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Welcome to Sweet and Sour Socialism. International May Day greetings to all. 五一快乐!

Posted in 2010 World Expo, China, May 1, Shanghai on April 29, 2010 by Zuo Shou / 左手

Spectacular fireworks explode over the Huangpu River during the opening ceremony for the 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai, east China, April 30, 2010. (Xinhua/Zhang Ming)

With a fusillade of red fireworks over China, the “Sweet and Sour Socialism” blog has arrived  —  on May 1, of course.

Last night on CCTV I saw the opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo 2010; like this blog, coordinated to open with International Labor Day, May 1.  There were some massively staged performances with soprano Song Zhuying,  Jackie Chan and pianist Lang Lang.  The crowning joy came with the Expo’s riverside multimedia extravaganza, with fireworks that seemed to surpass those at the Beijing 2008 Olympics opening ceremony,  a tremendous LED screen, fantastic lighting design and laser show, and international aquatic parade, all synchronized to music.  The “world peace” symbols in the spectacle were noted, such a a huge dove and Chinese “he” character [和].   The CPC “Politboro” were in attendance including President Hu Jintao, and French President Sarkozy was a featured guest among the many foreign dignitaries present.  The Expo grounds looked gorgeous and cutting-edge at night, and I’m glad that I’ve been to Shanghai so I could appreciate what I was seeing.  It looks like the Expo is going to be terrific.

Congratulations 2010 World Expo, Shanghai, China!

(Xinhua/Zhang Ming)

Happy International Labor Day to all my brothers, sisters and others, with a special salute to those organizing and attending the (expectedly large) May Day rallies planned in various big cities across the US.  I expect those rallies will blow the recent “Tea Party” ones out of the water.  And to those working people celebrating a holiday today, relax and enjoy!

As for this new blog, your host of S&SS will endeavor to post at least every day on a variety of issues, featuring a perspective from within the People’s Republic of China.  Other topics to be addressed are:

  • socialism and progressive liberation in the 21st century; with a focus on PR China, its neighbor DPR Korea, and Cuba
  • the decline of so-called “Western Civilization” (hehe) as manifested in capitalist crisis, US-led militarization, wars of aggression and other oppressions of imperialism and fascism
  • exposure of MSM (mainstream corporate media) misinformation
  • literature, film, and other cultural issues
  • anecdotes of everyday life in China, as well as essential historical backgrounding to China’s modern rise
  • etc.

What this blog is not is a forum for China bashing, or lecturing the Chinese on how to run their own country.  As an expat here I am only too familiar with the contempt, ignorance and arrogance with which foreign (mainly Caucasian) guests of China, as well as journalists, confront the essences and contradictions of the PRC.  Chauvinism and bigotry are such massive ideological exports of the “West”…  Put simply, China is an ancient country with a fascinating, deep culture whose chosen path of socialism has borne tremendous fruit and even miracles.   I feel lucky to be in what Mao called “the heart of Asia” as history is being made.

I look forward to relating the life here as well as providing people with a stimulating and informative experience.

Comments are welcome for the time being.  We’ll see how it goes and what kind of attention this blog attracts.   I know it’s a cyberjungle out there and my experience indicates that comments and internet forums can be gates to reactionary troll hell.  If comments should be closed in the future, the right people know how to contact me.

For privacy reasons, this is an anonymous blog so when commenting I ask you to preserve my anonymity, thank you.

Also thanks to everybody who contributed in whatever way to the initiating of this blog.  At this time feedback on my tagline would be appreciated.

See you next post!

Shanghai Expo Opening Ceremony Fireworks at New Oriental Pearl Tower, Pudong Economic Zone (Xinhua Photo)