Whose interests will money-backed US president protect? [People’s Daily]

August 10, 2012


As the U.S. presidential election draws near, both presidential candidates are lavishly throwing more money into the race. With total spending on the 2012 presidential and congressional races estimated to reach a record 5.8 billion U.S. dollars, people cannot help wondering whose interests a money-backed president will protect during the recession.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney collected over 101 million U.S. dollars in July, more than the fund raised by President Obama for a third straight month, the Washington Post reported on Aug. 7….

…Fundraising determines the fate of a presidential candidate and a successful candidate exerts great influences on U.S. policies. Therefore, a president is most likely to place the interests of contributors above those of ordinary people.

Read the Chinese version: 钱砸出来的美国总统, source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition, author: Wang Piyi

Complete English article here


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