Western press runs amok with hearsay reporting in Bo case [Sunday Guardian]

Jonathan Mirsky LONDON | 29th Apr


The [alleged] murder in a Chinese hotel of a British businessman, Neil Heywood, the absence of an autopsy, his immediate cremation, his alleged murder by the wife of one of the most powerful political figures in China, the son of the couple badly behaved at one of England’s top public schools and Oxford, the disclosure of the murder to American diplomats by a senior Chinese policeman, the British Prime Minister telling a Chinese Politburo member that China must investigate the murder…What a story!

But this story is a farrago of innuendo and the absence of evidence…

…A casual look at how Western newspapers have treated the Bo-Gu-Heywood story reveals the universal use of “sources say”, “officials say”, “friends say”, with a nearly complete lack of names or proof. No reputable paper would dare to suggest in this manner if the supposed events, a possible murder, had occurred in the United States or Britain. What we have here is journalistic corruption of the highest — or lowest — order.

Full article link: http://www.sunday-guardian.com/investigation/western-press-runs-amok-with-hearsay-reporting-in-bo-case

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