In China’s Diaoyu Island anti-Japan protests, Mao posters appearing [AP]

This anonymously-attributed article is rife with the boilerplate capitalist media anti-Mao, anti-Communist Party propaganda. It also blatantly falsifies information about Japan’s recent orchestrations of “buying” the contested islands. The article is accordingly excerpted. – Zuo Shou

Sept. 20, 2012

Portraits of the revolutionary leader often led packs of demonstrators in protests over Japan’s effort last week to bolster its hold on islands claimed by China. Many were hoisted by people born after his death 36 years ago.

…”Mao Zedong was tough. He never backed down when it came to the national interests,” said Lu Lei, a Beijing salesman who went to the Japanese Embassy with his friends to protest Tuesday. “Our current government is spineless. If Mao were alive, we would have already attacked Japan.”

Mao[‘s] giant portrait still looks out to Tiananmen Square in the heart of Beijing, and his name is etched into the country’s constitution and the party’s charter…

His image has rarely [recently] been displayed in such numbers as during the protests this week. Rows of his portraits floated through the parades — often in the company of a sea of red flags — in [a] resemblance to the scenes from the fervent days of the Cultural Revolution…

Mao…became a protest icon about a decade ago during mass layoffs that accompanied privatization of state industries. Social injustice, corruption and a yawning rich-poor gap have only worsened since and were themes amid the anti-Japan protests…

…Wang Zheng, a Beijing teacher, said the public remembers Mao as a resolute man who showed no ambiguity on sovereignty issues. “Our government has been spineless on many things — Diaoyu being one of them,” she said. “The diplomatic protests are meaningless when they are not backed with actions. The government has behaved the same year after year, making the public more nostalgic about Mao…”

Full article link (contains slander and numerous pseudo-journalisms):


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