Read this you scumbag missionary "English teachers" in China! [Godlike Productions]

Read the follow-up comments at your own risk, there’s a lot of trash there.  However, the OP  –  reproduced here  –  is excellent. – Zuo Shou 左手


by TheMascaraSnake

Stop masquerading as English teachers in China, you charlatan missionaries!

Cease and desist your fraudulent and intentional deception of those who expect you to be a professional with sincerity, not someone bringing in a Trojan horse of religion!  ANY RELIGION!

Chinese English majors (and non-majors) pack our classrooms because they’ve never seen a real live foreigner before (This term I have 535 students and only 5 have ever been face to face with a foreigner before they met me).  We are a big attraction, and we live in a fishbowl because locals are extremely interested in the mundane details of our "westerner" life.

Leave the students alone!  Just because they are curious about western life and make a captive audience even when explaining your grocery shopping list does not under any circumstance give you the liberty or permission to take advantage of the inherent hospitality, respect and politeness that that curiosity brings.

These are your students. They look up to you. They can only judge you by your appearance. They’ve never met a western snake-oil salesmen before. They can’t tell a westerner with sincerity who does their job honestly and professionally, from you evil decepticons who wish to control minds and actions of 19 year-old children WHO TRUST YOU TO DO NOTHING MORE THAN TEACH THEM CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH— NOT HOW JESUS SAVES.

Who am I protecting? Chinese university students come from dull gray villages from all over a province. I know, I’ve visited some of these villages. They are bleak and depressing with families struggling to make $1200 a year, many all at once during the harvest time. By some miracle, one student in the village might claw their way to university with the help of their parents saving harvest money as well as relatives chipping in. For almost all of them (530/535 of my students this term), this is their first time leaving home and they are scared to tears, literally.

Do not exploit this weakness in them you cowardly BASTARDS who hide behind a mask!  It is your responsibility as a human being not to fuck with those who do not know better, especially when you damn well know better!!!

The students live in a small dorm that is nothing like you imagine unless you’ve seen first hand the developing world of China. Then here comes your new teacher—- "Wow, a foreigner! Where’s he/she from? How exciting, lets take a million photos with them!…….etc". They tell you you’re great and that you look like 20 movie stars they’ve seen, and that they envy you growing up in the western world. YOU tapeworms take advantage of this innocent curiosity by offering a Trojan horse filled with NOTHING THAT BELONGS IN A STANDARD ENGLISH CLASSROOM IN CHINA! PERIOD!!!

I know damn well what I’m talking about. Your Church sends you to China to teach English at university level. Its quite easy as all that’s needed is a B.A. in anything and be a native English speaker. The Church gives you a handbook that details how to incorporate the teachings of Christianity into your everyday English discussion and speaking classes "…try to find opportunities in the discussion to highlight relevant passages in the Bible…." WTF!

You pernicious scum then compete with each other over how many innocent, respectful and trusting students you have converted, or who are attending your secret Sunday services. You sick f***s tally your stats with the ego of a pro-athlete. I’ve sat in on your conversations and coffee talks detailing your achievements as you tried to convert me. Shame on you!

I don’t need any, but I have proof of what you and your cohorts do. I discovered one such handbook, along with a folder detailing the instructions to "Agent Maria", a female missionary "English teacher" at one university I worked for in 2005. After her 3-year stint I moved into her then vacant top-floor apt, and therein discovered a shelf full of papers detailing "Agent Maria’s" various missionary assignments, goals, conversion records, lists of potential students along with notes detailing how far along the process of conversion they were, etc. I heard she had intended to return to the same university the following year, so that’s why she left so many things. I’m not making this s**t up.

One interesting technique highlighted in the handbook detailed how to use the "office hour" (the school requests you do one a week but its usually voluntary).  This opportunity to meet with groups of students was not lost on "Ron", who hosted an "office hour" in his apartment EVERY DAY (I’ve been in this biz a long time, and once a week is standard).  He had a dozen students attending his Sunday mass (I lived above him so I could hear it).  Everyone knew he was a priest from New Jersey, but the school didn’t care, because they needed teachers (which was true).  Last I heard, "Father Ron" was attending Chinese language classes full-time in Beijing.

Oh, and to you Mormon missionaries all over South Korea, I rode my motorcycle around my university campus everyday ripping down the endless fliers you posted daily.  I hope the Korean students took advantage of your "free English classes" and had the guts to tell you off to your ‘Elder’ 21 year old faces. South Korea has their own brand of Catholicism going on, and I don’t have an issue with you missionaries in Korea because the students aren’t being preyed on like they are in China. You’ll never get Koreans to give up Starcraft anyway!

Like a vampire hunter, I expose your lecherous deception to my students and directly to your faces every time I see you.  I tear down the facade, the mask of professionalism and trust they see in you.

Don’t try to justify your intentional deception on this thread!
You are agents of religious DOOM on an innocent godless [sic] people!

I’ve been teaching full-time in universities in Korea and China since 2003.

Thanks GLP one love.

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2 Responses to “Read this you scumbag missionary "English teachers" in China! [Godlike Productions]”

  1. That not any of your business we all past on somthing from our experience and cultures so if one is pesuaded in that Who’s to say they are wrong not you ,you seem like the only sick one hear full of hatered and pain if people want to share their faith whats it to you life is about sharing our experience , I m sure you have shared some of yours Just Chill out

  2. Haha. Nice try at insulting the blog, but I didn’t even write this post. You just expose your own stupidity with your assumption to that effect, and your moronic English.

    I know a lot of teachers in China and no one I know has respect for the missionary pseudo-educators. It is the business of expats because this kind of religious activity is explicitly prohibited for foreign teachers in China, so people who do it are just making foreign guests in China look bad. In my life in the US, teachers never did anything like this in any public school I attended; it’s not allowed so don’t cop any double standard that it’s normal or OK in a classroom.

    There is also a documented history of missionaries maliciously harming Chinese society as fronts for imperialism, especially during and after the Opium Wars. So nobody’s getting fooled by these holy roller creeps in China, even US writer Mark Twain exposed them back in his lifetime.

    See the “White Paper–Freedom of Religious Belief in China”, especially “Section IV Support for Independence and Initiative in Management of Religious Affairs” for the list of historical crimes committed by missionaries in China:

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