Shanghai denies cover-up claims as tally of dead pigs tops 10,000 [People’s Daily]

(Shanghai Daily)

March 20, 2013

THE number of dead pigs pulled out of the Huangpu River in Shanghai crossed 10,000 since the city government started fishing out the carcasses about two weeks ago.

As of 3pm yesterday, the number of dead pigs hauled from the waters was 10,164 after another 369 carcasses were plucked from the river.

All the carcasses were sent to an incineration center in the city’s Fengxian District.

Yesterday’s haul was slightly higher after four consecutive days of decline.

The city government’s spokesman Xu Wei said the greenery [sic] and public sanity [sic — sanitation?] bureau has set up a communication channel with related departments in Jiaxing to report daily updates in the two cities.

Xu said the bureau will remove the pig carcasses in the main stream of the Huangpu River first and then move to clear those floating in the tributaries of the river.

It will also carry out a dragnet search to remove dead pigs that might be stuck or hidden in the harbors, shallows and grooves.

Water safety remained the main worry for the locals.

The government has asked residents not to panic, saying that all the tests showed the tap water from the nine water plants in the affected areas met the national standards.

– No cover-up –

The Shanghai government has also denied claims of a cover-up as alleged in a newspaper report.

The People’s Daily reported the Shanghai government was slow in reacting to the crisis…

– Stopped fishing –

Zhejiang Province’s Jiaxing City, located in the upstream of the Huangpu River, is believed to be the source as some ear tags showed the dead pigs were raised there.

Local fishermen in Jiaxing had stopped fishing and were instead helping in digging out the pig bodies from the river, Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reported yesterday…

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Edited by Zuo Shou

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