IOC tells Ye Shiwen critics to ‘get real’ as swimmer passes drugs test [Telegraph]

The story smearing Ye Shiwen’s achievements has been the #1 most read article in British major newspaper’s online sites for the last 48 hours.  Why do Anglo-Saxons have such relish for defaming Chinese? – ZS

by James Kirkup

July 31, 2012


“…Mark Adams, an IOC spokesman, said that critics of the swimmer should back down and accept that athletes often produce dramatically improved performances in the Games.

"We need to get real here. These the world’s very best athletes competing at the very highest level,” he told reporters at the Olympic Park.

"We have a very, very strong drug testing policy…"

Asked if the Chinese swimmer had passed the mandatory drug test for medalists, he replied: "We would only start to comment if we had any adverse finding. At the moment I’m not commenting. Draw your own conclusions."

He admitted that speculation about performances was inevitable, but added: "Let’s give the athletes the benefit of the doubt…"

“…Duncan Goodhew, Olympic Village Deputy Mayor, and a gold medallist in the men’s 100 metres breaststroke in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, said competitors were innocent until proven guilty – and that there were always "incredible improvements" in performance at large sporting events such as the Olympic Games…

…"’I think it is very destructive and very irresponsible of anybody to accuse people until they are proven guilty."

Full article link here


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