KCNA Commentary Rebukes False Rumors about DPRK Leadership [Korean Central News Agency / KCNA]

Pyongyang, July 20 (KCNA) — The U.S., south Korea and other forces hostile toward the DPRK are spreading false rumors as regards the organizational matter dealt with at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Taking the lead in the smear campaign are FOX News, CNN, VOA, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and other U.S. media and Chosun Ilbo, Dong-A Ilbo, Korean Broadcasting System and other south Korean conservative media.

They fed the public with misinformation that there is serious power scrambles within the leadership in the DPRK and it has shifted its line from the military-first policy to the party-first policy emphasizing party’s control over the army.

Who is dismissed and appointed in the DPRK is not a matter of concern of other countries.

The rumors put it that the illness was not the cause of dismissal,…

a wanton infringement on the state sovereignty by those steeped in bitterness toward the DPRK to the marrow of their bones. The aim is to break the single-minded unity which represents the biggest might of the DPRK, lead it to deviate from the path of its already chosen option and stifle it.

It is by no means fortuitous that traitor Lee Myung Bak of south Korea, timed to coincide with the false rumors, said that "unification under liberal democracy" has drawn near while trumpeting "bigger unified Republic of Korea."

This is, however, nothing but a daydream.

The situation in the DPRK proves that there is no change in its stand to keep to the path of Songun, path of independence, pioneered and led by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.

Unbreakable is the single-minded unity in the country. The army and people of the DPRK have grasped the greatness of the dear respected Kim Jong Un through their experiences. Absolute and boundless is their trust in Kim Jong Un who devotes his all to the people, always considerate of them.

The change in line and power scrambles touted by the hostile forces are an intolerable insult and challenge to the headquarters of the Korean revolution, the party, state, army and people of the DPRK.

What is extremely regretful is that some media of those countries around the DPRK have been embroiled in the wicked campaign.

As the KCNA stated at the recent second world media summit, it is prerequisite for media to strictly abide by the principles of objectivity, impartiality and accuracy, away from prejudice, if they are to live up to their mission as a pace-setter and organizer of the public opinion.

Individual media of those countries around the DPRK are echoing false rumors with an eye to popularity and "peculiarity". This does not conform to the mission of media which should regard authenticity, impartiality and accuracy as their life and there is no benefit in view of the development of relations between countries.

They should not be taken in by childish trick of those fools. They should think back if they remained true to the prestige and dignity of media.

No matter how desperately the hostile forces may hatch cunning plots, they can never check the dynamic advance of the army and people of the DPRK along the path of Juche, rallied close behind Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Time will prove the ridiculous nature of the rumors spread by the anti-DPRK tricksters.

KCNA English homepage:  http://www.kcna.co.jp/index-e.htm


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