Many Chinese netizens find ‘Gangnam Style’ vulgar [People’s Daily]

Psy, the prancing imbecile who’s gone viral as an international laughing stock. The biggest, dumbest dance craze since the Macarena. I’ve watched the thing, it starts out as a giggle and goes into the toilet (literally) fast. It causes psy-chological distress. It makes me not want to see another music video (MV) ever again. I can’t stand K-Pop as it is. K-rap is what we’ve got here…an appropriately flatulent party anthem for the decadent ultra-right Lee Myung-bak era – Zuo Shou

South Korean rapper Psy shot to fame as the singer of pop hit “Gangnam Style”. In the song’s music video, Psy appeared “pompous” in [sic] a beach, horse stable, and sauna, repeating the refrain [sic] “Oppan Gangnam style”. The song’s global popularity may be attributed to its portrayal of the life of a “tall, rich, and handsome” man that many losers dream about. Many South Koreans yearn to live in Gangnam District, the most affluent and dynamic area in Seoul, but it is more often than not just a dream. Underneath the pompous and luxurious life shown in the music video of “Gangnam Style” lies the sadness of losers.

“Gangnam Style” is undoubtedly a subtle social satire on the wide gap between the rich and the poor. A large number of people like this song, but others find it vulgar and unbearable.

Many netizens have labeled the song as “vulgar”. “With more than 300 million views, I expected it to be a good song, but it turned out not. I do not know what you guys think about it, but I for one find it vulgar. Such a vulgar song will be popular just for a short time. Songs that last forever must be those touching your soul rather than such ostentatious songs,” an Internet user said. “It is a catchy song, but its music video and the cultural content are vulgar. Its popularity will accelerate the vulgarization of world cultures,” said another Internet user under the screen name “Passing Phoenix”. Certain people called it “immoral, of low taste, and vulgar”, and some even suggest boycotting such music as it may lead underage boys and girls astray.

Source:Yangtse Evening Post, author: Feng Qiuhong

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