts to make groundless claims against China and to tirelessly pressure China on the issue would undermine mutual trust, which is often hard to be built and easy to be spoiled.

Excerpted; full article link:


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