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The NSA revelations and Obama’s “pivot to Asia” [World Socialist Website]

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By John Chan
17 June 2013

Edward Snowden’s revelations about the vast and illegal American electronic surveillance and spying operations inside the US and internationally have punctured the propaganda propagated by the Obama administration to justify its aggressive “pivot to Asia” aimed against China.

The US cynically presents itself as a force for regional stability, peace and “human rights” and the leader of Asian democracies—Japan, India and Australia—against the bullying of autocratic China. Under this guise, Washington has waged a determined offensive throughout the region to strengthen strategic alliances, build up military forces and consolidate trade ties in a bid to undermine Beijing’s influence.

In the lead-up to the recent summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Obama administration mounted a concerted campaign aimed at branding China as the number one “cyber threat” to the US and the world. A Pentagon report last month directly accused the Chinese government and military of large-scale cyber intrusions into American government, military and corporate computer networks. During the summit, Obama provocatively declared that alleged Chinese cyber espionage was the “direct theft of US property.”

In reality, as Snowden’s exposure of NSA operations confirms, the US military and intelligence apparatus has built up the world’s largest and most advanced cyber warfare machine, which it aggressively uses against the American people and any country regarded as a current or potential threat to the interests of American imperialism.

As Beijing has repeatedly alleged, China is a prime target. Snowden presented specific evidence to the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong last week that the NSA had hacked into hundreds of civilian computers in Hong Kong and China since 2009, including Hong Kong’s Internet Exchange, which handles all of the city’s web traffic. Having gained access to network backbones, the agency could gather information from hundreds of thousands of computers.

“The primary issue of public importance to Hong Kong and mainland China should be that the NSA is illegally seizing the communications of tens of millions of individuals without any individualised suspicion of wrongdoing. They simply steal everything so they can search for any topics of interest,” Snowden warned.

American intelligence expert Matthew Aid provided further confirmation of the NSA’s massive cyber operations against China in an article last week in Foreign Policy. He revealed that the US has been engaged in large-scale hacking of Chinese computer and telecommunications networks for the past 15 years.

Aid also exposed the existence of a highly secretive unit within the NSA’s Signal Intelligence Directorate known as the Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO). The TAO, he said, employs 1,000 military and civilian hackers, analysts and engineers. Not only has it produced “some of the best and most reliable intelligence” about China, he stated, but it has been tasked with assembling the information needed for the US “to destroy or damage foreign computers and telecommunications systems with a cyber-attack.”

These revelations expose the Obama administration’s lies that the NSA spying is to protect the US from terrorist attack. The criminality of the American cyber operations against China is rooted in the imperialist character of the entire policy of the “pivot to Asia.” The US is determined to use its military might to prevent any challenge from China’s economic rise to its dominance in Asia since the end of World War II.

The NSA’s massive cyber operations are intimately bound up with US preparations for war against China. High-level US intelligence sharing with close allies in Asia goes hand in hand with establishing new military basing arrangements with Australia, Singapore and the Philippines, restructuring and reinforcing existing US bases in Japan, South Korea and Guam, and building up anti-ballistic missile systems in the region as part of Washington’s nuclear war plans.

The US has encouraged allies such as Japan and the Philippines to take a more assertive stance against China, heightening tensions in maritime disputes in the East China Sea, South China Sea and other regional flashpoints. By elevating the alleged cyber threat posed by China, Washington is preparing the pretext for a provocative cyber attack that risks escalating into a wider conflict. The Obama administration has already claimed the right to launch pre-emptive cyber attacks—as it has already done against Iran’s nuclear program.

In the wake of the NSA revelations, the American media and political establishment have launched an all-out campaign to vilify Snowden for exposing the NSA’s criminal operations at home and abroad. The latest lie that he might be a double-agent working for the Chinese government is particularly sinister, given the Obama administration’s history of targeted assassinations of US citizens.

The fact that Snowden fled to Hong Kong, a Chinese territory, is not evidence that he is a spy, but rather of the collapse of basic legal and democratic norms in the United States and all of its allies in Europe, Asia and around the world…

…The defence of Edward Snowden is an urgent issue not only for workers in America, but in Asia and internationally. He is being targeted for exposing the extent of the intelligence apparatus that has been established by the US to prosecute war against its international rivals and suppress domestic opposition to its austerity agenda at home.

The drive towards war and dictatorial forms of rule is rooted in the breakdown of the profit system, which has produced sharpening geo-political tensions between rival capitalist powers and growing opposition and resistance in every country to the relentless assault on the social position of the working class. The defence of democratic rights can be realised only through a unified socialist movement of the international working class to abolish capitalism…

Excerpted by Zuo Shou

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Commentary: Washington owes world explanations over troubling spying accusations [Xinhua]

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by Ming Jinwei

BEIJING, June 23 (Xinhua) — Edward Snowden, a U.S. intelligence contractor who divulged some of the most secretive spying activities of the U.S. government, has put Washington in a really awkward situation.

In the past few months, U.S. politicians and media outlets have thrown out Internet spying accusations one after another against China, trying to make it as one of the biggest perpetrators of Internet spying activities.

And those claims were even highlighted during a highly anticipated summit between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama held earlier this month in California, which had been designed to help the world’s two biggest economies to build a new type of major power relations.

All this has seemed to go relatively well until the revelation of the U.S. National Security Agency’s PRISM surveillance program.

According to Snowden, the U.S. government has engaged in wide-ranging dubious spying activities not only on its own citizens, but also on governmental, academic and business entities across the world.

Latest reports from Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, which seems to have access to Snowden after he fled to the Chinese territory, revealed that Washington has hacked into the computer systems of major Chinese telecom carriers and one of the country’s top universities.

These, along with previous allegations, are clearly troubling signs. They demonstrate that the United States, which has long been trying to play innocent as a victim of cyber attacks, has turned out to be the biggest villain in our age.

At the moment, Washington is busy with a legal process of extraditing whistleblower Snowden.

But for other countries, Washington should come clean about its record first. It owes too an explanation to China and other countries it has allegedly spied on. It has to share with the world the range, extent and intent of its clandestine hacking programs.

The drama around Snowden also tends to support China’s stand on the issue of cyber security.

Both the United States and China, together with many other countries, are victims of hacking. For the uncharted waters of Internet age, these countries should sit down and talk through their suspicions.

With good intentions, they can even work for the establishment of certain rules that help define and regulate Internet activities and mechanisms that can work out their differences when frictions do arise.

The ball is now in Washington’s court. The U.S. government had better move to allay the concerns of other countries.

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How Many Iraqis Died in the Iraq War? [FAIR]

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by Rebecca Hellmich

June 7, 2013

How many Iraqis died in the Iraq War? That’s the kind of question that should be asked, especially if you happen to live in the countries that launched the war that killed so many.

The results from a new poll commissioned by the British media watchdog group MediaLens exposed a startling disconnect between the realities of the Iraq War and public perceptions of it: Namely, what the Iraqi death toll was. When Britons were asked “how many Iraqis, both combatants and civilians, do you think have died as a consequence of the war that began in Iraq in 2003?,” 44 percent of respondents estimated that 5,000 or fewer deaths had occurred.

As Alex Thomson, a reporter for the UK’s Channel 4 (5/31/13), wrote:

That figure is so staggeringly, mind-blowingly at odds with reality as to leave a journalist who worked long and hard to bring home the reality of war speechless.

And polls done in the United States have offered similar conclusions. A Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) poll (3/1/06-3/6/06) that asked how many Iraqi civilians had been killed since the beginning of the war yielded a median estimate of 5,000 deaths.

And when respondents were asked in a different poll (AP/Ipsos, 2/12/07-2/15/07) to give their “best guess” about civilian deaths, 24 percent chose the option of 1,001 to 5,000 deaths.

These answers are, of course, way off the mark. Estimates of the death toll range from about 174,000 (Iraq Body Count, 3/19/13) to over a million (Opinion Business Research, cited in Congressional Research Service, 10/7/10). Even at the times of those U.S. polls, death estimates were far beyond the public’s estimates.

Of course, these findings are disheartening because they reflect a very distorted public perception of the war. But they are indicative of an even bigger problem: corporate media’s inadequate coverage of the human costs of U.S.-led wars.

It seems that much of the mainstream media took Tommy Franks’ infamous quote, “We don’t do body counts” (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/3/03), to heart, because Iraqi victims of warfare were rarely of interest in news reports.

And when they are, they could be a massive undercount. A December 1, 2011 CBS Evening News report told viewers that “more than 50,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in the war” (FAIR Action Alert, 12/2/11). This figure was sourced to, which had one of the lowest estimates of civilian casualties at the time and warned readers that the number was probably a severe undercount.

The “corrected” figure that CBS put forth 11 days later was 115,676 civilians killed, and sourced to Iraq Body Count–still one of the most conservative estimates to be found (FAIR Activism Update, 12/13/11).

But the main issue here is that the press has kept the public in the dark: How can one make a decision about the impact of war if they don’t know, even roughly, how many deaths there were?

As blogger Joe Emersberger put it (Z Blogs, 5/30/13) , the MediaLens-commissioned poll results

are a striking illustration of how a “free press” imposes ignorance on the public in order to promote war. Future wars (or “interventions”) are obviously far more likely when the public within an aggressor state is kept clueless about the human cost.

UPDATE: The World Health Organization’s estimate of 151,000 violent Iraqi deaths from March 2003 to June 2006 should also be noted.

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NObama! South Africans prepare to protest Obama visit [SF BayView]

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South Africans protesting Mr. African-American POTUS Obomber is so excellent. – Zuo Shou

June 22, 2013

by NObama Coalition Cape Town

On June 20, a growing group of organizations gathered at Community House in Salt River to form the NObama Coalition Cape Town, aligning itself to the already formed NObama Johannesburg. The aim of the coalition is to mobilize widespread protest against Obama’s visit to Africa while exposing U.S. imperialism.

So far activists from the following organizations are part of the Coalition: Gugulethu Anti Eviction Campaign, Newfields Village Anti-Eviction Campaign, Zilleraine Heights Community in Struggle, Consumer Fair, Concerned Education Forum, Anti-War Coalition (Cape Town), Muslims Against Illegitimate Leaders, Muslims Against Global Oppression, Struggle Veterans, Mitchell’s Plain activists, Workers International Vanguard Party, Blikkiesdorp community committee, Housing Assembly (Khayelitsha, Gugulethu, Bonteheuwel, greater Athlone, Langa, Delft, Mitchell’s Plain), Gleemoor Civic Association, New Unity Movement Southern Suburbs Branch, Apdusa, Friends of the Congo-Cape Town.

Cosatu also supports the campaign and is discussing how to broaden its specific support.

The NObama Campaign in Johannesburg consists of the following organizations: South African Communist Party (SACP), the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCL), the South African Students Congress (SASCO), the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU), the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), Friend of Cuba Society (FOCUS), Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel in South Africa (BDS South Africa), the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) the UJ Coalition.

We will be awarding Freedom of the City to

Mumia Abu Jamal
Bradley Manning
the masses of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
the masses of the Palestinians
the Marikana community
the impoverished masses of Cape Town

(The list is still being added to.)

Basic platform

The USA under the leadership of Obama has escalated its assault on human rights, militarization of international relations and continuing gobbling of world resources at the absolute expense of the environment and oppressed peoples of the world.

Monopoly capitalists and banks, mainly from the U.S., are responsible for the ongoing plunder of trillions of dollars of wealth from Africa each year. This is the main reason why most of the youth have no future – the masses are unemployed and the few who work earn starvation wages. Much more is stolen from Africa than is received in “aid.” We demand all the stolen wealth to come back! In fact, U.S. and other imperialism [sic] are responsible for the plunder of the world.

Africom out of Africa; end the drone wars and imperialist wars of plunder such as in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); stop warmongering and genocide in Syria and elsewhere.
Free all the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prison – shut it down.
Free the Cuban 5.
End the blockade on Cuba.
We reject the Freedom of Cape Town and the honorary doctorate awarded by the University of Johannesburg to Obama with the contempt it deserves.
Any diamonds sent to Israel by Anglo American and other mining companies are blood diamonds. End all support for Israel. We demand one Palestine, no Bantustan.
Free Bradley Manning!
Stop snooping on our e-mails, phone calls and social networking!
Halt the unleashing of your Al Qaeda forces on the world’s people!…

…We also support the call by the Muslim Lawyers Association for the arrest of Obama – their complaint was made in terms of international customary law – as well as the implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Act 2002 (the ICC Act):

“The [drone] program is responsible for extra-judicial killings of both innocent civilians as well as U.S. citizens abroad. The drone strike policy has continued unabated with total disregard for territorial sovereignty and this is cited as the primary reason that Obama should be investigated and tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.”

Proposed program of action

Mobilize and invite other progressive organizations to join the NObama Coalition.
We support the petition against University of Johannesburg giving an award to Obama
Saturday 22nd June at 12 noon, meet at Community House in Salt River to prepare placards
Wed and Thursday 26-27 June from 12 noon to 14h00 meet at the taxi rank opposite entrance to Civic Centre in Cape Town to claim freedom of the City for the masses and to reject freedom of the city for Obama
Friday 28 June, picket at parliament from 12 noon to 14h00 to protest the government’s role in inviting Obama to SA and their complicity in allowing plunder by U.S. monopolies
For those who cannot make it to Cape Town centre on these 3 days, we call on to mobilise for lunchtime pickets at these times, to either hold education programmes about the role of U.S. monopolies in the plunder of the world, or to take to the streets, to picket forming human chains outside your workplaces, or at a selected point, to show rejection of the visit and of U.S. imperialism

We call for the masses across Africa

to also mobilize protest actions against the Obama visit and
to ready themselves at a moment’s notice to come to the areas where Obama may appear, so we can protest and issue our own warrant of arrest for Obama.

The Freedom of the City is for the people of Cape Town, not for OBAMA. He is not welcome!

Signed by Imraahn Mukaddam, Eleanor Hoedemaker, Rabia Petersen, Frank Van der Horst, Mustafa Jacobs, Abdurahman Khan, David Appolis, Lucille Kennedy, Ms UC Fataar and Shaheed Mahomed.

Contact the NObama Coalition Cape Town at…

…Read a similar statement from the NObama Coalition Johannesburg at

Editor’s note: In the U.S., an outcry is rising against Obama’s trip to Africa for its cost, projected at $60 million to $100 million according to an anonymous source reporting to the Washington Post. “The White House is hoping the return on that investment will be an increased foothold for U.S. businesses on a continent where China and other emerging economies are already major players,” the AP reports. Rep. John Barrow, D-Georgia, however, told President Obama not to “rub that (exorbitant spending) in the faces of hard working Americans” in a time of sequester-generated austerity. And Black economic commentator William Reed complained that Obama is not taking an African-American business delegation with him, concluding, “The trip will show the continent’s ‘Homeboy’ to be no different than his 43 White predecessors: a paternal view of Africa as development cases, rather than opportunities for partnership.”

[Edited/excerpted by Zuo Shou]

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Guangming Daily: Never abandon the mass line [People’s Daily]

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June 17, 2013

Edited and translated by Zhang Qian, People’s Daily Online

An article titled “A loyal proponent of the mass line” published in Guangming Daily on May 17 featured the deeds of Ma Zhiqiang, the deputy head of Ansai county, Shaanxi province, who has devoted himself to poverty reduction work and in so doing has become a close ally of the masses, and a dedicated practitioner of the Party’s mass line.

The article caused me a great deal of thought.

China is a large country, and most of its 1.3 billion population still live in rural areas. This is one of the most fundamental realities of the country, and it means that the living conditions of its farmers are a critical issue. Since China’s Reform and Opening up, great changes have taken place in the rural areas, and peasant life has improved significantly, but nationally there are many who remain in a state of relative poverty and backwardness. The farmers in Liuta village of Gaoqiao township, Ansai county are a typical example.

We must have a clear understanding about overall national conditions as a basis for our thoughts, plans, and future actions. Secluded among high mountains and deep valleys, the natural conditions of Liuta village make for a hard life. At present, the per capita net income in the village is far below the national average.

Ma Zhijiang has organized targeted surveys of other counties afflicted by similar natural conditions, but which have better record of development, to be carried out by party members, cadres, and the villagers themselves. He has applied his own efforts to helping the cadres and the masses to broaden their outlook and look at new ideas. Based on the results of these surveys, all have worked together to define specific goals for the five years to come. This embodies the way in which Ma Zhijiang has held to the party’s mass line.

How can we meet the needs of the people, and solve their practical problems? We cannot achieve this with empty talk and arbitrary initiatives. We must carry out surveys and conduct targeted research at the primary levels of the Party’s organizations. We should hold fast to the Party’s mass line, acting in response to the thinking of the masses, meeting their needs, and figuring out solutions to their problems.

In the second half of this year, the whole Party will address itself to actions concerning practical education on the Party’s mass line. Liu YunShan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has asked all relevant departments to include the widest possible range of opinions in this project and the actions it will generate. There must be a full understanding of the importance of implementing the Party’s mass line – politically, globally, and strategically.

We should regard Liu Yunshan’s program as an opportunity to listen carefully to the wishes of the masses and gain a deep understanding of their requirements and suggestions. Following on from this we should take active measures to address the problems that people face in their daily and working lives. We must learn from outstanding leading cadres at the grass-roots level – from people like Ma Zhijiang – and use what we have learned to help us focus on scientific and planned methods to act in the interests of and for the benefit of the general public.

Read the Chinese version: 光明日报:永远不能放弃群众路线 []; Source: Guangming Daily Online; Author: Jin Wei

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“What Is The U.S. Government’s Agenda?” – ‘The war on Terror’ is a Front for an Undeclared Agenda []

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June 11, 2013

What is the Government’s Agenda?

Paul Craig Roberts

It has been public information for a decade that the US government secretly, illegally, and unconstitutionally spies on its citizens. Congress and the federal courts have done nothing about this extreme violation of the US Constitution and statutory law, and the insouciant US public seems unperturbed.

In 2004 a whistleblower informed the New York Times that the National Security Agency (NSA) was violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by ignoring the FISA court and spying on Americans without obtaining the necessary warrants. The corrupt New York Times put the interests of the US government ahead of those of the American public and sat on the story for one year until George W. Bush was safely reelected.

By the time the New York Times published the story of the illegal spying one year later, the law-breaking government had had time to mitigate the offense with ex post facto law or executive orders and explain away its law-breaking as being in the country’s interest.

Last year William Binney, who was in charge of NSA’s global digital data gathering program revealed that NSA had everyone in the US under total surveillance. Every email, Internet site visited and phone call is captured and stored. In 2012 Binney received the Callaway Award for Civic Courage, an annual award given to those who champion constitutional rights at risk to their professional and personal lives.

There have been a number of whistleblowers. For example, in 2006 Mark Klein revealed that AT&T had a secret room in its San Francisco office that NSA used to collect Internet and phone-call data from US citizens who were under no suspicion.

The presstitute media handled these stories in ways that protected the government’s lawlessness from scrutiny and public outrage. The usual spin was that the public needs to be safe from terrorists, and safety is what the government is providing.

The latest whistle blower, Edward Snowden, has sought refuge in Hong Kong, which has a better record of protecting free speech than the US government. Snowden did not trust any US news source and took the story to the British newspaper, the Guardian.

There is no longer any doubt whatsoever that the US government is lawless, that it regards the US Constitution as a scrap of paper, that it does not believe Americans have any rights other than those that the government tolerates at any point in time, and that the government has no fear of being held accountable by the weak and castrated US Congress, the sycophantic federal courts, a controlled media, and an insouciant public.

Binney and Snowden have described in precisely accurate detail the extreme danger from the government’s surveillance of the population. No one is exempt, not the Director of the CIA, US Army Generals, Senators and Representatives, not even the president himself.

Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can find interviews with Binney and Snowden and become acquainted with why you do have very much indeed to fear whether or not you are doing anything wrong.

James Clapper, the lying Director of National Intelligence, who would have been perfectly at home in the Hitler…[regime]…, condemned Snowden as “reprehensible” for insisting that in a democracy the public should know what the government is doing. Clapper insisted that secretly spying on every ordinary American was essential in order to “protect our nation.”

Clapper is “offended” that Americans now know that the NSA is spying on the ordinary life of every American. Clapper wants Snowden to be severely punished for his “reckless disclosure” that the US government is totally violating the privacy that the US Constitution guarantees to every US citizen.

President Obama, allegedly educated in constitutional law, justified Clapper’s program of spying on every communication of every American citizen as a necessary violation of Americans’ civil liberties that “protects your civil liberties.” Contrast the lack of veracity of the President of the United States with the truthfulness of Snowden, who correctly stated that the NSA spying is an “existential threat to democracy.”

The presstitutes are busy at work defending Clapper and Obama. On June 9, CNN rolled out former CIA case officer Bob Baer to implant into the public’s mind that Snowden, far from trying to preserve US civil liberties, might be a Chinese spy and that Snowden’s revelations might be indicative of a Chinese espionage case.

Demonization is the US government’s technique for discrediting Bradley Manning for complying with the US Military Code and reporting war crimes and for persecuting Julian Assage of Wikileaks for reporting leaked information about the US government’s crimes. Demonization and false charges will be the government’s weapon against Snowden.

If Washington and its presstitutes can convince Americans that courageous people, who are trying to inform Americans that their historic rights are disappearing into a police state, are espionage agents of foreign powers, America can continue to be subverted by its own government.

This brings us to the crux of the matter. What is the purpose of the spying program?

Even if an American believes the official stories of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing, these are the only two terrorist acts in the US that resulted in the loss of human life in 12 years. Far more people are killed in traffic accidents and from bad diets. Why should the Constitution and civil liberty be deep-sixed because of two alleged terrorist acts in 12 years?

What is astounding is the absence of terrorist attacks. Washington is in the second decade of invading and destroying Muslim governments and countries. Civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are extremely high, and in those countries that Washington has not yet invaded, such as Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria, civilians are being murdered by Washington’s drones and proxies on the ground.

It is extraordinary that Washington’s brutal 12 year assault on Muslim lives in six countries has not resulted in at least one dozen real, not fake FBI orchestrated, terrorist attacks in the US every day.

How can something as rare as terrorism justify the destruction of the US Constitution and US civil liberty? How safe is any American when their government regards every citizen as a potential suspect who has no rights?

Why is there no discussion of this in American public life? Watch the presstitutes turn Snowden’s revelations into an account of his disaffection and motives and away from the existential threat to democracy and civil liberty.

What is the government’s real agenda? Clearly, “the war on terror” is a front for an undeclared agenda. In “freedom and democracy” America, citizens have no idea what their government’s motives are in fomenting endless wars and a gestapo police state. The only information Americans have comes from whistleblowers, who Obama ruthlessly prosecutes. The presstitutes quickly discredit the information and demonize the whistleblowers.

Germans in the Third Reich…had a better idea of their government’s agendas than do “freedom and democracy” Americans today. The American people are the most uninformed people in modern history.

In America there is no democracy that holds government accountable. There is only a brainwashed people who are chaff in the wind.

[Edited by Zuo Shou]

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NSA memos expose Obama administration’s lies about wiretapping [World Socialist Website]

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By Eric London
13 June 2013

National Security Agency internal memorandums made public over a decade ago refute the Obama administration’s claims that its vast domestic surveillance program are being carried out as part of a “war on terror.”

Plans to carry out the abrogation of basic democratic rights were well underway at least ten months before the “global war on terror” was launched in the aftermath of the still unexplained events of September 11th, 2001.

The “Transition 2001” memo, published internally by the NSA at the end of 2000 in preparation for the inauguration of President George W. Bush, discloses a decade-old plan to undermine the foundations of the Fourth Amendment. The heavily-redacted document was made public by a Freedom of Information Act request filed by a George Washington University professor.

The Fourth Amendment states that “[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…”

The 2000 NSA memo expresses the view that this basic democratic right is not compatible with the repressive needs of the state:

“The Fourth Amendment is as applicable to eSIGNINT [electronic signal intelligence] as it is to the SIGINT of yesterday and today. The Information Age will however cause us to rethink and reapply the procedures, policies and authorities born in an earlier electronic surveillance environment.” [emphasis added.]

“Make no mistake,” the memo continues, “NSA can and will perform its missions consistent with the Fourth Amendment and all applicable laws. But senior leadership must understand that today’s and tomorrow’s mission will demand a powerful, permanent presence on a global telecommunications network that will host the ‘protected’ communications of Americans as well as the targeted communications of adversaries.” [emphasis added.]

The Fourth Amendment contains no “however” or “but” clauses, as the authors of the memo attempt to imply. The language “shall not be violated” clearly indicates that the constitution’s authors intended no such exceptions.

Moreover, the fact that the NSA employed quotation marks when referencing “protected” constitutional rights signifies the level of contempt with which large sections of the ruling class view the basic democratic rights of the American people.

The authors’ expression of consternation about the slow pace in the growth of the NSA’s surveillance plan is reflected in a different document published only three months prior by the Project for a New American Century. Less than a year before the events of September 11th, the authors of the PNAC document titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century” wrote that “the process of transformation” within the national security apparatus is “likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Those credited with participating in producing this document include a host of intelligence insiders, military commanders, academics, and government officials, including Paul Wolfowitz, David Epstein, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, and others.

This is an extraordinary statement, echoing remarks made in 1997 by former national security adviser under Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who noted that the “the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public’s sense of domestic well-being.”

Despite the authors’ formal statements of support for the Fourth Amendment, the insinuation that there exists a legalistic state of exception to protected constitutional rights has historical implications: such exceptions serve as pseudo-legal justification for the actual establishment of a police state.

References to the fact that the proposed “rethinking” is the result of changes in “today’s and tomorrow’s mission” demonstrate that Constitutional democratic rights are to be subordinated to the needs of US imperialism in the post-Soviet era…

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