‘Right-wing populists’ malignant tumor of Japanese society [People’s Daily]

(People’s Daily Online)
October 03, 2012

Right-wing forces are malignant tumors of Japanese society. Europeans and Americans normally call social and political forces that advocate xenophobia and fascism “far-right forces,” and Japanese call them “right-wing forces” by tradition. Right-wing Japanese forces advocate nationalism and Japanese supremacy, and worship the Mikado.

Overall, traditional right-wingers have lost their mainstream status in Japanese political circles. They have either retired or been marginalized. The current Japanese right-wingers that make efforts to damage China-Japan relations and hype the “China threat” theory are mostly different from traditional right-wingers in thinking, but have caused almost the same damage to China-Japan relations. The new generation of Japanese right-wingers is more of “right-wing populists.”

“Right-wing populists” have become a mainstream political force in Japan because of the following reasons.

First, Japan is lagging behind a growing number of countries in comprehensive national strength, leading to a steady decline in its international status.

Second, from the standpoint of Japanese society, the two decades of economic stagnation in Japan coincides with the rapid development of globalization. Deluded by certain media outlets and politicians, the Japanese people blame China and other emerging countries for Japan’s decline, leading to strong xenophobic sentiment.

Third, Japanese elites represented by politicians and officials are powerless to improve the current difficult situation.

“Right-wing populists” are shortsighted and only care about their own interests. These egomaniacs have no concept of “win-win cooperation,” and often adopt a zero-sum mentality in diplomacy, which can easily lead to the deterioration of sensitive issues. The zero-sum mentality is largely to blame for the growing tensions between Japan and neighboring countries over territorial disputes, comfort women, and other issue in recent years.

Read the Chinese version: “民粹右翼”,日本社会的毒瘤, source: Guangming Daily

Article link: http://english.people.com.cn/90883/7967130.html


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