Radical review of “The Dark Knight Rises” by Matt Tabibi [Rolling Stone / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

Excerpts from Matt Tabiibi’s striking review of "The Dark Knight Rises" from Rolling Stone — "Batman Shrugged", Issue dated 8/16/2012

The film…[is]…a Hitlerian whack-off fantasy about an unfairly maligned billionaire who sneaks out at night in bondage masks and Kevlar underpants and uses secret military technology to beat the living shit out of the Occupy movement. Most of the "messaging" in this direction is so idiotic that it goes way over the edge into unintentional comedy — like when Bruce Wayne loses his money and discovers the true meaning of poverty (he answers his own doorbell), or when Batman Begins villain Cillian Murphy appears in a cameo to run the neo-Soviet show trials that naturally begin as soon as our billionaire protector is expelled from Gotham…

…[Batman]’s a brooding, self-serious douche who lives in a mansion, drives a Lamborghini, and acts like he can’t even imagine wanting to get laid unless it somehow helps hi

m fulfill his mission of protecting Gotham from its lurking proletarian community…

…What depresses the Batman is us: our decadence, our disobedience, our refusal to appreciate and treasure the gifts of civilization given to us by the noblesse oblige types like his father. We suck so much that when Rises starts, Batman is in the eighth year of a self-imposed Atlas Shrugged-ian strike, refusing to leave his mansion until we stop blaming him for all of our problems…

excerpt found in Charleston City Paper http://www.charlestoncitypaper.com/HaireoftheDog/archives/2012/08/08/is-batman-an-ayn-randian-douche-bag


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