Prof. Higgs: God Particle "is a joke"; real name is “God*amn Particle” [Xinhua]

EDINBURGH, July 6 (Xinhua) — Professor Peter Higgs at Edinburgh University is in focus of spotlight after recent finding [sic] about Higgs boson, a particle named after him and often nicknamed God Particle, but can you believe that he just said God Particle "is a joke"?

No, of course he is not saying the scientific finding is a joke, but referring to the name of "God Particle", in a press conference held on Friday at [sic] University of Edinburgh.

When answering questions about the name of God Particle, Professor Higgs said: "It has nothing to do with me. It’s a joke."

He clarified that the name came from a book, whose authors originally used the title "Goddamn particle" because Higgs boson is so hard to find, but the editor didn’t like that and changed it to "God particle".

That name is not used by physicists but fairly eye-catching for the general public, said Professor Higgs.

When asked about if the finding would earn him a Nobel Prize, Professor Higgs said: "I don’t know, because I don’t have friends in the Nobel Committee."

Actually another famous scientist, Stephen Hawking, did said the recent finding would bring a Nobel Prize to Higgs, and Hawking is reported to have admitted that he has lost 100 dollars because he betted Higgs boson could never be found.

Professor Higgs said he had heard about that, and learned Hawking just sent 100 dollars to University of Michigan physicist Godon Kane with whom Hawing made the bet.

When answering questions from Xinhua, Professor Higgs praised the international collaboration in the search for Higgs boson.

He said though the experiment equipment Large Hadron Collider is based in Europe, there are contributions from scientist from other parts of the world. "China, Japan, India. Too many nations."

Now University of Edinburgh is planning to bring together scientists from around the world to further explore the secrets beyond Higgs boson, in a new center named after Professor Higgs as the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics.

Professor Richard Kenway, Chair of the Centre’s International Steering Committee, announced this decision in the press conference. University of Edinburgh has committed an initial sum of 750,000 pounds for new academic staff, students and international visitors at the center.

"Discovery of the Higgs boson completes our picture of the known elementary particles, but these make up only four per cent of the Universe", said Professor Kenway.

"We are confident that the work of the Higgs Centre can guide our search for what the rest of the universe is made of."

Original article title:  Can you believe Professor Higgs said God Particle "is a joke"?

Edited by Zuo Shou

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