Mc-NPR: And Now, a Word From Our Mc-Sponsor [FAIR blog]

I was dismayed to see that Xinhua was passing along McDonalds’ new job campaign corporate propaganda.  But the NPR report is even more wrong, multi-dimensionally so. – Zuo Shou 左手

April 6, 2011

by Julie Hollar

NPR Morning Edition (4/5/11) keeps its audience informed about important business news (that just so happens to be about an image-burnishing campaign by the company whose heiress gave them a 9-figure bequest a few years ago):

RENEE MONTAGNE: And our last word in business today comes from another Illinois-based employer. The word is McJobs.

That word has meant low-paid work at a particular fast food chain.  [Wrong – it’s a disparaging term for a whole welter of low-paying service or retail industry jobs, with an emphasis on fast food as a whole. – ZS]  But McDonald’s is trying to, quote, "turn the word on its ear," as one marketing executive put it to Ad Age magazine.

Yesterday, McDonald’s launched a McJobs campaign, with the goal of recruiting 50,000 workers. It’s aiming to recast its jobs not as dead-end work, but in ads starring its own happy employees as desirable employment.

And that’s the business news on Morning Edition, from NPR News. I’m Renee Montagne.

STEVE INSKEEP, host: Don’t you mean Renee McMontagne?


INSKEEP: Just checking on that…

MONTAGNE: No, McInskeep. Hello.

INSKEEP: And I’m Steve McInskeep.

Article link here


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