“‘Green card’ process may get easier” – Draft gives expats path to permanent residency in China [People’s Daily]

By ZHAO YINAN (China Daily)

Nov. 19, 2012

Foreigners who live in China for 10 consecutive years may be eligible for a “green card”, according to a proposed draft regulation.

The draft, and other amendments to ease requirements for permanent residency, is being considered by the Ministry of Public Security.

Liu Guofu, an immigration law expert at the Beijing Institute of Technology, revealed that the ministry proposed lowering the threshold for applicants at a symposium in August, and is gauging feedback from experts.

Liu said the draft mostly targets immigrants in the field of technology who will be able to apply for permanent residency after living in China for 10 consecutive years, provided they have spent at least nine months each year in the country. They must be employed, have accommodation and a good tax record. The success of their application will no longer be dependent on the position they hold.

Current regulations require applicants, in the technological sector, to hold a position of deputy general manager or associate professor (or higher) for at least four successive years.

If the draft is approved, more foreigners will be eligible to apply for a green card.

Qu Yunhai, a senior official at the Ministry of Public Security, said in October that his department is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to draft a document that could result in more permanent residency permits being issued, China News Service reported.

The Ministry of Public Security confirmed that the draft document is being prepared but did not provide further information due to the sensitivity of the issue…

Full article link: http://english.people.com.cn/90883/8024895.html


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