“I don’t eat meat, but I bite”? — tattoos of Chinese characters’ PHOTOS / “我不吃肉但是我咬” — 汉字的纹身照片 [People’s Daily]

UPDATE: 2013 15 August

People’s Daily has posted a new version of this article — “Chinese characters tattoos: be careful to choose the right characters!” — Link: http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/90782/90873/8361861.html which presents a mix of the same photos from the previous article with some new ones. It’s an improvement over the original article because it shows the incongruity of the tattoos more ingeniously, and most before weren’t translated. Intro from this article follows. – Zuo Shou

“Edited and translated by Du Mingming, People’s Daily Online

Among various tattoo designs, Arabic characters, especially Chinese characters are beautiful ones. Chinese characters have an inherent elegance, because they convey a lot of meaning in just one symbol and look like miniature paintings with intricate details. Therefore, it is not surprising that millions of people in the world get Chinese characters inked on their body.

However, in addition to aesthetically pleasing writing styles, good tattoos of Chinese characters have to at least contain the correct translations with meaningful characters in Chinese. If you choose inappropriate characters, problems will arise.

Look at these Chinese characters tattoos, from an aesthetic point of view, they may be beautiful, but to those who know Chinese characters, such designs mean nonsense.”

July 21, 2010

The Chinese characters in the tattoo literally mean "I don't eat meat, but I bite" with an "88" -- "Bye-bye" in Chinese slang -- for good measure?!? (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"Mom" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"Monkey" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"(To me) nothing is forbidden / nothing is taboo" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"Dragon" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"Derek/Derrick" transcribed into Chinese characters, but the middle character "li" is inverted...could be intentional but certainly an unfortunate decision. (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"PAIN" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"This is a tattoo" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"Transgender / transsexual" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"Firepower" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"Dad is forever in my heart" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"Dad, Mom" (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

"Respect (unknown)" The second character "zhong" of the two-character word for 'respect' is clearly written wrong, missing 2 strokes. (Photo: bbs.chinanews.com)

[Except for first photo, translations /explanations by 左手]

Full photo article here


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