China concerned at reports of New Zealand-U.S. plan to spy on diplomats [Xinhua]

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WELLINGTON, April 19 (Xinhua) — China on Sunday expressed concern about a report that New Zealand and United States spy agencies planned to hack into a data link between Chinese government buildings in Auckland.

The plan was revealed in documents from U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, the Herald on Sunday newspaper reported.

The project run by New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) and the NSA appeared aimed [sic] at tapping data flowing between the Chinese Consulate and its visa office in Auckland.

The documents said the GCSB had identified the data link, and agreed to cooperate with the NSA to use the link to access China’s computer systems, said the report.

Documents appeared to show the plan was codenamed “Frostbite” by the GCSB and “Basilhayden” — also identified as fictional spy James Bond’s drink of choice — by the NSA.

The paperwork revealed the GCSB worked with the NSA’s elite hacker team — the Tailored Access Operations division — which specialized in cracking computer systems and planting spyware on computers, said the report.

A 2013 NSA document showed China at the top of a list of targets it was having monitored by the GCSB, saying the New Zealand agency gave the NSA “access to areas and countries that are difficult for the United States to access.”

But it is unknown if the plan went ahead because, as sign-off was being sought, Snowden walked out of his job with a mass of top secret documents.

The Chinese Embassy in New Zealand issued a statement Sunday, saying that China was concerned about the report and attached great importance to the cyber security issue.

“We will firmly safeguard our security interests and continue to guarantee our cyber and information security with concrete measures,” said the statement…

…Xinhua was unable to contact anyone in New Zealand Prime Minister John Key’s office for a response on Sunday…

…The opposition Green Party said Key and the government pointlessly endangered New Zealand’s relationship with its largest trading partner.

“Breaking international agreements to spy on Chinese diplomatic communications in Auckland is reckless. It would bring very little, if any, benefit to New Zealand,” Greens co-leader Russel Norman said in a statement.

“The test is, would we have spied on China on our own accord? It’s very unlikely. So why is New Zealand spying on behalf of the Americans?”

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“Ip Man 3″ Cast Has Mike Tyson and CGI Bruce Lee [CRIEnglish / [

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Shooting for the third installment in the hit kung-fu series “Ip Man” is due to begin…

The former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is joining Donnie Yen in the movie, along with a computer-generated Bruce Lee.

“Ip Man” is a kung-fu biopic about the life of Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun master.

The story in the third installment focuses on the master-student relationship between Ip Man and Bruce Lee.

“Ip Man 3″ is being directed by Wilson Yip.

The film is scheduled for release during next year’s [2016] Spring Festival.

Edited/excerpted by Zuo Shou

Original article title: ‘New “Ip Man” Cast Has Mike Tyson and Computer-Generated Bruce Lee’

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Casualties mount in U.S. proxy war in Yemen [Workers World]

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By Abayomi Azikiwe posted on April 12, 2015

Despite daily airstrikes by Saudi Arabia since March 26, the Ansurallah (Houthis) fighters seized the presidential palace in the southern city of Aden the following week.

Subsequent reports claim that the Houthis occupying the palace were forced to retreat by military forces still loyal to ousted leader President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi. Saudi bombing of the area and air drops to Hadi loyalists are designed to halt the advances and consolidation of power by the Shiite Islam movement that is supported politically by Iran.

Casualty figures have increased as fighter jets deployed by Riyadh pound residential sections of cities and villages throughout the Middle Eastern state. Officials from the International Committee of the Red Cross say that the humanitarian situation is worsening daily; they describe horrendous conditions on the ground. Civilian residents are fleeing for shelter, further aggravating the overall social and economic crisis in the country.

Contested neighborhoods and commercial areas in Aden are littered with corpses, while the wounded flood into hospitals and clinics. Yemeni officials estimate that at least 185 people have been killed in Aden, while some 1,282 are wounded. Hospitals there have counted the figures of noncombatants since March 26, says al-Kheder Lassouar, Aden’s health department director. (BBC, April 5) Not counted are Houthis and loyalist forces who are also victims of aerial bombardments and gunshot injuries.

According to the BBC, casualties are much higher in various regions of the country. Clashes across Yemen have led to more than 500 deaths and some 1,700 injured since March 26, said United Nations humanitarian administrator Valerie Amos…

…In addition to the struggle between the Houthis and Hadi supporters, Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic State have reportedly entered the fray, seeking to carve out territory for further expansion.

* U.S. imperialism’s strategy in the region *

The Obama administration has said little about the current situation in Yemen. One hundred Special Forces along with diplomatic personnel were evacuated weeks ago.

Yemen was championed as a so-called “counter-terrorism success story” just months ago. Pentagon and CIA-backed airstrikes and drone attacks have killed many targeted Islamic leaders and civilians, who have been in the vicinity of Washington-ordered aerial assaults.

President Hadi’s ascendancy to power was the result of Washington’s direct intervention in 2011 and 2012, which sought to manage the transition from Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rule. Nonetheless, in today’s struggle, forces allied with Saleh have joined the Houthis in opposition to the Saudi air strikes and interference in Yemen’s internal affairs.

The U.S. military has its hands full in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan where wars of regime change and purported “democracy building” have gone awry. In 2011, the Obama administration initiated the destabilization and massive bombing of Libya, displacing Col. Muammar Gadhafi’s Jamahiriya political system, destroying national institutions, and causing dislocation and economic decline there.

Corporate media report that counterattacks by forces loyal to the Saudi-backed, ousted Hadi regime were bolstered by arms drops from Riyadh. They structure the struggle in Yemen as a proxy war with Saudi forces on Hadi’s side battling Iranian influence.

In fact, Washington is using its regional pro-Western allies to carry out bombings intended to bolster U.S. corporate, financial and strategic interests in the region.

Moreover, most of the weapons, including fighter aircraft utilized by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council, made up of reactionary oil-rich monarchies, come from the U.S. and EU member states. The political independence exerted by Yemen’s Houthi movement is a concern of Washington and Wall Street, given their overall aim is to secure and expand U.S. interests on behalf of the super-rich.

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, but it borders wealthier oil-rich Persian Gulf states. The waterways surrounding Yemen, including the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, have strategic significance for U.S. imperialism regarding commercial shipping as well as military dominance.

* ‘Humanitarian’ interventions debunked *

Developments in Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Libya illustrate clearly that there is no such thing as a “humanitarian” imperialist intervention. Conditions in all these states have worsened as a result of the so-called “war on terrorism” and disingenuous efforts to “build demo­cracies” in Africa and the Middle East.

Although majority-Democratic Party congresses elected in 2006 and 2008 and the Obama administration were sent to Washington with a mandate to end wars of aggression and work toward a sustainable economic revitalization in the U.S., they have failed to do so.

This starkly reveals the imperialist character of both dominant parties. Consequently, in the 2010, 2012 and 2014 elections, the Democratic Party’s electoral base among the working class and nationally oppressed expressed their opposition to these failed promises by staying away from the polls, with the exception of the re-election of Obama in 2012.

The peoples of the Middle East and Africa must rebuild their societies and national and regional institutions independent of imperialism. So, too, the working class and the oppressed inside the U.S. have no alternative other than to break with the Democrats and construct an independent movement, based on their political and class interests.

Excerpted by Zuo Shou

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Seven Things You Didn’t Know the U.S. and Its Allies Did to Iran [The Intercept]

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by Jon Schwarz
7 April 2015

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‘Teenage Mao Zedong’ Animated Film to be Released 2015 April, w/trailer [CRIEnglish / / Sweet & Sour Cinema]

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“The Young Mao Zedong,” [aka “Teenage Mao Zedong”] an animated film about the childhood experiences of late-Chinese [sic] leader Mao Zedong, is going to hit Chinese theatres on [2015 April 30th].

The movie itself is said to follow the adventures of a boy named Shi San Ya Zi and his friends.

However, it’s expected to parallel the younger life of the late helmsman.

Edited by Zuo Shou

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Post incorporates data from page “少年毛泽东(2015)- Teenage Mao ZeDong”

Trailer for “Teenage Mao Zedong” –

Obama declares “national emergency” based on alleged cyber threats from Russia, China [World Socialist Website]

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By Thomas Gaist
3 April 2015

In yet another escalation of the drive by the US ruling class to establish unconstrained control over the world’s information networks, US President Barack Obama issued an executive order Wednesday declaring a “national emergency” over cyber attacks on US targets. The order authorizes economic sanctions and the seizure of financial assets and other forms of property from any entity considered a “security risk…”

Excerpted; full article link:

Commentary: Japanese vivisection of U.S. POWs [Xinhua]

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by Liu Tian

FUKUOKA, Japan, April 7 (Xinhua) — A group of Japanese professors at Kyushu University’s medical school made a remarkably courageous move recently to publicly exhibit some incontrovertible evidence of the academy’s infamous human experiments conducted on U.S. prisoners of war (POW), further shaming those who continue to whitewash the country’s aggression during WWII and deny past wartime atrocities.

Items displayed in the university’s new museum centering on the history of the medical school are related to the dissection of eight U.S. airmen while they were still alive.

During the gruesome episode, professors instructed students of “key points” in each step while they injected diluted seawater into their veins and removed their lungs and other organs.

Thanks to the conscientious professors, such a dark history has a bigger chance to be aware to [sic] the world, but the question now remains, how many other victims of Japan’s war atrocities still remain unknown to the world, as right-wingers here and, sometimes, the government, are trying to conceal the country’s callous past…

…without thorough reflection, mistakes, however heinous, can repeat themselves.

Facing undeniable proof, it is time for Japan’s rightists to stop their rampant subterfuge aimed at whitewashing the country’s odious atrocities and shaking off responsibilities by minimizing the number of victims, such as they try to do with the Nanjing Massacre and the comfort women issue.

It is also time for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to follow his predecessors, Tomiichi Murayama and Junichiro Koizumi, and include an apology for Japan’s aggression, especially, this time, for the victims unaccounted for, in his planned statement for the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII this summer.

Furthermore, it is high time for Japan to reflect on why it has still not reconciled with its neighboring countries over historical issues in seven decades, as in the same time the world has witnessed the reconciliation between Germany and France and saw that they together forged the integration of Europe.

The professors at Kyushu University took a valuable step amid the current prevalence of conservative politics in Japan, and it is unknown how many people in the know about Japan’s wartime history could follow their brave light in the darkness.

But one thing is for sure, the government is fighting back. The Education Ministry here on Monday released the school textbook censorship results and some of the schoolbook publishers have been subjected to Abe’s historical revisionism by using ambiguous expressions on war-related history, instead of the original clear words that admitted the Japanese government’s responsibilities in the war.

Details of the immeasurable and horrific suffering of the eight U.S. POWs were released ahead of Abe’s visit to the United States, and this time, it will be Washington’s turn to tell the prime minister to own up to Japan’s historical wrongdoings and to stop disrespecting the wartime victims and the international community by attempting to whitewash over war crimes and blatantly trying to rewrite a rosier history for itself.

Editor: xuxin

Edited/excerpted by Zuo Shou

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Original article title: “Commentary: Could Japanese vivisection of U.S. POWs be harbinger of scores of further unknown atrocities?”


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