Lau Kar-leung (1934-2013) – Obituary [Film Business Asia / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

by Stephen Cremin

26 June 2013

Obituary News

Martial arts legend LAU Kar-leung 劉家良 died yesterday, 25 Jun, in Hong Kong. The 78-year-old had been battling cancer for almost two decades…

…At Shaw Bros, he choreographed the action of such classics as CHANG Cheh 張徹’s The One-Armed Swordsman 獨臂刀 (1967) and The 36th Chamber of Shaolin 少林三十六房 (1978), which he also directed.

Other beloved films in a career spanning fifty years include Jimmy WANG 王羽’s Master of the Flying Guillotine 獨臂拳王大破血滴子 (1976) and Drunken Master II 醉拳Ⅱ (1993) starring Jackie CHAN 成龍.

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