South Korean fascist dictator’s daughter to launch presidential bid [Reuters / Yahoo! News]

By Jack Kim and Ju-min Park | Reuters – Thu, Jul 5, 2012

SEOUL (Reuters) – The daughter of slain South Korean dictator Park Chung-hee is to launch a bid to become the first woman to lead this Asian [country] on July 10…

Park Geun-hye…will be the clear front-runner in the primary of the ruling conservative New Frontier Party

When Park tried and failed to win the conservative nomination in 2007, she described her policies as "Korean Thatcherism" after the anti-union, free-market British premier, Margaret Thatcher….

…Park, who was 11 when her father first became president, spent five years as South Korea’s first lady after her mother was killed by a[n]…assassin in 1974.  She only moved out of the Blue House, the imposing presidential palace, in 1979 after her father was shot dead by his [own] spy chief…

(Original article’s editing by David Chance and Robert Birsel, edited for blog by Zuo Shou)

Article shows typical pro-South, anti-“North” bias of corporate news and goes very far to whitewash both Park’s ultra-rightism and her father’s fascist, puppet nature  –  things the article’s commenters are not so squeamish to point out. – Zuo Shou

Full original article link here


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